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Friday, 29 March 2013

Emails, and DAZ version take two

Hi people, fans, customers, fellow artists!

I've been kind of hiding for the past week, rendering a bit here and there, also busy with renovations here at home. Now that I have an Uninterrupted Power Supply to back up and protect my PCs, I have no excuse to delay stuff any more hehehe.

I was kind of hoping that some DAZ user would come along and solve all the Lali Bits issues for the DS version, but alas it seems that every one is too busy! The one that offered help is definitely still interested but he has other obligations, quite serious ones too.

So Ken and I are at it again, and I hope to god that we find a solution very soon because its been putting my life on hold and its annoying me!... plus I'm sure the're plenty of DS users eager to buy it. If we cannot replicate the python injection, I hope DS users are OK with settling for the ExP system. This means you'll need to start a new V4 and re-inject all your favourite morphs. However, once it is out, in whatever form, I am begging DS users to help each other out with troubleshooting because I know very very little about DS! You can use my blog to post stuff obviously.

I got a number of emails regarding some Lali bits errors and troubleshooting, I'll try answer all of them tomorrow. Sorry for the delay.

Thursday, 21 March 2013

DAZ Update, P8 materials

Just got word in from the DAZ man. He was delayed due to unfortunate events but said he would try and sort the DAZ version out starting this weekend. I hope he manages because I really wouldn't know where to start with the DAZ scripts. Plus the ExP bugs leaves me and Ken clueless. Hope! hope! hope! hope!

In the meanwhile I'm getting tonnes of emails about non-poser 9 material issues. This is because the material delivered for the vagina is for P9. The one in the injection should just be a plain material (but might have slipped in - I need to check). 

To solve it, go into the Materials room (advanced tab) and disconnect the link coming from the 'Alternate Diffuse' slot. If it still glows, make sure the Ambient Value is set to 0.

If even that fails... make sure your Poser 8 is updated! The last resort is to send me an email and ask me for the material I have planned for the update, and I'll send it to you. Please first try it yourself though, otherwise I'll get piles of emails in one go... plus its good to learn about these material options!!

Besides hoping that the DAZ version will get sorted quickly, and preparing the update, I am gearing myself up for the next comic. I have been practicing my rendering techniques over at AoD where lucky ol' TexBoy managed to get himself on a date with Lali. Check the link here (you'll need to subscribe I think!)

In the meanwhile I'm also renovating some rooms in my house, particularly my workplace. There's a battery inverter coming down from germany that will provide me with uninterrupted power and will protect my equipment from power surges and thunderstorms... in other words, non-stop rendertime!! and normal sleeping patterns (not organizing my life around power-cuts and thunderstorms!). Plus I got myself some small fitness items to train while I wait for both of my PC's to render. Lali Bits is healthy for me!!

Thanks everyone for the support, complements and for buying Lali's Bits and my comics!!!

Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Update: DAZ, WM and P7

Hey peeps,

Ok so the DAZ man checked it out and he says he can sort it out. We're kindof weighing our options with what DAZ has to offer, but there's no 2 ways around the ERC codes. When will it be done? NOOOOO CLUE!!

Just tried out the V4WM thing for myself. To be honest I'm not that impressed with the Weight-mapping of the legs and arms. If you do like it, it is possible to combine it. What I did was similar to the Jonathan Mott's attempt (here), but it doesn't look as good as it can look. But you can try it if you want:

  • Take a V4WM and install Lali's Bits on it. (make sure it is as close to the original as you can get it) (no python)
  • Save it to the library
  • new scene
  • new V4.2 (normal)
  • goto setup
  • in the hierarchy editor delete everything above the hip (not incl the hip)
  • go back to the Pose Room (ignore any popups)
  • Load your Injected V4WM
  • pay attention here:
    • (for the Left and Right thighs and Shins)
    • Open Joint editor (Ctrl+Shift+J)
    • go to each joint component (Twist, Side, Bend)
    • Delete / remove the current Zone (some button there)
    • go to the 'center' component and make sure the x, y and z of your WM version is the same as the original
    • do this for the Left and Right thighs and Shins
  • Close the joint Editor and go to Figures > Copy Joint Zones From... your original V4 that you just messed up in the setup room
Thats the best result I managed to get. If I know of anything else, I'll let you know.

