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Monday, 29 July 2013

Hallway almost complete

 I was also busy with adding fire-extinguishers and posters to the lecture room. I still need to add equipment to the projector room and stuff and elevators in the hallway around the corner. Laila will be in a classroom down the hall.


Thursday, 25 July 2013

In bed with Lali & teasing Apocalypse

Amidst my other work, I was just having fun with my 3D baby on my spare PC.

And Lali and Apocalypse (from renderotica) have been playing this game of hide-and-seek for quite a while now, where poor ol' Appleclips (as Lali calls him) nearly craps his pants half expecting this little red dot floating around somewhere on his body haha.

Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Blackboards, Project E and Scooby Doo undies

You'll probably see a lot of old renders and stuff from past comics getting posted by me here and there in an attempt to stay in the game until I can start animating Lali and her friends for the next comic. Setting up a comic, props and textures and scenes and... entire 3D figures... is pretty darned time-consuming! Anyways, here's a bit of my progress.

But anyway, a few days ago my girlfriend and I finally took some photos for researching the bending of the thigh. We only did the thighs because the marker pen tickled too much! Here are example photos, but the real ones are obviously ou naturelle haha. Sorry guys, I'm afraid I cannot post those :) We still have to do the knee and elbows after she's recovered from her tickling trauma. For these example photos for you guys I asked her NOT to wear her scooby-doo undies because that would seem a bit dodgy.


Concerning Project E, I did a little bit of work on her, because she'll be making some small public appearances soon. She's anything but finished, lots and lots to do. JCMs, textures, texture seams, I need to redo some of the UV maps, I need to redo her eyes, and some of the mesh needs redoing. It will take a while before I can use her, but I am already looking forward to it. 

Now you might be thinking, huh? didn't she have Lali's head earlier? Well, yeah :) there are already a few versions. I'll leave it at that for now.

Thursday, 18 July 2013

Lali's Basic Military Training

Inspired by the previous render, kindof going off track here, but consider them 'warm-up' renders for the next comic :D

The soldier's favourite sleeping position: 'where you drop'.

Jim: "Well done Lali, ready for another 40 km tomorrow?"
Lali: "uhhh..."

"erogenesis can limp faster than you!"


Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Erogenesis, the limping idjot!

So I go climbing up the mountain, and so I twist the shit out of my ankle, but because I've twisted it like a million times before, this idjot carries on walking another few 20 Ks over rocks and slopes... Next morning a swollen blue ankle that was impossible to stand on. But don't worry, its getting better now. I took a few days off, feeling sorry for myself, watching violent movies etc... I was worried it was broken but seems fine now. Yeay!

Sooo my g'friend is here :D enough distraction from my misery, and also a lot of inspiration for all my naughty projects. Hopefully we can do some research tonight.

BTW I made a page about Project E. All the info should be there. 

Thursday, 11 July 2013

Chicks, elbows and big ass mountains

I got out of bed today IN THE FUCKING MORNING! finally, because I think within a month time I've managed to sleep off an entire day. So every day I go to sleep an hour later, and thus 24 days later, I'm back to a normal sleeping pattern... 

shut up.

Ok this weekend I'm off to climb a mountain. A big ass mountain! I've been asked to make pictures for a map and brochure for the conservation trust of this mountain. So its back to my old gear, dust off my lenses. I used to do wildlife photography two years ago, before I started with 3D art. It was fun for sure, and the female attention was also fun :D

me -->

In the meanwhile I've been doing a little fidgeting with Project E and I've decided to redo some JCMs. I've been doing some lttle bits of research with my own elbow, and my girlfriend has agreed to help me out with the ass research haha. Although I don't know if I can get those pictures online! In any case it will be fun to draw on my chick with a marker haha.

You might be surprised to know that I an considering doing the final rigging in DS so that I can deliver it for both Poser and DS users in WM. DS can export for Poser WM it seems. An able DS wizard has offered to teach me how to do this. However, I hope I can get past the DS interface...


So while I'm gone I'll give you a few renders to enjoy while I'm gone for the weekend: one of Laila in Berlin, and the other of... wait, who's that???

 with boobies (for the censors that love fucking with honest art sites)!

Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Jeans, pockets and a little of Project E

- So master Erogenesis, a fine morning to you sir. What did you do last night?
- Why kind sir, a good morning to you too. Me? Well, I made a pair of jeans.
- Oh, fancy that. So what's so special about your jeans?

So, yeah I made me some jeans. Its got pockets, front and back, they can open and close, and they have inner lining too!! I still have to make some FBMs to deal with certain movements. Also needs a little extra texture work. Above and below you can also see Lali's All-Stars that I made yesterday. Man I should go into the fashion industry!

I've also made a few tshirt designs for the girls, so that they can be trendy students! You'll see some of them tomorrow. Off course I mustn't show too much, it has to be a surprise for the comic hehe.

In the meanwhile I did a tiny bit of work on Project E today, some elbow work. Below you can see some more concepts about the whole idea of this project.

I am getting a little worried that people are expecting me to compete with other similar projects, but that's not really my intention. My intention was to just let people know that there's hope, hahaha! But I wouldn't be surprised if it will end up being competition for others. In any case, I just wanna try make something very flexible, integrated, sexy, maybe with options to change bodyshape into V4, V5 or V6, instead of having to fit the clothes to her. It all depends what works and what is feasible. 

