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Sunday, 10 February 2013

Fuck the manual?

Hey guys, at the moment I'm just trying to iron out a few small bugs, very minor ones so if I cannot get them out, I might just leave them there. Chances are you won't even notice. But at the same time I'm making the manual. It will help you quite a long way but I cannot think of much to troubleshoot. Is it ok if I just finish it off quickly and perhaps update it at a later stage? I just want this bitch in the shop already!!!!

PS: I added a few more morphs to the pussy prop...

EDIT: what I actually meant was that I just couldn't think of that much for the troubleshooting. For the rest the manual is shaping to be quite adequate IMO. I think I can submit wither tomorrow or the day after. The reason why I'm taking so long is also because of the thunderstorms we're getting here. I don't wanna loose my equipment (or Lali's Bits for that matter). Tomorrow might be more thunderstorms... :P

here are some of the renders for the product preview and manual. What you see there is like 3% of what's possible... (is that correct Texboy?)

Some pussy examples:

Penetration examples:

Additional face morphs:

DP example:


Injected examples:

General examples:

Bend over examples:

Bend over penetration examples:

Bending examples (plus the zillions of renders on Renderotica)

Mesh examples:
note the hip made invisible, showing the pussy prop.
All automatically connected and pre-programmed, bending, opening, and all adjustment features very easily accessible!


  1. You know I don't have a problem with fixes being added later.
    You could even included the updated fixes seperate, posted on some place like Renderosity where it couldy also serve as additional advertising so to speak.

    Looks awesome. I think most would be more than pleased with this so far.

    1. I never use a manual, unless I mess it up. I'm wondering if in this age of p0rn if anyone would not know how to play with vagina - digital or not.
      Hmmmmmm...I feel awful for them if they don't.

    2. trust me, there are so many options, it could drive people mad. So I'm busy making a simple glossary so that people know where to find what xD haha

    3. let me rephrase that: there are a FUCKLOAD of options!

    4. Yes, from those parameter dial images it does look quite expansive. Awesome!
      That's a cute face too. I like the way the cheeks create that little fold under the eyes.

  2. Looking good. I hope it is easy to texture - that's been the big failing of most genital objects - they don't use standard V4 textures, so unless one uses only the generic V4 skin, the gens don't look good.

    1. I made this system tom make life easier for myself, so no transparency maps or seaming issues or what. And I didn't wanna have to fidget with V4 textures at all because seams are very tough to get right.

      This is not like one of those shitty overlay jobs that you see everywhere, no transparency maps or anything. Nope this is the geniune V4 morphed, with a little flabby prop squeezed between her Labia Majora.

      So with Lali's Bits, it looks fine with whatever texture you use. The only thing you need to worry about is the colour of the vagina itself, whether it is not too pink in contrast with the V4 map. I have given it a neutral fleshy colour. Messing with grey shaders is mighty easy and will get it to match if you think its too bright or what. Lali's pussy has a light grey shader over it, works fine.

  3. I'm fine with updates coming later as long as it's mentioned up front there might be issues.

    If your testers are having an easy enough time using it, then I say go for it.

    Only suggestion I can make is out of ignorance of not having worked with it yet. Categorization trees/subtrees and naming schemes that help make things more obvious are good, and that can be saved for later updates. That's only if it's not already that way.

    1. Yeah I've been very careful with those things. Like I've mentioned before, I designed this initially for myself, to make things easier for me while making my comics. So I've categorized the fuck out of it :) so don't worry about that. I'm just a bit worried about afterwards, because I am so used to Lali's Bits I might forget about explaining certain things. Generally the testers dd very well, but I did force them to read the manual. I will strongly recommend people to read it because you'll miss half of the fun if you don't. Even I sometimes forget that I had a certain morph for this or that.

  4. release it, pls! no one read the God forsaken manual man!

    1. hehe that's the thing, I know!! but I also know that once they get into trouble, they'll email me. And I'll be like: did you read the manual?

      I love helping people out, really love it... but its going to become hard if its more than 20 people, I'm already having a tough time keeping up with the testers sometimes... and I'll have a feeling there will be more than 20!!!

      But don't worry, I want it released as much as you want it hehe

  5. I agree with Joeannie. The texture issue is a bitch. I know that a few of the props have worked around this and I hope yours does too because it looks absolutely stunning

    1. Like I told joannie, I designed this system to make life easy for me, and no shitty overlaps or transparency maps. I hope I understand you all correctly, but the V4 maps can remain in tact...

      ... however, it might introduce another thing that we haven't thought of. That ass is getting stretched wide open. Some maps are mapped shitty down there. In that case, I'll have noooo problem helping you out and adjusting the map down there for you.

  6. This comment has been removed by the author.

  7. New renders guys, plus a text edit!!

  8. I've gotta hand it to you, your just one of a tiny handful (maybe the only one) of artists / modelers to do anything like this and interact with you followers / fans etc... in this sort of way. I've been on Renderotica some 5 years off and on and have never come across another artists who's so open, honest & willing to share their ideas.

    A completely refreshing change to the poser scene. Have a virtual drink on me ;-)

    1. thanks! :)

      The interaction is everything to me. I also strongly feel that I owe you guys a lot. All the support, purchasing of my comics. comments, suggestions, inquiring, interest you fans have given me has made me who I am today, and that within a year!

      You have no idea how much of Lali has been shaped by you guys :) she really does listen hehehe

  9. Been lurking for quite a bit.

    What Zachariah said! Added to that Lali's bits approach the Uncanny Valley; 'nuff said.

    Kudos and bravo!

    I'm glad I put off buying bits that are currently available and followed a hunch to check out this blog. Like the others I can't hardly wait for its release!

    Erm... you know what I mean :P XD

  10. E, I totally support the idea of a manual; this magnum opus of yours is simple on the surface, but so very complex when you get down to putting it into play (so many double entendres!). And you're spot on when you say the above illustrations only represent about 3% of Lali's possibilities; to paraphrase Monty Python, "I've never seen so many bleedin' dials!!"


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