I use Poser Pro 2012 SR3.1


Poser 7 users will have to wait until Ken has played around with it because me no have Posa Seven sorry me love u long time. Its very fucked up that Poser 6 and Poser 8 seem to work ok, but Poser 7 fucks up :P

I still recommend the most recent version of Poser. Older versions are just tremendously buggy.

Saturday, 9 March 2013

Warning: Poser 7 issues

Unfortunately a bug with Poser 7 slipped through testing.

We've got 5 people running into trouble with LBs in their Poser 7. Massive deformation around the hip and thigh area and we can't seem to explain why. There are others that have less issues, but it seems that the major issue is the SymShag Pussy opening. The rest seems to work.

Someone said: inject the V4 with IK off and the figure entirely zero'ed, even the morphs. What you can also try is to run the python, then open a new scene and load the new figure manually from the library and then run the injection, entirely zero'ed.

Any Poser 7 user out there without these issues? Please please please send us an email. Would you perhaps know something?

We're busy trying to figure it out as we speak. In the meanwhile, if you have Poser 7, I would wait with buying it. 

Friday, 8 March 2013

Lali Bits and V4WM?

read the comment below for a working solution

Ok boys and girls, lets try this V4WM thing.

I don't have it yet (and I don't DARE install it cuz I'm afraid it will fuck with everything). But correct me if I am wrong. V4WM is just a V4 with all her bending corrected with weight maps, right?

If that is so, and you prefer V4WM over the LS Bending, then you'll probably need to go to 'Master Controls' > Remove Whole System = 1. But you'd want the pussy back, right?

Read carefully: To the right of the dial 'Remove Whole System' is a little circle-type icon. Click on that. A window will pop up with a list. Look for Body::Remove LS Vagina. Select that. Click in the button below 'Remove Selected'. If all is well, the vagina should pop back now.

Ok so that procedure knocks out all Lali Bits JCMs, but keep the vagina in place. I'm not to sure how the opening will go though.


If you want to keep just Lali Bits ass JCMs but the rest WM... oooh, that will be a LOT of work (or maybe not), but not impossible. Basically you load up a normal V4 next to your V4WM. Delete all the WM info in the V4WM's legs. Then (only in Pro 2012 I think) keep the V4WM selected and go to Figures > Copy Joint Zones From... and select the original V4. Does that work?

If not, hehe, make a big pot of coffee because you'll be busy for a while. You'll have to replicate all the info for the thighs in your V4WM in your Joint Editor (Ctrl+Shift+J), such as center, x, y, z rotations, add zones, and match the falloff zones, such that it matches the original V4. Its doable... 

So... post below what your ideas and findings are. Any more questions?

Thursday, 7 March 2013

Back in Action!

My internet connections SEEMS to be fixed and that means I can send big files again. So now I can help out some of the customers, get back to posting a lot of renders everywhere, and, get back to work on the DAZ version with our DAZ expert. Yeay! Once the DS version is out I'll get to work on that Update.

I will obviously continue with my battle against pirate wankers, but I won't bore you with it anymore. They don't deserve yet another post on my blog :) hihi. But In any case, thank you all for helping! Special thanks to the team at Renderotica for their persistent DMCA barrage, certain volounteers over at Foxter, thank you to those file sites that responded quickly, thank you to the authorities in Russia for their response and efforts, and off course you guys over here for reporting, commenting and supporting. Please, if you do find anything new, post it in the post below, or email me, then I'll update everyone. Oh and one little thing: may that little wanker that started all of this suck satan's dick in hell while getting burning coals shovelled in his ass for all eternity :)


I hope everyone's enjoying Lali's bits! 
Any questions, you know where to find me.


By the way, Lali says hi:

Wednesday, 6 March 2013

What goes up, must come down... for now

Can anyone confirm that the thread containing the pirated copy of Lali's Bits, and a shitload of other Renderotica products, has been taken down? Or has it just been moved elsewhere? GFXWorld is still up, it seems.


