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Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Not so Gordian after all

Good news and bad news:

Good news: I found out what the problem is!
Bad news: I found out what the problem is!

hehe. It seems, and I could be wrong, as usual with these mysterious applications, that DAZ doesn't add ERC codes on the fly, unlike Poser (due to a debug message right at the line of the first master parameter coding during the injection). So I'm going to have to make some kind of script, similar to the python job Ken and I did for the older Poser versions, but not only add groups and channels, but now also ERC coding to the V4... O.o ... with DAZ scripting. Now I've seen that DAZ scripting isn't entirely documented, but I hope that was an old post, cuz otherwise ken and I are in trouble... and you. In any case, people, this might take a while... :(

Other option is to still try the ExP System. But there is a bug that doesn't explain itself, and DAZ users will be limited to a new V4.

Thank you for all your tips and comments and help. Keep ya'll posted!

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

DAZ Users... help!

I'm trying to get a DAZ version but I am running into a brick wall.

Making the injection for Poser was mostly tough because Poser doesn't have a good debugging system, so it was a tremendous puzzle, but at least there was always a way forward, even if it cost me my soul. Its was primarily the coding that was a problem, but the morphs always worked consistently.

But now... because DAZ 4.5 doesn't support PMD, I need to convert the PMD to pz2s. So far Ken concerted them in D3D's PMD editor and I converted them in DAZ's ExP utility. Massive fail on both counts, and this is the brick wall I am talking about. Maybe I'm wrong, but when I export the morphs and compare them in Zbrush, they're different. I've deleted the magnets to see if there's interference, nope. If I cannot get the morphs isolated then I cannot get anything done... and I'm not even talking about the coding...

Now there are some options available here:

  1. find software that converts it properly (if at all it is the software's problem, could be that Poser and DAZ re-build the pz2s differently)
  2. or find out if there's a way to read PMD in DAZ. I know there was an option for DAZ 4 but it hasn't been updated for 4.5
  3. Storm the gates at DAZ with signboards and pitchforks and start protesting for: we want Lali's Bits!!
  4. Buy Poser :)
so, any suggestions?

another issue is the ExP utility itself, I tried it and its failing with its own exports. I imported a CR2 from poser (with and without the prop) and selected all the relevant morphs, making sure all the ERC info is selected. It exports well but when I try to initialize my V4, it hangs at abdomen. Because abdomen comes before BODY, and because I can see in the resulting Pz2 that only the abdomen was updated, there's something wrong with the coding of the BODY (that came out of DAZ itself...). Believe me, I checked, and I cannot find anything wrong. Unfortunately it doesn't specify a line number so I can find the issue: like a brace too many, or a symbol that DAZ doesn't like. So, yeah... bricks...

Monday, 25 February 2013

Genesis and V5

Surprisingly, I have actually come across a few remarks here and there that express a certain amount of dissatisfaction by the fact that I made this for V4, and not for Genesis or V5, kindof implying that I made a mistake not to go for the hot and trendy Genesis and V5. Plus the name 'Erogenesis' seems to  confuse people. It has just as much to do with Genesis as Genesis has to do with those chapters from the christian holy book... sorry if that confuses you. I didn't even know it existed when I made the name up (did it exist back in 2011?).

Lali's Bits started out as something for myself, using what was available to me at the time... V4. Its pure coincidence that I used V4 for it. Before I had modified Poser's G2 character Sydney to unrecognisable proportions, so it could have been her. Besides that, I never planned for this to hit the stores, no marketing plan, especially since I half expected a 'Lali Bits' already existed (considering how long 3DX has been active), but I was wrong about that. I made it purely to speed up my comic work, and make it more fun to look at. It wasn't until people started messaging me, requesting her morphs that I thought about selling it.

