Thursday, 4 April 2013

Almost there, now I need DAZ help

DAZ Version. 

Sorry its taking so long. Ok so I'm going down the ExP route because its the only way that might get me somewhere. The scripting route is just impossible to figure out.

But I need help from DAZ knowers, I'm almost there.

Situation is this:


  • All the morphs
  • Channels


  • ERC code values
  • Groups (minor)
  • Loading the prop (just script)

The ERC code values seem to be a problem. Although the ERC codes actually appear to work, the values seem over exaggerated. I suspect it might be because DAZ works with percentages instead of decimals. Could I be right?

The issue with the groups is that the ExP .bat program stalls when making the groups for the body. It might just be a coding error and I will probably find the issue eventually.

The prop just needs to be loaded with a script. Ken is looking into it, but anyone have any tips?

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  1. Oh, and when you're done with Daz Studio, can you please do Carrara as well? :P

    Just kidding. Sorry about not being able to help out. Perhaps Paolo of Pret-a-3D can give you a hand? He's a nice guy with serious Daz hacking skills.


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