Saturday, 16 February 2013

time for some zzz

if there are any questions, I'll answer the tomorrow. Its bedtime down here in Africa.

I'm going to check for a solution to the cross-talk issue with multiple figures that someone is having.

Plus DAZ seems to be behaving funny. The DAZ user reported a fail while it seems to work fine in mine and @ Rotica [edit] found the problem, long story, channels, not initialized, my bad. Getting confirmation tonight.



  1. Congrats on the release, just finished reading the manual. Haven't had a chance to play yet.

    Regarding the walls overlapping issue, sometime in the future after you've had a chance to relax I hope you can figure out a solution for that. Might have to resort to a transmap.

    What I had in mind was a transparent object like a glass dildo or perhaps some kind of tentacle. Maybe a good sized "gape".

    It's a shame we can't just subdivide V4's hip where needed without breaking things. Need more Polygons.

    1. I made this system initially for myself, just to make things prettier and easier, and I'm quite happy with how it works. Personally I regard the overlapping issue so minor with respect to the ease of work it offers me. Sure, it would be perfect if that was 100% accurate but that will be for Lali's Bits v2, if at all possible with a prop?? To get it that accurate I would have to make programmed parameters every 5 degrees, bent and sideways, and that would be a little over the top. If I ever get to working on a version 2 I'd work with more iterations in the morphs themselves. So instead of just two morphs for bending, I'd have four or five, including the sideways movements. And for every morphs there'd be a 'vagina open' counterpart, which replaces the JCM.Like with this, I'd use a cylinder to match the shapes. That would probably be even more accurate. But 100%will be inpossible unless you have, like you say, more polygons down there. But for now, it works for me just fine.

      I am playing with this idea of conforming 'pants' with a hi-poly count, but trans-maps generally give all kinds of crap and seams, extra AO shadows etc. This looks more organic, and is just much much more simpler. So I'm thinking of making something without trans maps.

    2. thanks btw, just woke up hehehe

      *rubs eyes, stretches

    3. Sorry if I came off seeming ungrateful.

      I am a happy camper, Lali's bits are a pleasure to work with so far, you thought of some many things and all of the headaches I had working with other products don't exist here.

      It's so easy it's like slicing through butter. (as opposed to smashing your head against a brick wall)

      Only other thought would be an add-on prop for the anus(not sure), instead of using V4's geometry, then you could push V4's geo out of the way more.

      But like I said, I'm not unsatisfied at all, I just can't help but keep thinking about stuff even though this is so far ahead of everything else I've used. I do that with everything.

      Interested in hearing about what you'll do next, that is after you've had a vacation from troubleshooting headaches.

      The pants idea sounds interesting. Maybe something where you'd end up with the original hip invisible, but I imagine that would bring seam bending and texture issues. Then there's always Genesis, but that's a headache for another day or year I imagine.

      Anyhow, Thanks for the Incredible product, it was well worth the money.

    4. haha no worries my good man (or lady?) sorry if I came across grumpy. With all the emails I'm answering now I have a tendency to just blurt things out.

      I'm very glad you (and a lot of other people) are happy with it! Quite a relief compared to the nonsense I had to deal with in making the injection. I hope that will go smoother with future releases!!

      You won't believe the ideas I'm coming up with with some people out there. Any idea's are welcome. But at the end of the day it would have to be practical and not overly ambitious. Lali's Bits was the result of such thinking, make it look good, but attainable in a ewasonable amount of time.

      The anus, hehe yeah. The primary reason why the anus is like 152,903 morphs behind on the vagina is because I'm not very much into anal, hihi! But I'm thinking of a solution for that in my next project (whenever the fuck that might be).

      Troubleshooting-wise I cannot complain. I've only got one customer reporting in with issues and I feel bad for her. It has to do with cross-talking across multiple figures. So I'm busy dissecting her whole V4 and runtime finding the issue. Might just be her preferences in the end, we'll see. If anyone out there knows anything, let me know!!!

      The pants idea would be similar to the prop now, but I scrapped it already because I've got a way better idea.


  2. Holy shit this is SO FUCKING GOOD!!!! Easily the best Poser product I've ever bought. Except now I'm going to have to update all of my characters. Damn your eyes sir! DAMN THEM!!!

    Something to think about including in the next version - auto-fixes for popular character morphs - Aiko, Girl, Elite, Alice, etc. (Or are they already there and I'm just doing something horribly wrong?)

  3. hehehehe thank you!!!! I'm very very glad you're happy with it.
    I would strongly STRONGLY recommend using the python method for preparing your V4s. The regular method is too tricky for my tastes. All my V4s work nicely with it now.

    As for Aiko and that, I'm thinking of providing an update later on, but I first wanna make sure everyone's settled in and happy. For now you can just do some vertical adjustment somewhere in Pussies > Action > Quick Fixes > 'Move in Y axis' (could be off with the names here).

    Aiko for example changes a bit in that area so you might want to adjust the scale and the 'sides' etc, or play with "Pussy Up" or "Rotate Up" or something along those lines. Whatever you prefer :)

    Most importantly, have fun!

    thanks once again!!!


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