Monday, 29 April 2013

Poison was the cure

The emails I am getting from this vendor I asked to help me are like messages from God, Krsna, Allah or whatever devine entity you choose because the dude said that he has sorted the DS version of Lali's Bits out. All that remains in packaging and testing over at Rotica. I almost wet myself out of happiness.

Oh and btw, I'm allowed to mention his name: Poison :)

That would be Mr. Poison to us now.


  1. Fantastic news!
    Gonna need a new pair of pants over here.
    Btw, I guess he is setting the price now because he will be selling it? Or have I gotten it all wrong? :D

    1. thanks! we haven't made anything official just yet but I assure you you won't get shafted by us :)

  2. All Hail He who has come to save us from the terrors of the Deadites! All hail Poison! All hail Poison!

  3. WooHoo :D That's great news EG =)

    All hail Poison!

  4. Bravissimo!!!!
    Bravo just doesn't cut it in some cases.
    Dammit, peed myself just a little in excitement too.


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