Sunday, 24 February 2013

Textures, Cross-Talking and DAAAZZZZZZ

The release seems to have gone quite well, with relatively few people coming back with issues. Most predominant issues are texture matching (of the provided overlay). Other issues are material matching of the pussy and the V4 body material. There have been 2 or 3 incidences of cross talking of which VickieMMD helped out with a tip (read below). This incident is so random that I'm going to have to report it to Smith Micro.

Some brave souls out there have bought the Poser version and ported it to DAZ, some of which ran into trouble. Luckily that was sorted out (some will be helped just now). Yes you MUST have a copy of Poser for the porting procedure to work.

Lali Bits update is in the pipeline, I just have to get my head wrapped around what's going on. The update will include: naughty poses, zero poses (reset), extra textures for the vagina prop, materials, maybe some morph poses which will require Morph++ (not sure), and some standard FBM corrections like mentioned below. There  might be some more things in the update too, but I cannot remember them just now, there were some good suggestions below.

DAAAAZZZZZZZ users... hmm. Sorry fellas, I'm doing my best now. I had a little break and also helped out folks out there; now I'm busy figeting in DAZ but it is not as easy as it seems. First off, I am struggling to understand DS itself... WHAT A PIECE OF SH... just kidding :D No it looks fine except I just don't know where on earth what is, its completely different from Poser in some cases.

ExP is the clearest route as far as I can tell. The Poser-exported CR2 ov V4 Lalified seems to work fine in DS but I cannot for the life of me seems to save the bitch anywhere. Plus Ken and I downloaded the same free version of DS 4.5 but we're not getting the same results. He doesn't have the ExP Export on his. And I certainly cannot remember installing any of that shit on my PC. We're trying to go the ExP route because DAZ's scripting language is kindof ___________ (fill in the blank). This might result in DAZ users being limited to a fresh V4, unlike Poser users being able to inject this into any V4 bitch out there. Plus I need to know does DAZ support 'smart props'?

So, DAZ users, time to whip out yer brainz and help out! 

Vickie MMD:
"I have solved my own cross-talking issues within PP2010 and just thought I would share it with you in case it might help others. I created a null object that I parent the figure to. For instance, I load my V4, inject Lali's Bits, then load the null figure and parent the V4 to the null figure's body. I then load the second V4, inject Lali's Bits, then load another null figure and parent the second V4 to the second null figure's body. Each null figure will number just like V4 numbers, so V4 is parented to null figure, V41 is parented to null figure 1, etc. and I have had no cross-talk issues using this method."
email me for the null object made by Vickie MMD


  1. A vagina material without SSS would be nice. Not that it's bad, but if I'm not using a SSS skin, having the labia minora force a SSS cycle seems a waste of resources.

  2. Daz does support smart props. I don't know if this will help but here's a link on creating one in Daz (idk if the same workflow would be used in Poser):

  3. As soon as you come out with the DAZ version of Lali's bits I am gonna buy it. I really cannot wait!!

  4. For cross- talking issues,
    here a fix that I find on the wed,
    look down in the page for "Creating an EMC Shield figure."
    hope it help :)

    1. yep, knew about this. Problem is I think I already have that going in my injection. Up until now, only 3 people have reported it, so its hard to figure out exactly why it happens. I cannot seem to reproduce the problem at all...


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