A Genesis version? V5? Dunno... this one was tough enough, it took me almost a year to fine-tune the morphs, and making the injection was just plain terrible (and the DAZ version is killing me at the moment). As far as I can tell, V4 is still quite alive and kicking, and at the end of the day it is all about what you want to achieve with 3D art, and I am very satisfied with what Lali is doing for me

I've seen Genesis in action, sure, its got some advantages I suppose, but (edited from earlier) I am very reluctant to start all over again, delve into even more lousy software design and terrible coding structures, while I've got about 10 comics planned. Maybe in future I might go Genesis, or maybe an entirely different figure, no idea yet (and only if one of those companies gets their act together and makes it easier to make injections!!!)... but for now, I've got my hands FULL with Lali and her V4 girlfriends.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

Textures, Cross-Talking and DAAAZZZZZZ

The release seems to have gone quite well, with relatively few people coming back with issues. Most predominant issues are texture matching (of the provided overlay). Other issues are material matching of the pussy and the V4 body material. There have been 2 or 3 incidences of cross talking of which VickieMMD helped out with a tip (read below). This incident is so random that I'm going to have to report it to Smith Micro.

Some brave souls out there have bought the Poser version and ported it to DAZ, some of which ran into trouble. Luckily that was sorted out (some will be helped just now). Yes you MUST have a copy of Poser for the porting procedure to work.

Lali Bits update is in the pipeline, I just have to get my head wrapped around what's going on. The update will include: naughty poses, zero poses (reset), extra textures for the vagina prop, materials, maybe some morph poses which will require Morph++ (not sure), and some standard FBM corrections like mentioned below. There  might be some more things in the update too, but I cannot remember them just now, there were some good suggestions below.

DAAAAZZZZZZZ users... hmm. Sorry fellas, I'm doing my best now. I had a little break and also helped out folks out there; now I'm busy figeting in DAZ but it is not as easy as it seems. First off, I am struggling to understand DS itself... WHAT A PIECE OF SH... just kidding :D No it looks fine except I just don't know where on earth what is, its completely different from Poser in some cases.

ExP is the clearest route as far as I can tell. The Poser-exported CR2 ov V4 Lalified seems to work fine in DS but I cannot for the life of me seems to save the bitch anywhere. Plus Ken and I downloaded the same free version of DS 4.5 but we're not getting the same results. He doesn't have the ExP Export on his. And I certainly cannot remember installing any of that shit on my PC. We're trying to go the ExP route because DAZ's scripting language is kindof ___________ (fill in the blank). This might result in DAZ users being limited to a fresh V4, unlike Poser users being able to inject this into any V4 bitch out there. Plus I need to know does DAZ support 'smart props'?

So, DAZ users, time to whip out yer brainz and help out! 

Vickie MMD:
"I have solved my own cross-talking issues within PP2010 and just thought I would share it with you in case it might help others. I created a null object that I parent the figure to. For instance, I load my V4, inject Lali's Bits, then load the null figure and parent the V4 to the null figure's body. I then load the second V4, inject Lali's Bits, then load another null figure and parent the second V4 to the second null figure's body. Each null figure will number just like V4 numbers, so V4 is parented to null figure, V41 is parented to null figure 1, etc. and I have had no cross-talk issues using this method."
email me for the null object made by Vickie MMD

Tuesday, 19 February 2013

Future update...

While we're busy on the DAZ Verion of Lali's Bits, I'm drawing up plans for the first little update. I'll try to include the following:

  • variations on the vagina textures (like 5, 6)
  • Vagina FBM dependencies for Aiko, She-Freak, Steph, some of the standard V4 FBMs
  • (I don't have G4, sorry)
  • Some zero poses to clean up yer mess ;D
  • Depending on how much time I have, I might add some empty update channels to prepare for any future morphs to come.
  • If I come across any solutions for the cross-talking that two people are having, I'll add them here too.
any more ideas, drop em here.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Update: Day 2

Just updated the Lali's Bits page with some small tips if you run into some issues.

Reception of Lali's Bits has gone very smoothly with exception of one or two customers who ran into some trouble. One of which seems solved. If anyone has experience with cross-talking morphs, please send me an email! For the rest everyone seems happy. 

