Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Last Minute Suggestions NOW!!!!

Lali's Bits is a wrap. I have the Version 1.0 zip file right here. Just making some corrections to the manual and last minute promo stuff. I'm going to send it TODAY!!

Even though it seems to be working on several computers, I am scared shitless. In the last two months I have lost a lot of confidence in the abilities of Poser, but despite that, it seems to be holding out fine now. Even though it works on shitty Poser versions, I do recommend that you update the living shit out of your Poser edition!!!!!

PRICE: I discussed it with some folks and they recommended around $20 - $22. 

I don't think I will change my mind on it, but if you find this is a little too steep, then complain now and back up your complaint. Please remember that I spent a year developing this, and that you're buying a package that contains:

  1. automatically controlled bending movements for 
    • Thighs (forwards, backwards, sideways, intermediate) 
    • Knees 
    • Arms 
  2. a zillion adjustments and morphs 
    • The pussy 
    • Ass / anus 
    • Face 
    • Boobs 
  3. Pussy prop (controlled by the JCMs) with a lot of morphs too 
  4. Have a look at the images in this post
  5. texture template 
  6. Elaborate manual to get you going 
  7. You will be able to download the manual for free and you can see in there if its it worth that price
Its made my life easy, and as far as I can tell, it has made the work of the testers also fun.

SLOGAN: Guys help!!!! Which one will it be?

  1. Lali's Bits: turning your bubbles into cheeks
  2. Lali's Bits: The Grand Opening
  3. Lali's Bit: Changing The Game, One Fuck at a time
  4. Lali's Bits: You'll love her to Bits
  5. Lali's Bits: V4 finds her 'Erogenesis Zone'
  6. Lali's Bits: V4 Rebootied!
  7. Lali's Bits: Everything You Wanted in V4 and more!
  8. Lali's Bits: Making your V4 do what Lali can do
  9. Lali's Bits: Now the fun begins
  10. Lali's Bits: A New Standard For V4 Genitals
  11. Lali's Bits: V4's best ultimate updgrade ever!
  12. Lali's Bits: V4 the way God intended
  13. Lali's Bits: V4 the way she should have been


  1. #6 Of course, because it's funny to me and it's my suggestion, so there is a bit of bias.

  2. $20 - $22 seems reasonable to me.

    Lali's Bits: V4 finds her 'Erogenesis Zone', sounds good.

  3. I'd go for #13 because no truer words were ever spoken.

  4. that´s a small price for such a great work.....

    and my favorite is ...... Nr.5 "Lali's Bits: V4 finds her 'Erogenesis Zone' "

  5. price is ok
    i choose this one 2 its the best one Lali's Bits: V4 finds her 'Erogenesis Zone'

  6. I vote for #5, lad, even tho it's not mine; "Erogenesis zone" has a nice ring to it! And the price is right, considering the blood/sweat/tears involved. Onward and upward; three cheers for Lali, lads! Hip hip....

  7. thank ya'll!

    four for #5... one more hour till lift off if you change your mind :)

    10, 9, 8...

  8. I think it's a great price.....(especially since it's like a gift that will keep giving). The butt shaping/ correction morph is worth the price alone! # 5 was mine..... :D.....don't know if I can pick it :? .....but much thanks to those that did. (If you do go with it, maybe Lali can give 'moog'/ 'moogley'/ 'moogster' a big, wet kiss! ;)
    Can't wait to purchase Lali's Bits!!!!!!!!!

  9. Can't wait to lalify v4 :3 and the price is indeed very fair of you considering what's covered!

  10. Down here!! Thanks for all the comments fellas!

    I've uploaded the zip and just making sure my blurb is helpful. I feel I've left out a thing or two in the manual cuz of all the hurry and stress, but I'm not going to let it delay me even more, I'll just have it updated later on :)

    I will update my Lali Bits page tomorrow some time.

  11. Any update on Daz3d support?

    1. we used DAZ methods to get this to work, so the DAZ version is not that far off. We just need to convert the PMD to a zillion CR2s :)

  12. Yessssssss! You're the man Ero! Price is completely fair

  13. Replies
    1. submitted :) now going for QA
      no idea how long it will take!!!!

  14. That price is.... wow. Probably a bit too low, but I ain't gonna complain.

    And I'd say #10. Cuz confidence sells.

  15. Typical beautiful women ... always have to wait for it ...... :)


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