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Thank you for visiting! Below you can find links to my comics (and detailed descriptions), as well as details about future comics. If you wish to know what these comics are about, please read the following.

CGe* Comics (or 3DX comics) are a rare and specialized type of erotic comic made with complex 3D Computer Graphics software. Most CGe publications are more like picture series, similar to what you can find in porno magazines like Hustler, without much of a story. They are commonly referred to as 3DX. Other CGe artists, like me, like to add more of a story, dialog and character-building to their comics. 

My current comics are about a virtual character called Lali, a character that is said to approach the 'uncanny valley' with her personality and expressions. My first few comics are mostly revolved around character building, and setting the stage for Lali's future comics. My upcoming comic (Disco Dragon) is actually designed around a classical story arc, it was a very fun challenge. Future comics will also be about other main characters, like Sen, the Triplonian Warrior.

Because this type of art is relatively new, you'll find varying levels of quality and expertise across 3DX, some of which might not appeal to you. Rather than risking disappointment, I've got a lot of free stuff available to see if you like my style (including entire online interactive comics). Also, I have two free comics coming up hopefully this year, for the same reason.

You'll also find that even in my comics, the newer they get, the more I improve. You'll probably see this with all CGe artists (and other comic artists for that matter). But one thing remains constant throughout my comics, and that is Lali and her character (like you would expect from a normal comic). 

So if you buy my comics, I truly hope you enjoy them! That's what I made them for!
*Computer Generated Erotica


Comic Details

♥ = fun, light-hearted, playful things
 = aggressive, controversial things 

In this cheeky comic, surveillance Officer Lali has just been given the go ahead to train for her new position in the intelligence agency she works. While she is polishing up on her weaponshandling skills, she decides to let us join in her training sessions. After she strips down and shows us how to responsibly handle a pistol and an AK47, unlike some other fantasy babes out there, she also takes the time to show us how a big purple dildo is inserted into her pussy.

A small fun comic introducing Lali and the style of Erogenesis.

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♥ Dildo action, humor



In CODE 10, Lali introduces herself in more detail and then tells us the story of how she got involved with the shadier side of Fox Intelligence Services, called Black Desk. This occurs unplanned as the head of Black Desk "Jim Savage" finds out about some of Lali's hidden skills, and not only pertaining to weapons and tactical intelligence gathering...

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♥ Regular xxx, humor, 

 violence, gore



While Lali vigorously prepares for her new job in the CQB center, her superiors Jim and Morgan discuss whether she is actually up to the task. After a raunchy conclusion in the CQB center, where Jim decides to 'help' her with her training, they proceed to Lali's apartment, where they continue with a 'thorough debriefing'. Lali gets pounded in her other two fun-holes. In the process, Lali gets briefed on her upcoming task, and we get a hint of how that might end up going...

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♥ Regular xxx, humor, anal



Lali wreaks havok during her time in university, getting herself and everyone else in trouble, in a very sexy way. A story guaranteed to put a smile on your face, or a happy in your pants...


198 pages of running, joking and sex!

Large multi- and single-panelled pages (1746 x 1200)

hundreds of erogenesis quality renders

very detailed sets and environments

LOTS of sex! LOTS of fun! Orgy, bisexual, blowjobs.

Cameos and surprises by other artists

Several new girls (2 of which get 'involved')

and several hints of things to come

"I think it is by far the best 3dx comic I have ever read. it is the only comic that has ever got my heart racing. The characters are incredibly realistic, the posing is spot on the whole time, the expressions are the best. it is very erotic and at the same time very amusing and funny. The story is so well done and in the end Lali finally gets what she deserves!"

- Raphael 

♥ Dildo action, Regular xxx, humor, orgy

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On Lali's Birthday, an old friend comes to visit the girls at their student house. All but one of the girls is home, the enigmatic Maria, a student of psychology and philosophy, and with a fascination for the meaning of being impulsive...

♥ Regular xxx, realistic, sensual

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Ruby is taking classes at "ROTICA", the Royal Technical Institute and Crafts Academy. One evening in the computer lab, she meets a classmate who is more than happy to share with her his Admin Privileges. 

After stealing a few glances across the room, they really get to know each other.

A fun picture series for the hell of it.
Number Of Images: 45
♥ Regular xxx, realistic, anal


Lali Lite - The Disco Dragon (~ 3 parts)

After the 'Gentlemen's Club' episode (Lali Lite 1), in the 'The Disco Dragon' all the girls go out dancing at night. Lali, Laila, Julie, Christina, Rachel and perhaps a few others hang out there and get naughty with some boys and some of the girls even go further. But Lali is on a mission to get Christina laid, will she manage? And with who?

♥ Regular xxx, humor, orgy, play, drunk sex, stoned


Upcoming comics:


The Adventures of Sen - Initiation

Sen of the Egaera, born in Triplon, is old enough to take the traditional Initiation trials, fighting off the nasty Murguul that want but one thing from her... and if she succeeds, she has permission to undertake the Eden pilgrimage across the Egaera Lands to become a fully fledged Triplon warrior... but Sen has other plans for that pilgrimage.

♥ fantasy, xxx, orgy, bukkake

 Monster sex, pre-con, extreme graphic violence and gore


Lali Lite - The Secrets of Professor Brown

As you see in 'The Gentlemen's Club' Lali gets into a shitload of trouble with professor brown, and the nature of his initial 'lashing out' at her makes Lali suspect that he has a shady side to him. So she goes to find out. Together with one of her girlfriends, she finds out more about this side of him, and obviously accidentally gets involved!!!

♥ BDSM, regular xxx, humor, FFM, spanking


Lali Sutra

A fun picture series of Lali's version of the Kama Sutra sex positions.


The Adventures of Lali - First Times

In 'First Times' Lali makes a mandatory visit to the psychologist to assess her on her psychological fitness in preparation for her new Black Desk job. In that session she explains in detail how her 'first time' went, and more. The meeting gets broken up when the local police force asks for assistance in a local hostage situation, and Lali gets called in too as a surveillance tech. The mission seems to progress well, but this wouldn't be a Lali Adventure if everything just goes wrong...

♥ Regular xxx, humor, 

 pre-con, extreme violence, gore


Other future comics:


Which comic do you want me to do first?
The Disco Dragon
The Secrets of Professor Brown
Black Desk Adventure 'First Times' free polls 

Pre-con = Pre-consensual, a term I made up to denote forced or aggressive sex that was clearly expected or anticipated, and consequently not avoided, or indirectly permitted. This as opposed to non-consensual (non-con) which refers to forced sex without any choice on the matter, or simply against the character's will. 

While most of my comics will be fun and light-hearted, Lali's risky undertaking with Black Desk would be unrealistic if she would not encounter any peril. Even Tintin had some close calls. Off course, Lali will most likely be treated differently than Tintin. While I doubt I'll ever do non-con, I will treat all perilous situations with some measure of discreetness, depending on the level of severity; and like in most literature and movies, it will mostly be for the sake of conveying a message, or building character. But full-on rape is not something I find erotic.

Erogenesis 2015


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  2. more anal please. i love Lali

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  3. Let's hope You stay true to this realism idea in "First Times" comic.

    1. it's gonna get pretty rough, you'll see a very different side of Lali


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