So quickly for now:

THANK YOUUUU for buying Lali's Bits!!!

Due to a number of requests, I am going to try and make an update soon to allow for automatic adjustments with popular FBMs. I don't have all of them, just the typical DAZ ones, Aiko and some of the Elite ones. Don't ask for a date just yet cuz I just wanna make sure everyone's settled in and happy, in any case get the DAZ version released, and then I'll try to get this update done.

Besides quickly making the DAZ version, I'm already drawing up plans for Lali's Bits v2. If my plan works, its going to be even more crazy than this version. But I'm first going to make a bunch of comics, maybe release some facial morphs, pigtails. Someone requested pronounced ribcages, detailled oral morphs. If you have any ideas... plonk them somewhere here on this blog.

Saturday, 16 February 2013

time for some zzz

if there are any questions, I'll answer the tomorrow. Its bedtime down here in Africa.

I'm going to check for a solution to the cross-talk issue with multiple figures that someone is having.

Plus DAZ seems to be behaving funny. The DAZ user reported a fail while it seems to work fine in mine and @ Rotica [edit] found the problem, long story, channels, not initialized, my bad. Getting confirmation tonight.


Important News: for DAZ Users & Poser users

Poser: Multiple Figures Issue (solved)

There's a common problem with Poser that involves multiple figures with morphs that cross-talk, not only with Lali Bits. One customer reported this so far. There is a simple workaround (*confirmed*) If you have this then please read on:

It has to do with the way Poser numbers the figures and the way Lali's Bits are injected into a scene. If you load two or more figures into one scene and inject them each with a morph set in the SAME scene, they'll start cross talking because the injection will not be able to decipher between figure 1, 2 or 3. So don't do that :) 

So if you want to make a scene of an orgy, inject your V4 individually in a new scene, save them straight away, or inject them outside of Poser with the provided python method. Keep it separate, save them separate. Poser is not very intelligent :P

I tested this in Poser Pro 2012 on a W7 machine, saved the scene and loaded again to double confirm.

DAZ Users: up to you...
Update: Ok I did the following. I did the whole python injection process, and saved the V4 as an unbinarized figure in Poser Pro 2012. Then I loaded that same figure into DAZ 4.5 and it seemed to work fine. The JCMs responded fine, the face morphs worked fine, the pussy opened fine. Renderotica confirms this for poser 7, 8 and 9.

So anyway, you can try if you want, or wait until the official verison comes out.. 

I'll keep on checking around and I'll post any news a.s.a.p
(I am copying this to the DAZ tab above)


Friday, 15 February 2013

ITS UUUUUUP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

holy fuck!!! OMFG! Here it is: LALI's BITS!!!

I am going to get soooo fucking drunk now!!

tick, tock, tick, tock...

Initial review went fine but got it back last night with 'spelling mistakes' and a texture seam issue. Sent it right back with corrections. I expect they'll recheck it either now, or soon... I hope. Getting nervous now.

My brain was at 0.1% all day, sat in the garden, sipping beer with a thousand mile stare. 

Ken and I discussed the DAZ version just then, shouldn't be that much work now... I hope...

edit: DAZ users - we managed on several occasions to get a copy of a 'lalified' V4 to run in DAZ (4?) by saving it through Poser Pro 2012, either through the Python-assisted Injection Method, or straight. There's seems to be some confusion about the current version but we're checking that tonight.

Please keep an eye on this blog for updates on this.

Wednesday, 13 February 2013

OMG! Submitted!

FINALLY I can sit down, relax, and watch a movie for the first time in months!

Lali's Bits has finally been submitted!!! Fucking hell! What a ride that was... and who knows it might still be. I'll admit, I'm quite nervous. I just hope everyone enjoys it.

I have no idea how fast Rotica is with QA of these things, I just hope they test it properly.

Anyways, I'm really tired. I'm off to bed. Thanks everyone! Thanks for all the help, support, compliments, comments, suggestions, testing and good vibes! I'll be back tomorrow.


