Tuesday, 12 March 2013

Update: DAZ, WM and P7

Hey peeps,

Ok so the DAZ man checked it out and he says he can sort it out. We're kindof weighing our options with what DAZ has to offer, but there's no 2 ways around the ERC codes. When will it be done? NOOOOO CLUE!!

Just tried out the V4WM thing for myself. To be honest I'm not that impressed with the Weight-mapping of the legs and arms. If you do like it, it is possible to combine it. What I did was similar to the Jonathan Mott's attempt (here), but it doesn't look as good as it can look. But you can try it if you want:

  • Take a V4WM and install Lali's Bits on it. (make sure it is as close to the original as you can get it) (no python)
  • Save it to the library
  • new scene
  • new V4.2 (normal)
  • goto setup
  • in the hierarchy editor delete everything above the hip (not incl the hip)
  • go back to the Pose Room (ignore any popups)
  • Load your Injected V4WM
  • pay attention here:
    • (for the Left and Right thighs and Shins)
    • Open Joint editor (Ctrl+Shift+J)
    • go to each joint component (Twist, Side, Bend)
    • Delete / remove the current Zone (some button there)
    • go to the 'center' component and make sure the x, y and z of your WM version is the same as the original
    • do this for the Left and Right thighs and Shins
  • Close the joint Editor and go to Figures > Copy Joint Zones From... your original V4 that you just messed up in the setup room
Thats the best result I managed to get. If I know of anything else, I'll let you know.

I use Poser Pro 2012 SR3.1


Poser 7 users will have to wait until Ken has played around with it because me no have Posa Seven sorry me love u long time. Its very fucked up that Poser 6 and Poser 8 seem to work ok, but Poser 7 fucks up :P

I still recommend the most recent version of Poser. Older versions are just tremendously buggy.

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  1. I'd add that older versions are horribly slow to render. Things that took 30 minutes in P7 (with a dual-core and 4GB RAM) now take 30 seconds in P12 (with i7 quad-core and 12GB RAM). But part of the increase is better use of all cores and more than RAM.

    Back in P7 days, each core was assigned part of the image, then went idle when its part finished & helped no more. Literally, for 25 of the 30 minutes, only 1 core of 4 might be working! Also each process had limited RAM, so use HD swapping.

    The newer posers split up core work in finer sections, so all cores keep working until the last few seconds, but with a Poser supporting 64-bit, each core can have as much RAM as required, not limited to I think the old limit of 2GB (signed 32-bit handles).


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