Wednesday, 23 January 2013

Perverts Unite!

While Ken and I are busy unfucking the world of pz2, injections and PoserPython, you can also contribute:

Phone Smith Micro and say the following:




And thank them for their time.

Thanks to all you testers helping us to figure out WTF is going on!!! The issues are like stated below. Groups. You don't want Lali's Bits to fuck with your group structure, especially if you have like a kazillion morphs loaded already. Next to that, you want your Lali Bits to work for all the babes in your scene, and pose not conflicts. Plus, undeleted morphs seem to confuse Poser... and the list goes on...

Like Lali's biggest fan says: ONWARD!!!

1 comment:

  1. I'd love to ablidge such antics on your behave, but should I have the the misfortune of needing their assitence in the future, I'd hate to be told:“Our records show that you called us telling us to fuck ourselves, and since you need our help guess what you can do?”


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