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Friday, 5 September 2014

September Update. Bits POSER Update!

Hey guys,

FYI, there's a Lali's Bits POSER update in testing now. It should include the following:
  • a figure to transfer hip joint zones to make Lali's Bits work for V4WM
  • a newly UV'ed genital prop
  • New textures and materials for this prop (no glowing pussies this time)
  • updated Injection, should fix the following errors:
    • squeezed nipples
    • jaw not opening with mouth
    • by default, Sexy chick Preset off (it was confusing too many people)
    • by default Pussy Preset C on
Project E is temporarily postponed due to 'software trouble' (and the info page has been updated). It is getting sorted out now. In the meanwhile I'm back to comics.

And an apology for replying very slowly to emails. No excuse other than: busy, scatterbrained, and some of them ending up in the spambox!

If you have a pirated copy of the Bits, please don't email me, it depresses me. I am overloaded as it is, paying customers get right of way (and the only way)... I draw a line somewhere.