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Saturday, 9 March 2013

Warning: Poser 7 issues

Unfortunately a bug with Poser 7 slipped through testing.

We've got 5 people running into trouble with LBs in their Poser 7. Massive deformation around the hip and thigh area and we can't seem to explain why. There are others that have less issues, but it seems that the major issue is the SymShag Pussy opening. The rest seems to work.

Someone said: inject the V4 with IK off and the figure entirely zero'ed, even the morphs. What you can also try is to run the python, then open a new scene and load the new figure manually from the library and then run the injection, entirely zero'ed.

Any Poser 7 user out there without these issues? Please please please send us an email. Would you perhaps know something?

We're busy trying to figure it out as we speak. In the meanwhile, if you have Poser 7, I would wait with buying it. 


  1. I've once had weird deformations in 2012 also. All I can say ,make sure all morphs on your source V4 are set to zero, when "lalifieing" the first time.

  2. A mile off topic Erogenesis but!

    It looks like you may have brought down Foxter.ru, for good I hope.

    1. wouldn't be surprised! Rotica, I and some other guys have been nailing them all week. Their host still seems to be up: firstvds.ru

      I also contacted a lot of people in russia about them, including 'certain institutions'

      Memcache can also mean that their server is overloaded, maybe someone is deliberately overloading it... haha that would be funny

    2. remember that even if you can't take the host companies and credit card companies that these sites use officially to court, they are obligated to take down any offending sites within 24hrs notice of copyright. that's what they have to do to ensure they are protected from liability (as in can't be sued by you, the copyright holder, in court) according to the safe harbor protection act. you have a right to contact more than just the domain holders and processing companies. russian sites are VERY hard to take down because they tend to make a lot of money and open up their own processing companies. the day someone takes down adult empire, i will honestly throw a party in real life. if you got an .ru taken down, you've become a god to me *bows prettily* keep it up!

    3. hehehe well something tells me they're going to be back up soon, but my question is, will they keep on posting pirated shit? They might just change domains or servers like piratebay. If they will, I have one more wild card to play, and if I succeed, its going to be very nasty for some people. What happened in 'Le Deux Dames' in 'Code 10' is not entirely my own fantasy...

      I hope they won't because its actually not a bad site, with tips and tutorials etc... all I can advise them is: "STOP BREAKING THE LAW, ASSHOLES!"

  3. I put a few native Poser7 V4.1 images on my blog (nadiyaiko4 over at blogspot - I didn't puyt a link as that seems to prevent my comments from working)

    The P7 seems okay, except that the 'Main Control', which changes many morphs, creates massive weirdness, while the 'Simple Openings' seems to do okay. My only true complaint is that vagina MAT (with SSS) is way too 'modern' for older versions of Poser, so ends up light & cartoonish.

    1. well that's shit. Main opening doesn't work?? Well we're looking into the Poser 7 issue. re-testing over at rotica right now.

      Have you already sent me an email about the textures or not? If not, plz do, cuz I've got materials for you to try out, if you want.

  4. I spoke too soon.

    Foxter.ru is back up, the Erotic content section is still closed though. Let us see if they persist in posting pirated stuff.


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