Some text from the product page:

[...]... As many of you know, it wasn't easy making an injection out of Lali's bits, but with severe will power and some heroic and persistent help from my new idol, Ken (DexterWard99), we managed to get Lali's Bits to inject on any V4 we could find.

While debugging the very last details of Lali's Bits I also managed to slap together a Manual with a pile of information to get you started very quickly. But because I was combining the two tasks, I forgot to mention a pile of things (hey, I'm a man).

Lali's Bits is a platform from which you can do a lot of cool things. Generally it is an improvement for Victoria 4's genital area. Lali's Bits will solve almost all bending problems for you. It also allows you to open the vaginal area in a smooth way, regardless of the position of the leg, thanks to a battery of Joint-Controlled set of Assymmetric Morphs for the opening vagina. 

Because it works between several angle intervals, from 0 to 90 and from 90 to 135 (and a few more off to the side, you might need to adjust the vagina walls slighty if the thigh is half-way the interval. These are very easy adjustments to make, like the eyelids of V4, or a mouth, it doesn't need to be accurate. Its whatever you want to achieve. 

I really really want to emphasize that this thing is quite big, with a vast array of options. It will probably be able to cater for almost everyone's needs, but it depends on how you use it. This is not a 'Make Art' button or module, and I'm sure there are plenty of ways to fuck Lali's Bits up, but it is very easy to use.

If at first you see something that doesn't entirely look pleasing, there are many ways to solve it. If you go straight to troubleshooting in the manual, there's a good example of what I mean. 

Lali's bits compatibility with other morph packages is generally ok, but some are less great. Morphs++ and most FBMs are fine. Aiko too, although it does become tricky the more you mess with the crotch area. One thing you'll quickly need to adjust is the vertical location of the prop, and you can safely leave it there. You'll have to play around with this. If you wanna be very VERY sure, send me an email and I'll make a render for you.

To give you more freedom to experiment, I've also supplied an older version of the injection which has different values that manage the behaviour of the JCMs around the thighs beyond 90 degrees. Try it out and see which Injection you prefer. 

READ THE MANUAL CAREFULLY, especially about installing, because the classic INJ style only works for the most recent updated versions of Poser.

Minimum requirements for Lali's Bits are:

- Adobe Acrobat Reader 5
- Poser 7
- V4, or V4.2
- $20

The package contains:
- an entire Runtime folder structure
- Channel info files
- Group info files
- injection files with associated icons and morph files
- Latest version
- Older version (if you prefer it)
- material for Poser Pro 2012 and Poser 9
- Vaginal Texture & bump (JPG)
- Hip / genital region transparent PNG for you to map onto your texture
- (email me with your order number if you can't do that)
- prop geometry
- prop files and morph file
- Elaborate Manual

So all in all, I hope you have a great time with Lali's Bits and if you have any question that the manual doesn't answer, please send me an email!!

erogenesis.art AT gmail.com

feb 2012

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Last Minute Suggestions NOW!!!!

Lali's Bits is a wrap. I have the Version 1.0 zip file right here. Just making some corrections to the manual and last minute promo stuff. I'm going to send it TODAY!!

Even though it seems to be working on several computers, I am scared shitless. In the last two months I have lost a lot of confidence in the abilities of Poser, but despite that, it seems to be holding out fine now. Even though it works on shitty Poser versions, I do recommend that you update the living shit out of your Poser edition!!!!!

PRICE: I discussed it with some folks and they recommended around $20 - $22. 

I don't think I will change my mind on it, but if you find this is a little too steep, then complain now and back up your complaint. Please remember that I spent a year developing this, and that you're buying a package that contains:

  1. automatically controlled bending movements for 
    • Thighs (forwards, backwards, sideways, intermediate) 
    • Knees 
    • Arms 
  2. a zillion adjustments and morphs 
    • The pussy 
    • Ass / anus 
    • Face 
    • Boobs 
  3. Pussy prop (controlled by the JCMs) with a lot of morphs too 
  4. Have a look at the images in this post
  5. texture template 
  6. Elaborate manual to get you going 
  7. You will be able to download the manual for free and you can see in there if its it worth that price
Its made my life easy, and as far as I can tell, it has made the work of the testers also fun.