Just so you know, Dawn can kiss my ass. Don't get me wrong, Dawn looks brilliant, they did a very good job on her... but its the same old thing!! I don't get why people would make such an effort to make such a nice 3D lady, after V4, V5, V6... and not give the bitch a pussy? I mean, how long have we been buying, investing, spending cash on these figures and scavenging around for all kinds of genital props, leaving it up to people like me to fidget some prefab cunt into her mesh... and how many are we? We are definitely a big client base, you'd think they'd listen to our demands... and still they make a sexless doll? It makes no sense to me. 

Monday, 8 July 2013

All Stars and Lecture rooms!

Another few days ahead and I've made a whole set of Converse All Stars for the ladies (those laces were a bitch to make!). Here you can see Laila sporting her punk type Ollies. Lali has her own flowery ones. While we're on the subject, here you can see Laila's gothic /alternative look, and right now she's got a Sex-Pistols type top on, but I was wondering, would I get into trouble with the band if I make her wear a 'Megadeth' or 'Cradle of Filth' top? hehe that would be awesome! (remnants of my Metal past!! \m/ ). And by the way, that new morphing tool in Poser is DA BOMB!!! very handy! Now all they need to do is get the drape function involved in this tool, and PER frame a new memorized drape.

Oh man, I can tell you I am having a lot of fun with this storyline. It is a simple one, but there's a whole lot of fun and humor involved. 

Today I made a whole bunch of props including the entire first scene building, lecture room, the seats, plus hallways, of Lali's university days as an exchange student in Cambridge. I've just started rigging the textures. Tomorrow I'm gonna have fun making eggs and bacon models... haha. You'll see. 

I also have to revisit the scene I made a while back, I need to do something about the buildings at the back. Right now they're very flat.

Project E will be continued once I have all the scenes setup and ready to animate.  

Saturday, 6 July 2013

And it's back to comics!!!

Oh my lord what an episode... adventure actually! Lali's Bits really took over my life for almost half a year. Time to move on. Yes I know I promised an update, that's still coming. I've got the materials ready (email me if you want them in advance), I've just discovered some useful Pose plugin for the reset poses you guys have been asking for, but kindof thinking about what else I can add to it without making my life too hard. I actually remapped the pussy prop so I'm trying to figure out how to get that to you without the pirates going ape on it.

Speaking of making my life hard, I just mentioned this 'Project E' below. I think some of you might know what the deal is, but please please please please please hold your horses because this is an insane project, and I have no experienced development team behind me, am all alone in it. Its an interesting learning curve, but a steep one (especially with such great but horrendously convoluted software like zBrush). Please forgive me for being vague, I wanna make sure I have the mental space to develop this bitch properly and in peace. These things do take time to make properly... but I also couldn't keep quiet about it, because half of you would know something was up anyway haha. 

What I will say is that I am excited about it for myself, as it will definitely make my erotic comics a lot easier and realistic to make. It was something I had been thinking of ever since i started preparing Lali's Bits for the shop, and how annoying it is to constantly have to lag behind all the sexless nonsense going on over at DAZ. I don't feel like having to undergo the torture of Lali's Bits every time DAZ makes something without a pussy. Fuck that. So, I'm making something fun for myself :D So if it applies to me, it will probably also apply to you... eventually... O.o (help me god)

Soooo, if all goes well you should see what it is capable of in the NEXT COMIC! whoohoo which I have actually started! You've all seen the room in which it will take place, 
I've started making the dudes: jolly ol' bri'ish chaps I'll have you know! Cor blimey, I'll say those american birds are in for a good ol' shagging, that's right good that is! Tally ho, pip pip bum and bernard's your uncle! let's show those yanks what we're made of! For King, for country!
All the Mericans in the house go: those darned brits with their willies, fuggem, let them chicks show 'em whippersnappers what us Mericans trained them to do!!

can you tell I'm having fun? hahaha

Thursday, 4 July 2013

Project E, and Comics

Just to let ya'll know I'm not dead... just very busy. You're gonna have to get used to me disappearing from time to time, because that means I'm doing all kinds of crazy shit that might end up in your runtime one day haha. 

No but seriously, for all those that have invested so much time and money in me, I wanna let you know I am not sitting still. In fact I am incredibly busy. The main thing is comics, this damned Lali Lite I've been dying to make for the last half a year now. But since the release of Lali's Bits, it has given me ideas, and I wanna push it a bit further and make my comics really cool! It is the Dawn of a new... or same old... nevermind... 

It is called 'Project E' and its a highly ambitious project. Its not what you think... or maybe it is. Only a few people know (and shhhh!!!) and for now I wana keep it that way because I don't know for sure if I'll manage. The name 'Project E' is not the official name, it is just a working title, or the name of the development of 'E'. Once it comes out, if I succeed, it will be called what 'E' stands for. I am primarily developing it for myself, but I am getting advice from the sidelines from some very experienced and competent people, kind of in the hope that this might be able to hit the market one day, although that's not my main goal. But if I keep it real, it should be the 3D Erotica Artist's (wet) dream come true No promises though! I hope to feature it in the next comic. I will say no more!! And please no questions about Genesis and all that. Its perfect for goblins and Egyptian mythical figures... but not for me (or Poser users).

Ok so here goes :) Its still in development, you'll see some texture seams. Ignore them for now.

PS: the last one is kind of a hint ;)