Friday, 8 February 2013

Near-death, but survived... with honours

Don't worry its ok, but I had a major fright yesterday when I was doing the manual when suddenly I discovered that somehow major fuck up had found its way into Lali's bits, despite the fact that the injection went smoothly. I managed to solve it, but it took a piece of my soul with it. I was like: when in christ's name will it ever end?? But I managed.

Get this: the python and injection load nicely, it works smoothly 100%, enough to blow a wad of cum all over your computer. Now you save it in Poser. Then you open the SAME file... presto: all the groups mashed up, and a big fucking ridge in her ass... How the hell did that happen? It didn't matter with or without binaries, clearing the cache or what. Its amazing that in that application it shows you perfection, but only upon saving it, it suddenly decides that something's wrong with it. Astounding!! Pro my ass!

Needed to go through the whole god-damn bitch of a shitty motherfucking piece of steaming fly-covered crap pz2 code to find where the errors were. Then I had to remove all the channels and manually prepare them for an ExP type injection.


but it works again!! And quite nicely too. 

The whole system can be started from the character library, you don't have to bother with looking for the python code. So if you're a cluts, then you're in luck. 

Another bonus of this method that we're using, is that it is thereby half prepared for the DAZ users. But as a DAZ user you don't really have to wait if you also have a copy of Poser (7-9 or Pro 10 or 12). You run the show in there and then save it without binaries. I will include that in the manual.

Supro, the man from managed to do that and he says it works nicely. He even posted some pics of it on his site, and on affect3D.

So we're nearing the fucking end!!!! AAAH!! :D
Ok now I'm going to slip into a coma for a couple of hours

PS: thanks for all the hilarious entries for the slogan. I think we've got quite a few good ones. We might have to vote on it. Perhaps a poll? hehe


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  2. I think you need a biscuit and a lie-down, bubba.... but keep on keeping on! And think kindly about us under maybe 3 feet of snow.....!!

    1. I could use a whole box of biscuits bud!! I just need to finish the manual and the Promo work and then we're in business.

      hehehe yeah its all over the news, you guys are getting snowed in?

    2. Same here, we're getting it by the mothership load.
      Lali would freeze her great ass.

  3. Looking forward to Lali's bits hitting the Renderotica store. :-)

  4. hey, it's waist-deep out there.... no digging the cars out until tomorrow; time to stay inside and dream of Lali and a warm climate!

  5. Really twitching now in anticipation of the release! I have a whole cast of characters in my runtime that could really use a magnificent upgrade like Lali's bits promise :D


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