SLOGAN: Guys help!!!! Which one will it be?

  1. Lali's Bits: turning your bubbles into cheeks
  2. Lali's Bits: The Grand Opening
  3. Lali's Bit: Changing The Game, One Fuck at a time
  4. Lali's Bits: You'll love her to Bits
  5. Lali's Bits: V4 finds her 'Erogenesis Zone'
  6. Lali's Bits: V4 Rebootied!
  7. Lali's Bits: Everything You Wanted in V4 and more!
  8. Lali's Bits: Making your V4 do what Lali can do
  9. Lali's Bits: Now the fun begins
  10. Lali's Bits: A New Standard For V4 Genitals
  11. Lali's Bits: V4's best ultimate updgrade ever!
  12. Lali's Bits: V4 the way God intended
  13. Lali's Bits: V4 the way she should have been

Done. Proofing now

Lali's Bits v1.0 ............. done
Manual ....................... done

Both are getting tested and proofed by maestro Ken as I am typing this. Manual still needs work but I'll supply and updated one later on. 

Ken says, so far so good:

  1. In Poser 8 created a V4.0 and V4.2 .......................... both work fine
  2. when loading from a saved CR2 ...............................works fine
  3. Poser Pro 2012, V4.0 and V4.2 incl standard morphs... both work fine
  4. No creases
  5. No group jumbling
Looks like this is it. Just quickly make some promo shit, and off to the shop it goes!!!

You guys will not believe the last minute shit I had to do in the last two days. It works now, even the anal morphs have improved dramatically.I'll post a render just now...

Monday, 11 February 2013


As predicted, thunderstorms. It seems like while you guys have snow, we're getting soaked here with torrential rains. Bridges have been washed away!!! I'm fine but when the thunderstorms hit, I have to sit and wait. I mostly catch up on sleep then. Wasn't too bad today though.

Back to work...

Sunday, 10 February 2013

Lali Bits Video Demo: Simple penetration

This is a very simple video to be played in a loop. I didn't have the luxury of rendering something longer cuz I have to finish off the manual and other stuff. Its just a loop to demonstrate some possibilities regarding animating Lali's Bits in time-based media, namely simple vaginal penetration.
About 6 morphs were animated here:
  1. Clit X
  2. Pussy Opening Control
  3. Push in-out
  4. Left Side Adjust
  5. Labia rotate in
  6. Labia out

excl V4's arm movement and the dildo. The last two were not necessary, just for extra effect. You could even go further and animate the labia majora around the clitoris (called Clit Zone X) or with Pussy Side-Side (very slightly).

... hmm shit, it doesn't loop :P 
I posted it on Renderotica, where you can download it if you want.

Fuck the manual?

Hey guys, at the moment I'm just trying to iron out a few small bugs, very minor ones so if I cannot get them out, I might just leave them there. Chances are you won't even notice. But at the same time I'm making the manual. It will help you quite a long way but I cannot think of much to troubleshoot. Is it ok if I just finish it off quickly and perhaps update it at a later stage? I just want this bitch in the shop already!!!!

PS: I added a few more morphs to the pussy prop...

EDIT: what I actually meant was that I just couldn't think of that much for the troubleshooting. For the rest the manual is shaping to be quite adequate IMO. I think I can submit wither tomorrow or the day after. The reason why I'm taking so long is also because of the thunderstorms we're getting here. I don't wanna loose my equipment (or Lali's Bits for that matter). Tomorrow might be more thunderstorms... :P

here are some of the renders for the product preview and manual. What you see there is like 3% of what's possible... (is that correct Texboy?)

Some pussy examples:

Penetration examples:

Additional face morphs:

DP example:


Injected examples:

General examples:

Bend over examples:

Bend over penetration examples:

Bending examples (plus the zillions of renders on Renderotica)

Mesh examples:
note the hip made invisible, showing the pussy prop.
All automatically connected and pre-programmed, bending, opening, and all adjustment features very easily accessible!

