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Thursday, 26 September 2013

What's cookin'?

Just a quick message from me. The last couple of days I've been rendering frames from the comic. But while they were rendering I've been doing some experimenting on my other PCs. 

Lali will eventually go by plane to Senegal, and that trip also doesn't go without mishap. I bought a Boeing 737-800, its quite a decent model, it just needs a little extra work here and there, new paint job, but especially the cockpit. The 'mishap' however doesn't happen in this aircraft, but in an old DC3 cargo plane I have yet to make.

Its fuggin cool though because I can revisit my old childhood fascination for aircraft again!!! Whiii. Speaking of which, Lali's adventures will also require helicopters, proper ones in tune with the region, like alouettes, Pumas and the Russian Hind; and also old Russian fighter jets like the Mig 21 or the Mirage series. 

I'm also experimenting with lighting, IDL and skydomes. I wanna see how much I can get away with using just IDL and nothing else. The render of the Business Jet is an example of a scene lit only by the ambient skydome. Pretty decent for Firefly, huh?

Monday, 16 September 2013

Current status of comic (and Project E)

Hey guys! FYI, I've been busy with the comic. I completed the girls a few days ago and now Lali's apartment is ready to start animating the first scene. She scenes in the university follow later. 

Lali is busy studying and preparing for her role at Black Desk. So its a perfect time for little flashbacks and stories from her time back in university.

I filled up her apartment with all kinds of stuff, food, books, study material. Lali's got a new fridge (modified existing prop), a new tabletop with a sink and some very useful items here and there.

Its alot of fun to do bacause now Lali really starts to live! I had to think, hm, what does she eat? Drink? 

BTW it was impossible to find a small fridge. All the 3D content sites only sell those huge American family fridges!!! So I made my own!

I also finally did some exact measurements of the girls and with this picture you can see exactly how small Lali is, or how tall Julie is (she's Dutch haha). I will also be measuring thing like cars and weapons to make sure they are life-size relative to Lali... obviously also dick-sizes haha.

Lali is 1.63m (5.3 ft) where Julie is 1.83m (6ft). Strangely enough Julie is 96% of a normal V4!! V4 is like 6 foot 2!

For the rest I adapted some existing building props for the extended hallways of the university. Fun fun! I also took the opportunity to clean up my runtimes and my download repository. I Tweaked some internet freebees and made Lali some nice guns for future comics, like a 9mm Glock 17, Glock 19, Glock 34 modified, the Taurus PT24/7, the Ruger PD95, the 9mm Imi Uzi, , a Finnish RK-62, a more detailed 1911 and M9 Beretta 9mm, and obviously the small concealable ones like the Walther PPK, or the Kel-Tec P11 like in the picture there. I hesitated posting it on AOD or Rotica bacause of the shit that just went down in that Navy Base in the US. Terrible shit again :(

By the way, there's been some inquiries into Project E and let me just quickly point you to the page: Project E Information. I'll quickly repeat what it says:

(While making the comic... ) ...I have been forming an idea of what Project E is going to be. The current idea is that it will compensate for where all other existing figures are lacking. We have a lot of good working figures out there with different qualities, low-poly advantages, freaky morphing abilities, superior bending etc... some of which cater for most 3D figure artists. But there are many that want more detail and versatility from a 3D figure.

So in doing this, forming an idea of what Project E will be, is a balance of many things, low-poly to high-poly in certain areas, more abdomen bones or not, making a new concept UV map but making the transition from V4 easy, and making it directly compatible with V4 without getting my ass sued to Kingdom Come by DAZ.

I don't intend to make the next standard figure out there, there is too much variation in the demands! But judging from what I've picked up, I wouldn't be surprised if that would happen anyway. In any case, I want to make a very nicely working, morphing and detailed figure resulting from Project E.

The Girls!


The Erogenesis girls as the story goes from 2006-2008 onwards


Name: Lali*********** (Surname to be disclosed in 5th comic)

Who?: Main star of the Lali comics
Born: May 1, 1987. Dakar, Senegal.
Height: 1.63m
Music: Viva La Fete - Mon Dieu; DJ Assault - Ass n Titties, Coco Rosie, Moby, Smashing Pumpkins.
Study: Applied International Law (MSc)
Work: Surveillance Technician / Black Desk Applicant. Fox Intelligence Services, Surf Desk & Black Desk.
Languages: French, English, Spanish, some Portuguese.
Interests: guns, sex, Buddhism
Hobbies: Piano, guns, reading, sex.


