Friday, 22 April 2016


Yep, rendering has resumed on the DD pt 2. I was already quite far but now its properly back on track. 

Sex, naughty sex, and even more Lali debauchery...!

Sorry, I did miss this...


Saturday, 16 April 2016

What is Ero doing now?

Comics! My happy place. I just finished up prepping the new version of the girls and transferring all their V4 outfits to the new rig. I'll be continuing the Disco Dragon part 2 with this new girl this coming monday. I wonder if you'll be able to see in the comic where the new figure gets used hehehe. Straight after that it will be Sen's comic and prof brown. It looks like they'll all get rendered in PP2014 since the new figure doesn't work in P11 yet, but that's ok. All my comix up until now have managed so far :D

Regarding project E... I've spent almost most of the time since November 2015 working on Project E mesh5. I was kind of hoping to have her released by now (and earning me some duku), but Poser has been putting up more of a fight than I expected (modeling in 3DSMax was the easiest part!!). She's definitely getting there but the project has become too unpredictable to be currently profitable... I've been relying on my savings, my comics and lali's bits for funding this adventure, but those are slowly depleting. So I'm focusing on comics for now, which is 1) a more financially secure investment 2) less corrosive to my sanity (and I use that last term very loosely haha). 

Good news for PE fans is that Mesh5's development is still active, albeit in slow motion, and also indirectly. For my comics I've converted my old mesh4 to the new mesh5 rig and topo (keeping the old mesh though), including mannequins. I just tested a mesh4.5 outfit on mesh5, it works. I soon also want to start having mesh5 played with by some talented and knowledgeable boys n girls, see what they think of her up until now. Good news is also that the forces that be know about the problems and are working hard to make things work.

Just to make sure: one might think how it is possible that I've managed to slap together a very elaborate version of PE for my comics in a very short time, while the official version is taking so long to make. Basic answer: my requirements are less strict, and I don't need 'vendor support'. Mesh5 needs to be a near perfect, versatile, robust and fool-proof product, capable of withstanding the typical forum "stress-tests" any Poser figure will go through, with everything designed to accommodate for at least 80% of people's wishes, especially since we've all seen what DAZ provides with their Genesis platform (even though its more an illusion than people realize). Mesh4.5 just caters for me and it is not symmetrical, has 110,000 polys, bending errors are JCM'ed away, and half of the morphs already existed in mesh4. Mesh4.5 would simply get trashed within 5 minutes of release, despite that she's probably the best Poser figure in existence. Also, I don't have to consider vendor support and decide on JCMs, FBMs and other things beforehand, I can change anything on the fly if I want. Mesh4 went through 4 sets of JCMs in 2015 alone. That would also kill off support for a figure very fast. 

Should I drop all the requirements and just release her as she is? No fucking way. There is no reason why Poser users need to settle for crap figures just because we're used to being served crap... but then we're also very good at killing off our own figures aren't we?

Anyway, first comics!