Sunday, 17 February 2013

Update: Day 2

Just updated the Lali's Bits page with some small tips if you run into some issues.

Reception of Lali's Bits has gone very smoothly with exception of one or two customers who ran into some trouble. One of which seems solved. If anyone has experience with cross-talking morphs, please send me an email! For the rest everyone seems happy. 

So quickly for now:

THANK YOUUUU for buying Lali's Bits!!!

Due to a number of requests, I am going to try and make an update soon to allow for automatic adjustments with popular FBMs. I don't have all of them, just the typical DAZ ones, Aiko and some of the Elite ones. Don't ask for a date just yet cuz I just wanna make sure everyone's settled in and happy, in any case get the DAZ version released, and then I'll try to get this update done.

Besides quickly making the DAZ version, I'm already drawing up plans for Lali's Bits v2. If my plan works, its going to be even more crazy than this version. But I'm first going to make a bunch of comics, maybe release some facial morphs, pigtails. Someone requested pronounced ribcages, detailled oral morphs. If you have any ideas... plonk them somewhere here on this blog.


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    1. It's a quiet in here!

      Great product Erogenesis, I bought them yesterday but haven't had time to errrr...ummm, you know!
      Have a tinker!
      will get round to it next week.

  2. Sweet! You're gonna rock my Daz runtime!!

  3. E, how about something like the EMC Fixer that Xameva supplies for scenes with two figures containing her morphs? Looking at the file in TextEdit doesn't give me a clue as to how it works....

    I'm shocked, stunned, and amazed at how well LSV adapts to poses (e.g., Sledgehammer's shenanigans on the ottoman). Hardly an adjustment dial need be twisted!

    Good stuff all round, bubba!


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