Tuesday, 26 November 2013

DSON madness

Ok I have to share this with you. Is this normal?

So I have a lecture scene with a whole bunch of figures, and the one that's giving me the all the trouble is Genesis 2 V6. First of all she was HUGE. She's as big as my fully developed Lali and doesn't even have that many morphs... and moreover I don't need all those useless morphs for this scene. But its impossible to get rid of all those morphs without having to delve deep into some weird DS folder safari ritual. It crashes the PZ3Editor and the only way I can get it to delete all the morphs is to either manually delete them, or export it as a CR2 and do the delete zero morphs thing. I exported Genesis 1 to CR2 to get rid of the DSON nonsense. But with Genesis 2 it insists on being connected to DSON for some reason, even as a CR2. Then to copy it to my render PC, I obviously have to make sure I copy all of my required DAZ files, and DSON... but the files are bloody random!... and the DS Content must be included as a poser library for DSON to work. But even a scene inventory collect doesn't seem to work, you still need to show Poser where the DAZ files are. Then for rendering, when I wanna hide limbs to avoid it from getting included in the SSS calculation, the hiding works fine, but if you reload the scene, the hidden part of he figure appear in the middle of the scene unposed. Conforming clothing also does weird things, they just don't seem to conform at all until I tell it to zero figure. 

Besides that, the grouping of the morphs and controls is profoundly tedious! And when I first bought her (God knows why...) whenever I load her up, her boobs are all wonky. And what's with those cartoon outlines I just cannot seem to get rid of?? All in all, V6 is quite a pain in the ass hahaha!

Or am I doing something wrong?


  1. This suggestion probably isn't what you're looking for.
    Cut your losses and give the bitch the flick.
    Questions - Do the perceived advantages of V6 outweigh the time and trouble she's giving you? Is it really worth going any further with a figure that's giving trouble like this?
    Any artist realises a time comes to say "fuck it" and bail.
    To me, using DSON for Poser is like running your $10,000 sound system through $15 speakers (to play mono cassette tapes of the Mahotella Queens) - possible, but what's the fucking point?

    1. hehe yeah don't worry. I wasn't even intending on working seriously with V6. With all those little issues, I wouldn't even wanna try develop anything CR2-related for it... she would just send me to an early grave if I'd wanna be serious with it. No in this case the scene has a little sneaky joke and requires V6 among others, its worth the struggle... you'll see ;D

  2. I hate to be mean about DAZ, but for years I have hated their invasive product registry tactics. Programing that insists on having other files to confirm using something else even if it isn't needed. Can't use this or that unless you have this other useless thing you have no intention of using.
    I end up loading everything into a dummy file, and making copies of the runtime, and watch Poser screw up trying to piece together bits from multiple files scatter everywhere.
    Do you want to use DAZ's instant web loader? NO!!!! I'd rather not buy it at all.

    1. Daz seem to have ditched the meta-data installers, good job, they shouldn't be spying on people anyway.

    2. yeah those files are fucken everywhere! and the names make no sense at all

    3. I'm not joking, I truly believe DAZ were and still are collecting users info and habits without informing them.

    4. Wouldn't be surprised, seems to be a trend nowadays, thanks to Mark Zuckerberg.

    5. And we have Edward Snowden to thank for exposing people like Zuckerberg.
      Not that many give a damn about their privacy mind you.

  3. I agree with fred1111.

    DItch V6!, In fact ditch Genesis all together.
    Like a litte excited kid I purchased DSON importer and a lot of Daz products when it first arrived on the scene, only to find it and Genesis products were nothing but hassle that took up a lot of time.
    It seems Daz are trying to lure people away from Poser, epic fail IMO, I'll be sticking with Poser and V4 for the foreseeable future.

    1. While I think the concept of Genesis is not a bad idea, it just sucks donkeyballs in the implementation. I was just trying to make some morphs for V6 just to make sure I wasn't talking nonsense, but I couldn't even test it because in the last ten minutes, it crashed poser 3 times! No that's not a Poser problem because just before, and all week actually, I rendered a massive scene well over 300Mb, with seven BIG figures in it, and even though it was slow, it never crashed. I also noticed that the scene that contains Genesis crashed quite a lot, and now I am quite sure it's because of Genesis.

      Genesis was clearly never made for Poser, its exclusive to DS users, and DS is a whole other story. Then you have those jokers (I am friends with one, yes you!!! haha) that say, well then step over to DS. Eh, no. While potentially good, like some of those gadgets like the push modifier and attaching stuff to individual polygons, an application that forces you to consult the manual or youtube at every second turn is just badly designed software. And the manual only just seems to have come out. I just cannot work with a system that throws me off the rails every time I try something out of the ordinary. Just stifles the creative process. And my creative flow is everything to me, I will not stop to sharpen my pencil, I'll just take another pencil, for example. In fact with me it is so bad that since 2005, and 2011 when I started using Poser officially, I never noticed that the buttons for rotation and twisting actually had keyboard shortcuts. I seriously only realised this two weeks ago...no joke. I just kept on clicking. That to me is good UI design, where you can just fall into the application and get lost with a creative process, and you're not dependent on one type of UI method (like those insane shortcuts of zBrush). I keep on comparing it to Poser and 3D Max, where I honestly never consulted their manuals in the first 5 years of using them, only this year did I check up on a few things. Poser lets me get on with it, ever since I began using it. DS and zBrush don't. If it weren't for zBrush's amazing tools, I'd have never bothered with the bloody app.

      I also heard that the smoothing in DS messes with the expressions of these figures as well, is that true?

    2. I agree, personally I think Genesis is outstanding but I won't use it because I won't be converted into using crappy DS.

      Poser is the dogs nads imo, user friendly all the way.
      I did try DS for a few weeks and found it (correct me if i'm wrong) user unfriendly. That's why I purched DSON thinking all my 3D dreams would come true (:P) and I'd be able to use Genesis in Poser like I can use V4. I haven't purchased anything from DAZ for over 12 months, and if they insist DS and the uncompatible for Poser Genesisis the way to go then I won't be purchasing anything from them again.

      I wish I had the time to master Zbrush as I've been in awe of what it can do, but as 3D is not my full time job, and with me having little time to do anything except catch up with your brilliant creations...I would have to leave my job to have the time to give Zbrush and other 3D applications my undivided attention.

      Steer clear of DS, it will make your blood pressure rise and leave you needing a triple heart bypass.

      Keep up the amazing work :-)

  4. I was around to get DSON for free when it first came out, but the figure it imports to Psoer is 'as-is', so I guess I am supposed to POSE the V5 in DS first (if I had DS installed)? I guess. Tried it once, then deleted DSON since who needs a V5 with zero morphs beyond X/Y/Z trans/rotate/scale? I agree the genesis plan was good, but I have noticed the V5/V6 outfits are strangely clingy - unnatural just all tops must form fit to the bottom of the breasts? What do I know. I wonder how DAZ business is going ... I still get the weekly emails but rarely look at them since most of the time it's some content a Poser user cannot really use.

    But I agree - for V5/V6, use DS. For Poser, don't even think of V5/V6.


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