Friday, 26 April 2013

Time to move on... called in the Cavalry

Hey fans, customers, users...

DS Version of Lali's Bits

I've finally called in the cavalry because I need to move on. I've stopped trying to make the DS version for Lali's Bits and given it to someone with more experience because its just taking too long and its completely bogging me down. I am not, and never will be a DS user. I'm dying to get on with my comics, and other things such as the update for LBs, and some tutorial PDFs. 

The person that is taking it over is an experienced DS vendor. Hopefully he's faster than I am.

Back to comics!!

Next stop: Lali Lite #1 'The Gentleman's Club', a small adventure with Lali and her friend Julie back in the day when she studied as an exchange student in Oxford. 

Work place

With the money earned from Lali's Bits I've started to renovate my place, with better PCs and a safer workstation. My equipment is protected by a very effective UPS system and will be locked up in a secret room nobody can find (very necessary where I live).

In the meanwhile

Much work to do: sorting out all of my runtime props and textures, downloaded or created. Make an airplane cockpit, 1940's, 1980's and 2000 style; car interior components for detailed car interior scenes, more guns & weapons; office props & furniture; street scenes; people, clothing, Arabic and African... all in preparation for the next comics to come.

Lali's Hair needs improving; better breast control...

And off course: Project V ;)


  1. Sorry to hear that it didn't work out, hopefully the other guy can get it sorted. :)
    Would you mind saying who it is? Or is it a secret? :D

    1. hehehe I'll ask him if I can announce his name. Chances are you know him

    2. My guess its Pois0n or zev0

  2. Well, glad to hear that your still alive. LOL. Don't let it bog ya down, Bro. I am also glad to hear that your getting back to making comics! Oh and folks been missing you and your lady friends on Rotica.

    With all the props you been making for the comics, have ya ever concidered selling them? I'd love to get my hands on Lali's...'em...Arsenal. LOL


    1. hehehe shoot me an email and I can hook you up with some GUNZ... or did you mean something else? ;)

      Yeah I need to get back to Rotica asap!

  3. Thank you so much for all the hard work you put in and trusting the other guy with your baby, EG because you didn't have to do either. You rock! :D

    Hopefully the D|S consultant will allow himself to be identified so we can give thanks where it's due, too =)

    Break a leg on the comics and new ventures and congrats on the new equipment and protection! (Did that sound right :P XD )

    1. Both ways, that sounds just fine ;D

      I will let you know asap. He seems like a good guy, so I'm not too worried. Just hope it doesn't scare the shit out of him.

      yeah I'll go nuts on the new comix!

  4. I hope you can now really concentrate on Lali comics and everything else you have planned for you.
    Personally, I'm quite well with lali in the current version.
    Under "DS user" I'm so show how I deal with lali.
    My way to Lali in DAZ is certainly not perfect, but I get by.
    and she makes all , what i want.
    Of course I would also appreciate a DAZ Lali.Only I lack the necessary programmer knowledge to carry on to something.
    Only I can say , Thank you for all your Works .

    1. And thank you for your kind words my good man! I remember your other comment on the Lali page, thanks for that too!

      I lack the necessary kamikaze courage to deal with the DS version, I hope the DS expert can sort it out. I'm slowly getting the idea I made the most complex injection ever...

      I hope SM and DAZ can bridge their gap a bit more elegantly soon!

  5. Can't say that I blame you. Seems as if a tedious maze. Its a DAZ model worked into Poser, needing to go back into DAZ with a shitstorm of coding.

    Looking forward to more lively Lali.

    1. Fuck me bro, it IS tedious. I thought I had seen it all with working in GeoIT doing seismic interpretation apps in C++ and C# but this takes the cake. Its like unfucking an ASCII based pre-XML testing phase clusterfuck PhD-wannabe coding-for-free-pizza alcohol-encrypted keyboard scramble in reverse.


  6. Bubba, I think you've earned a change of scenery; enjoy your southern autumn (such as it is down there), and don't forget your loyal Texboy, Lali's most obedient servant!!

    1. Mayday... mayday... broken arrow!

      Yeah I made some renders yesterday. Rounding it off now, but it will be fun :)

      thanks bud!

  7. I just cannot fathom what you have put yourself through in this whole process. Again, my hat is off to you good sir.
    I would love to see what you have made for props. That would be a fantastic sideline as you have mentioned.

  8. o.k. this is my personal request. Nobody has to agree, but I'd rather like to see a Poser2012 V4-weight mapped version of Lali bits than a DS version. Still playing with Lali-bits. ;-)

  9. I'm very interested in getting this figure. I do use DAZ | Studio 4.5, on a Windows 7 laptop. I assume you're looking for people to test it?

  10. hello

    Lali still lost her setting (Poser Pro 2012) when save and open again a scene.

    I have made everything, but the trouble is still there.

    This is a great trouble, it's impossibile to work on complex sex scenes , I should never save, impossible


    you need to make an update that resolves the problem or suggest something for which we can work.

    This problem is present since February, before thinking about anything else you MUST solve this problem, Lali system is not free, we have a product that does not work and we paid for it.

    do something please.




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