Here are some links to my Picasa Galleries. I'm trying to find a better gallery system. Tips anyone?


Unbeknownst to me, Google changed the TOS of Picasa to sideline erotic art back in March 2014. So now I've had to remove all my shit from these galleries. You can still see a lot of my stuff in the locations (listed below) that are less weird about human nature.

Ever since the beginning of time, mankind has expressed their sexual desires on the walls of their caves. Thank goodness Google (Facebook and other pseudo-religious organisations) wasn't there to dictate their paranoid and asexual world view. We would've been deprived of our natural sexual development. Now the poor future citizens of the world will be deprived of a healthy education, and preparation, into the vast and often devious nature of mankind (50% sexual, if not more), partly thanks to the anal-retentiveness of western politically-correct society, supported by companies like Google, Facebook, and various ancient religions of the world. Help educate the world, wake up to the nature of mankind!

Ignorance breeds the best victims.


You can find many many more free pics here:

  • Deviant Art (LOADS of stuff - requires registration for mature content)
  • Renderotica (some hardcore xxx - requires registration)(free comic coming soon) (warning, some very explicit stuff by other artists there!)
  • Art of Darkness (some hardcore xxx - requires registration) (warning, some very explicit stuff by other artists there!)
  • Also check my Free Stuff page!


Images from CODE 10

Images from 'The Route'

Preparing for the Lali Lite

Lali Webcam chats

Funny Stuff

Old Stuff

Drawings and Paintings

Future concepts


Project E

Random Blogger stuff:

And off course the one and only 'Date With TexBoy' series from Art of Darkness.

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