Thursday, 11 July 2013

Chicks, elbows and big ass mountains

I got out of bed today IN THE FUCKING MORNING! finally, because I think within a month time I've managed to sleep off an entire day. So every day I go to sleep an hour later, and thus 24 days later, I'm back to a normal sleeping pattern... 

shut up.

Ok this weekend I'm off to climb a mountain. A big ass mountain! I've been asked to make pictures for a map and brochure for the conservation trust of this mountain. So its back to my old gear, dust off my lenses. I used to do wildlife photography two years ago, before I started with 3D art. It was fun for sure, and the female attention was also fun :D

me -->

In the meanwhile I've been doing a little fidgeting with Project E and I've decided to redo some JCMs. I've been doing some lttle bits of research with my own elbow, and my girlfriend has agreed to help me out with the ass research haha. Although I don't know if I can get those pictures online! In any case it will be fun to draw on my chick with a marker haha.

You might be surprised to know that I an considering doing the final rigging in DS so that I can deliver it for both Poser and DS users in WM. DS can export for Poser WM it seems. An able DS wizard has offered to teach me how to do this. However, I hope I can get past the DS interface...


So while I'm gone I'll give you a few renders to enjoy while I'm gone for the weekend: one of Laila in Berlin, and the other of... wait, who's that???

 with boobies (for the censors that love fucking with honest art sites)!


  1. I wish you a clean lens for the best pictures.
    And I'd say thank you to your girlfriend, determined their help brings the best results for us.
    I wish a great weekend.

    I am excited about the progress ....

    Greetings from Berlin

    wow ..... the images are once again class

  2. Awesomes. Yes, see your gf's elbow, how it bends and buldges out a little on the sides as the forearm smashes into the biecep? Its so important, and its the first thing I test with every model. That and the knees that do the same with the thighs, and shins. Makes all of those beautiful shapes when the muscles smash together.
    Soooooooooooo many modellers don't think about that, and again think about how the whole point of having posable models is - BENDING!

    Anyways, thank you to her, and you for being on top of your game.
    Fresh air out in the mountains, sounds fun. Be safe.

  3. I *love* that last render. Very "Hamiltonesque". And anyway, the freckles finished me off :D
    About that photo of you: nice one. Being on a photo and hiding your face behind a camera, that's quite a tongue-in-cheek joke, you cheeky guy!


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