Friday, 8 February 2013

Near-death, but survived... with honours

Don't worry its ok, but I had a major fright yesterday when I was doing the manual when suddenly I discovered that somehow major fuck up had found its way into Lali's bits, despite the fact that the injection went smoothly. I managed to solve it, but it took a piece of my soul with it. I was like: when in christ's name will it ever end?? But I managed.

Get this: the python and injection load nicely, it works smoothly 100%, enough to blow a wad of cum all over your computer. Now you save it in Poser. Then you open the SAME file... presto: all the groups mashed up, and a big fucking ridge in her ass... How the hell did that happen? It didn't matter with or without binaries, clearing the cache or what. Its amazing that in that application it shows you perfection, but only upon saving it, it suddenly decides that something's wrong with it. Astounding!! Pro my ass!

Needed to go through the whole god-damn bitch of a shitty motherfucking piece of steaming fly-covered crap pz2 code to find where the errors were. Then I had to remove all the channels and manually prepare them for an ExP type injection.


but it works again!! And quite nicely too. 

The whole system can be started from the character library, you don't have to bother with looking for the python code. So if you're a cluts, then you're in luck. 

Another bonus of this method that we're using, is that it is thereby half prepared for the DAZ users. But as a DAZ user you don't really have to wait if you also have a copy of Poser (7-9 or Pro 10 or 12). You run the show in there and then save it without binaries. I will include that in the manual.

Supro, the man from intrigue3d.com managed to do that and he says it works nicely. He even posted some pics of it on his site, and on affect3D.

So we're nearing the fucking end!!!! AAAH!! :D
Ok now I'm going to slip into a coma for a couple of hours

PS: thanks for all the hilarious entries for the slogan. I think we've got quite a few good ones. We might have to vote on it. Perhaps a poll? hehe

Thursday, 7 February 2013

Prepare your Vicky... but first help me with a slogan

Getting positive results from testers which means that it's almost off to the Q&A at Renderotica. In the meanwhile I'm doing the manual and the promos. I need a slogan!

So gimme some ideas!

Lali's Bits
:: Vicky's Ass Rectified?
:: V4's ass anatomified?
:: V4 gets Lali's ass?
:: An advancement in the horror called V4's ass?
:: One small step for Vicky, one giant leap for perverts?
:: Giving your V4 an ass worth slapping?
:: V4 the way she should have been?
:: Proper anatomy finally graces Victoria 4?
:: Finally V4 can get fucked properly?
:: Michael finally has something to stick his dick into?
:: Making screen and keyboard manufacturers happy?
:: Capacity has a new meaning now?


Saturday, 2 February 2013

Update... :)

I don't know if I DARE announce this because before you know it, some strange bug is going to shove its dick up my ass yet again but here goes:

Ken managed to program it and now its working for Poser 7 too :D

We're just trying to get it to work for any V4 possible, and not just the standard V4. And the DAZ version will probably also work with this idea, it just requires different morph sources (not PMD). Ken is programming it all in python. Light a candle for the man.

Holy crap I can't wait to release this thing and get it overwith. At least now we know how to fucking do it.

EDIT: yep the scripts are working! Poser 8 is now in business (therefore probably also Poser 7, needs to be checked) . DAZ users one step closer, but Poser version will be released first. The DAZ injection needs to go through the ExP method (failed on us for some reason, so we have to manually do it).

You'll be able to choose between the normal version (if you're completely updated) or a python version that allows the older Poser versions to do the same. Besides that, you can also choose to prepare your standard V4, or some customized V4 you have saved in the library.

There's a small chance we'll have to release it with a small (but avoidable) bug because we cannot seem to solve it. You have to select some random bodypart and not the body, otherwise the dials will be injected randomly... yeah weird huh? We believe its a Poser bug. As always, stay updated!!!

This all will be set in stone and confirmed in a new post. Hold your horses for a bit more.