Name: Laila *********** (Surname to be disclosed in 5th comic)

Who?: Lali's younger sister
Born: October 10, 1988. Dakar, Senegal.
Height: 1.60m
Music: Rage against the Machine, Rammstein, Dimmu Borgir, Megadeth
Study: Criminal Law (BSc), Forensic Sciences courses.
Work: Detective Assistant / informant. Der Polizeiprasident in Berlin, Narcotics dept. In conjunction with Interpol.
Languages: French, English, German
Interests: Anatomy, Autopsy, fantasy books.
Hobbies: Guitar.


Name: Julie de Jager

Who?: Lali's Dutch friend; met in Cambridge University (2006) as exchange students.
Born: June 21, 1987. Zutphen, The Netherlands.
Height: 1.83m
Music: Counting Crows, Pearl Jam, Live, Coldplay
Study: International Law (MSc)
Work: Case handler and research assistant. Office for the High Commisioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) Geneva, Switzerland.
Languages: Dutch, German, English, French.
Interests: Books (thrillers, detectives).
Hobbies: Dancing, hiking, swimming


Name: Christina Beckett
Who?: Laila's friend in Cambridge
Born: January 6, 1986. Manchester.
Height: 1.70m
Music: DJ Tiesto, Skazi, Noisia, Earthling
Study: Computer Sciences, Programming, Internet Security.
Work: barmaid and stage crew in Ministry of Sound, London. Private Internet security consultant. White/Blue hat hacker.
Languages: English, some French.
Interests: modern & contemprary art, fantasy books, lord of the rings fan
Hobbies: Skateboarding, tattoos, graffiti, drawing, computer / internet hacking.

Monday, 9 September 2013

V3 still kicking ass

Ok just to show you an example of how it really doesn't matter which fucking figure you use, whether is supported or amazingly engineered... its all about what you wanna achieve, and how much vision you have. An artist called Ehliasys just made this render of V3.

Click here.

Sick! The dude has skills. Could almost be a photo.

Sunday, 8 September 2013

New babes and taming the artist within

Besides doing some odd small jobs for the new Renderotica site, like icons n stuff, I've been doing my best not to get too sidetracked with rampant bouts of unrelated inspiration sending me off in an artistic tangent that accidentally creates a whole new concept for a series, or a new character...

No its not Amanda, it Chistina this time, Laila's university girlfriend. Not the sharpest knife in the drawer, but a very caring individual that watches over reckless and hyper intelligent Senegal Sisters. Off course she also likes to get naughty with them on occasion, or take one for the team as Laila tries to steal something out of an office somewhere... etc... you'll see.

Anyway, I had to work in a separate smile for this lady. Have you guys noticed btw? That Lali, Laila, Julie and Amanda all have their own smiles? :)

I've also been fidgeting with Laila, setting up her morphs properly, some new clothes. I have to confess something by the way... I bought content from Renderosity! I know, I should be ashamed. Normally I make everything myself, but this time the scenes were taking so fucking long to build that I thought fuckit, I'm gonna buy shit. I wanna get this comic done a.s.a.p! So here in these renders of Laila you'll see this interior thing called East Park Lobby or something, and her top and skirt are also from Rendero. I doubt you'll recognise anything in the comics though. I hh...haa, aaattt e eee  that!

Then we've still got the story of Sen haunting my other cerebral hemisphere. I sometimes have these key moments of innovation that are so intense that it sets me off on a course for the next year or even decade or so. I had that ten years ago with this book concept that engaged me to such merciless proportions that it partially defined most of my decisions thereafter. Even the story of Sen has something to do with that story.

Yeah, outside of my erotic comic endeavours, I also write books. I already wrote two, mainly psychological thrillers, but wanna give them one last edit before throwing them into the world. The book idea I speak of above is a semi-fantasy / thriller trilogy, of which the story of Sen becomes a part of after the trilogy. I wrote the whole skeleton of the story when I was 21 and started working out bits and pieces of it recently. 

Anyways, back to Lali, I've been working on her expressions recently, producing some renders as tests, like of her concentrating on a chess game. Sen's primal scream render was a tough one to get right. Like with the Madal warrior's scream, that was based on Morph++ morphs, it took some serious finetuning of not only the face, but the body pose too. The face could not be done with Morph++ alone and needed to add some zBrush morphs to it. 

Anyway, I'm babbling now, onwards!!!

Below are some more renders if the ladies :)