Thursday, 10 September 2015

Google Plus? Power cuts, bugs... still rendering!

So I get this in the mail today:

Dear Erogenesis Art,
We've determined that your photos may be in violation of our User Content and Conduct Policy.
Continued violation of our policies can lead to the loss of your ability to use some or all of the features of Google+ and other Google services. Learn more
Yours sincerely,
The Google+ Team

Ehm, I don't even have Google+, for this exact reason. The TOS conflicts entirely. I'd never dream of going to Google+ (or Google Photos for that matter). Is this perhaps a hint that Google is merging Picasa with Google+? I checked Picasa, all is normal. I checked Google Photos (apparently I have it, despite not having G+) and suddenly I find all my images in there. FULL OF SEX! Well Duh, I never moved them there. I delete an album on Google Photo, and it's removed on Picasa. Well now... are we now all getting forced to use Google+?

Does anyone know this means? Can I ignore this and get on with my life? Or is it another one of Google's way to nudge out Erotica artists from blogger? (because for some reason google seems to think that sexual fantasies are not of this earth...)

In other words, I'll probably be banned from Google any time from now. You can keep track of me over at Deviant Art (until they crack down on anything with a vagina). Yeah I need to get my own website going, I was hoping to get my comics going first to get a bit of capital to pay for that. JIM!!!!! HALP!

Edit: apparently Picasa's TOS disallows me to host the pictures that I do... well great. I don't remember this being the case a few years ago, or maybe I just assumed if erotic content was ok on blogger, then the associated image storage would have the same rules. Apparently not. Very logical. So for the next few days I'm gonna have to make sure everything is moved to a less anal location, and make sure all is linked to the right place. We're talking all my series over at AoD, as well as here... as if I have nothing better to do.


Anyway, besides these pious, asexual, neurotic, mega-corporations dictating sexual morality upon the masses, I've also had to deal with your typical African governmental corruption (not so very different really) that results in daily Power-Cuts because they cannot be arsed to get expert help to solve the problems with the hydroelectric dam. They'd rather spend donor money on their mercedes benzes and 'foreign trips'.

Not to worry, I've invested in a new and improved power supply that will probably be able to bridge their incompetence with the grace that we know as modern technology! Whoo. 

Next to that I've also accidentally discovered the limits of Poser (by loading up 300+ figures into one scene). I was set back a few days, the bug was reported, and now I can carry on. I think I should also learn from this year that its best to just aim small, that way you can actually get things done at a faster tempo :P

What a life!


  1. Honestly, its likely a phishing email. If there is a link in it verify it actually goes to Google +'s page. I have gotten similar and it turned out to be a fishing scam. The fact that they actually Called Me DigitalPanther in the greeting was a give away as well.

    1. I double checked but its definitely google, and the TOS changes are fro real. Sneaky bastards!

  2. Hi Ero, I have actually been looking for a solid web host that allows adult content. I used to work with one a while ago but they always had technical issues so I would not recommend them and the one I usually recommend, no longer allows adult content. I will be sending you an update soon via email when I find a few good ones, listing pros n cons of each. Turns out Picasa changed their ToS to exclude adult content back in March 2014 and the merge with G+ seems to be inevitable. Since they have taken notice of your files, I would back them all up ASAP if you have not done so already.

    1. yo I'm backing everything up right now. I've also done a back up of blogger so I can keep all my posts. We're just going to have to do a lengthy text-replace for all the image URLs. To be honest I'd also be fine copying this blog format that I have now if that is easier to do. then at a later stage we can make a more interesting website.

      I actually have some hosting in the UK that allows adult content. I'll confirm to make sure but one of my friends already has a site running on it. Thanks man!

  3. argl, im on blogger too, i should get some mail soon as well then.
    since the last crisis, i laid my eggs in different baskets - blogger, tumblr, DA, rotica, Patreon. all are free solutions (well blogger is off now).
    creator hibbli suggested a (paying) host based in Iceland where icelandic laws (and web host) allows you to post all you want (or nearly).
    web host:

    agitated pixels,

    1. thank you cyps! I've heard much good about patreon! Blogger momentarily holds but yeah Google is closing in on the mature arts world, its only for teenagers now. Good idea of Hibbli, I've got one in the UK but I'll check out the icelandic one too! cheers!


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