By the way, DAZ users, sorry its taking so long with the DAZ version. My internet provider is struggling with their tower and I cannot upload big things to my DAZ saviour. So hang in there please :)

Monday, 4 March 2013


Apparently, someone decided that my year's work is worth $0. I thought $20 was adequate but apparently that was too much. I hate expensive stuff, that's why I put it down to $20. So anyway, without asking me, or discussing with me, you know, like hey erogenesis, your stuff is awesome, can I distribute it for free...? you can now find Lali's Bits all over the internet for $0.

Really, what is so bad about buying stuff? No wonder we're in a financial crisis :P

I just wanna say that every $20 that all you fans have invested in me, is being put to good use:

  • I'm getting a strong battery system to protect my computers from power surges, plus I can carry on working during a power cut.
  • and I am getting the necessary software (yes, PAID) to improve what I've done. 
  • I am also helping my mom repair her house, paint job, new roofing tiles etc, 
  • I'm helping our cook with some new roofing sheets. 
  • All the money from the comics went into two very strong computers and a comfortable office chair, allowing me to render much faster than before, speeding up my production. 
  • And off course beer :) helps with production efficiency too haha
But $0 is not really going to help me with these things. Kinda feels like those people are saying: thank you for all your work ero, now fuck off and die.

Pirates: 'Sharing', sigh, yeah I know the arguments. Let me tell you a story. I live in a country where the clothing industry was thriving back in the 70s, this place was known for its tailors and clothing markets (like in India). But ever since the west decided that all people down here were helpless, naked poor buggers they sent containers full of second-hand clothing. Generous, right? to share your clothing? Well, it entirely killed the tailoring market here. Now there are just a few tailors left, and they're very expensive. But some tailors even died because they went bankrupt and couldn't afford medication, and that is no bullshit. That is what sharing can also do. 

So yeah, go ahead, be noble, take pride, but do think about it first, you, the pirate, might be killing business somewhere, and maybe even a life (I know of a 3D artist that is struggling with health problems right now, and her work is all over the internet, for $0), and forcing software to become more expensive to cover the cost and to pay for someone to track you down. If you were even more succesful with pirating my comics, there wouldn't have been a Lali's Bits for you to steal.

So anyway, me and my lawyers are doing a bit of research, and it seems that we can legally get hold of the 'right info' and start sending some bills. Two sites have already conceded to help. 

So, please, just leave it ok? I've got better things to do than run around and slap wrists. 

Its only $20.

Saturday, 2 March 2013

Chillout time, DAZ and Materials

Hey peeps,

it seems that the most trouble that people have is with the materials. So just a quick few tips:

I always work in Material room > Advanced tab. You do too now ;)

  • in older poser versions, certain SSS features are not supported. So make sure the Alternate Diffuse is disconnected.
  • dial down the Ambient value to 0 even though the color is black (it still glows)
  • get rid of all the Blenders if they confuse you (they were meant for masking work in the original Lali), but make sure the image of the texture is still connected to the diffuse color
  • adjust the brigntness of the prop with gray colin the diffuse color
  • if you use SSS in your material for the prop through Alternate diffuse, dial down the diffuse color to 0
  • I'll add more tips if I think of any

What I'll do, with the update (after the release of the DAZ version obviously) I'll supply a whole bunch of materials for several Poser versions, and I'll try to make a little tutorial about materials and using Poser in general.

DAZ Users, it seems that there's a DAZ version of Ken too. Someone knowledgeable just offered to help out with scripting and the ERC codes in DAZ! yeay. This is a relief because Ken and I just have bugger-all experience in DAZ. I just hope our new helper doesn't feint when he sees Lali's Bits on the inside.

In the meanwhile, like the notice above says, I hope you don't mind that I take a few days off. Lali's Bits is making a much much much bigger impact than I ever expected and the emails, messages, comments, suggestions are plentiful!!!! which is amazing, and I'm extremely grateful for all the support and complements and help. I need a few days for this to sink in. So I whipped out my PC games and chilling a bit.

You can obviously still send me emails, but I'll be slow with responding :)