Monday, 16 September 2013

The Girls!


The Erogenesis girls as the story goes from 2006-2008 onwards


Name: Lali*********** (Surname to be disclosed in 5th comic)

Who?: Main star of the Lali comics
Born: May 1, 1987. Dakar, Senegal.
Height: 1.63m
Music: Viva La Fete - Mon Dieu; DJ Assault - Ass n Titties, Coco Rosie, Moby, Smashing Pumpkins.
Study: Applied International Law (MSc)
Work: Surveillance Technician / Black Desk Applicant. Fox Intelligence Services, Surf Desk & Black Desk.
Languages: French, English, Spanish, some Portuguese.
Interests: guns, sex, Buddhism
Hobbies: Piano, guns, reading, sex.


Name: Laila *********** (Surname to be disclosed in 5th comic)

Who?: Lali's younger sister
Born: October 10, 1988. Dakar, Senegal.
Height: 1.60m
Music: Rage against the Machine, Rammstein, Dimmu Borgir, Megadeth
Study: Criminal Law (BSc), Forensic Sciences courses.
Work: Detective Assistant / informant. Der Polizeiprasident in Berlin, Narcotics dept. In conjunction with Interpol.
Languages: French, English, German
Interests: Anatomy, Autopsy, fantasy books.
Hobbies: Guitar.


Name: Julie de Jager

Who?: Lali's Dutch friend; met in Cambridge University (2006) as exchange students.
Born: June 21, 1987. Zutphen, The Netherlands.
Height: 1.83m
Music: Counting Crows, Pearl Jam, Live, Coldplay
Study: International Law (MSc)
Work: Case handler and research assistant. Office for the High Commisioner for Human Rights (OHCHR) Geneva, Switzerland.
Languages: Dutch, German, English, French.
Interests: Books (thrillers, detectives).
Hobbies: Dancing, hiking, swimming


Name: Christina Beckett
Who?: Laila's friend in Cambridge
Born: January 6, 1986. Manchester.
Height: 1.70m
Music: DJ Tiesto, Skazi, Noisia, Earthling
Study: Computer Sciences, Programming, Internet Security.
Work: barmaid and stage crew in Ministry of Sound, London. Private Internet security consultant. White/Blue hat hacker.
Languages: English, some French.
Interests: modern & contemprary art, fantasy books, lord of the rings fan
Hobbies: Skateboarding, tattoos, graffiti, drawing, computer / internet hacking.


Name: Sen of the Egaera
Born: Winter of 1300 BC, Egaera, West-Barrah, Triplonia
Height: 1.73m
Music: not applicable
Work: not applicable (skills: leather crafting)
Languages: Barrahn, some Barrahn and Eden dialects.
Interests: Butterflies
Hobbies: jumping off high waterfalls, fruit fights


  1. Any estimate on when your next comic drops? Christina makes me happy for sexy time! Looking forward to your new stuff :D

    1. I hope in one month or two. Everything is set up and now I need to animate & render. With two machines I should be able to manage. I might even buy a third dedicated renderer.

      I'm getting the feeling I really need to add Christina to the Lali Lite now haha!


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