Tuesday, 29 January 2013

Almost done: Help Needed!!!

Lali's Bits is working 100% for the most recent updated versions of Poser, but to get it working for some of the older ones I need to make a simple workaround! having tried DAZ's EXP system I now see what needs to be done.

This concerns the Poser version for now. The DAZ verison will be similar but will need more work.

I need a simple python script that inserts a string into an existing pz2, making a new version and makes a backup of the original pz2. It should be initiated by a readScript inside a INJ pz2.

That's all, very very simple. PM me or email me for the details. I'll pay!! Or get Lali's Bits for free...?
I could do it myself but I'll take forever to figure out the python syntax and associated variables etc...

Ok off to bed, be back in 8 hours


  1. I'm sorry that I don't have enough knowledge in python. I think if I tried to help I'd cause more problems.

    Lali's always so cute.
    Lali's sister Laila is starting to get me excited.

    1. haha, like me, I'm also just causing problems!

      I hope to build up Laila's character in such a way that I can do some story lines about her.

  2. Not really sure what you want, but I use Python daily in my day job.

    My tinkering with Poser-Python API is so shocking mind-numbing that I haven't done much, I mean what idiot decided a PZx file didn't need to pass parameters to a Python script? Hello? Maybe passing in a color like 'red' or 'black' might have been useful? Most vendors end up creating 20 Python scripts to match 20 PZ2 files, or you end up hijacking the UNIVERSE object and poking parameters in there! such as UgLy code:
    universe = poser.Scene().ActorByInternalName("UNIVERSE")
    if universe.Name().startswith("Jo8An:"):
    args = universe.Name().split(":")
    # throw away our tag
    # restore the original name
    return args

    red Viper does a credible job of exploiting what I seem to see as state-of-the-art in overcoming the limitations of Poser Python

    1. its quite astounding how this application marvels but at the same time lacks in ways that most applications don't. I'm trying to regard this application as one in development but I remember all the earlier versions of Microsoft Word and Photoshop, Dreamweaver, Première, and even 3D max, and they were all very transparent and accessible in just about every possible way, since the beginning. So in a way I feel justified to say that these guys really need to sort out their act to come to that level of professionalism. Right now its just a mish mash of great things and nothing to properly organize it.

      So anyway, I've got someone on the case now but you could definitely help him if you wish. Feel free to post it here so that others can learn too.

      What I want the customer to see is: click on a INJ file, a window pops up, you select your CR2, and then that CR2 gets loaded with Lali Bits Injected.

      On the inside what happens is this: the pz2 runs a script, that script runs a dialog where you can choose the file, once the file is chosen, the script runs a loop looking for the 'groups' from the V4 figure in the CR2 (because maybe she's wearing clothes), and inserts the Erogenesis groups at the end of the group element, then it saves the file with the string "_Lali Bits" appended to the filename. Then the actual pz2 injection is run, and the figure is loaded from the library.

      is that hard to do?

  3. How much I regret I didn't learn Python now!
    Ah well... I'm rooting for you there and you already know how much!
    Reading your posts and the other comments, I am myself firmly believing that you're about to set the standard for years to come, with Lali and her bits. It was time someone came and shook the tree, nothing good was falling off it. I've tried *every* single gentials set for Vickie's that's come out so far and found them all terribly lacking.
    I keep re-reading your comics and I know you've nailed it just right! Hmm... maybe "nailed", concerning Lali, is even more appropriate.
    In my opinion, this will deserve a new verb. When a Vicky will get a decent pussy from now in, I shall say she has been "lalified".
    My credit card is humming in anticipation! As for me, I'll be there in the corner, trying not to drown in my own drool! I look forward to our exchanges again when you will be less busy, mate. I have no doubt that you will beat this! :)

    1. hehehe hey Templar! there you are! Thanks for the support buddy! Yeah what a battle but it had to be done, that I am sure of now.

      Learned a lot in the last few weeks, and if it wasn't for Ken, I would've pressed this big red button I have here and blew up the entire world, because it would've been a lost cause.

      But yeah, a pop-up with "your V4 has now been Lalified" hahaha! Sounds like a plan, friend!

      HEY templar, I'm gonna need your help for something, eh, French, in one of the upcoming comics. Its gonna be a heavy task and you'll find out soon enough ;)

      good to see you here amigo!

  4. Ready when you are, mate! I'm up for anything you'll throw at me, especially if it's translation work. You tell me the plan, I'll follow through :D


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