Thursday, 7 March 2013

Back in Action!

My internet connections SEEMS to be fixed and that means I can send big files again. So now I can help out some of the customers, get back to posting a lot of renders everywhere, and, get back to work on the DAZ version with our DAZ expert. Yeay! Once the DS version is out I'll get to work on that Update.

I will obviously continue with my battle against pirate wankers, but I won't bore you with it anymore. They don't deserve yet another post on my blog :) hihi. But In any case, thank you all for helping! Special thanks to the team at Renderotica for their persistent DMCA barrage, certain volounteers over at Foxter, thank you to those file sites that responded quickly, thank you to the authorities in Russia for their response and efforts, and off course you guys over here for reporting, commenting and supporting. Please, if you do find anything new, post it in the post below, or email me, then I'll update everyone. Oh and one little thing: may that little wanker that started all of this suck satan's dick in hell while getting burning coals shovelled in his ass for all eternity :)


I hope everyone's enjoying Lali's bits! 
Any questions, you know where to find me.


By the way, Lali says hi:


  1. Good work on the pirate front, lad! As a young urology colleague used to say, they'll be smoking a turd in Hell for a million years. Kisses to Lali....

    1. hehehe, yeah! I was just telling someone, if we had the same mentality about poaching as we have with internet piracy today, then there'd be no elephants left.


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