Thursday, 14 November 2013

Test renders... and a new girl?

I thought maybe you'd like to see some of the test renders I did while preparing the characters for the scenes. While I was posing one of the scenes with four characters, my PC was struggling because the Lali System is now something like 200Mb and her clothes are all together the same, and then twice, and soon even four times. So I needed to make an actor class Lali System, with all the body shaping morphs removed and just 10 compiled FBMs for all my ladies. It made a BIG difference!

The professor is ready to rock as you can see, he gets annoyed with Lali and causes her to get up to no good. I perfected the Englishman's sophisticated expression on Reginald there! Laila's Pubes (here shown on Lali) are improving and are ready for the action scenes. Julie's skin is less yellow now; Laila's outfit is now fully rigged and ready to go. Her loose top has the band logo of 3D artist BGrissett1. There will be other such surprises in this comic... hehehe, you'll see.... I can't wait!!!

Oh and who's that blonde girl now??


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