Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Not so Gordian after all

Good news and bad news:

Good news: I found out what the problem is!
Bad news: I found out what the problem is!

hehe. It seems, and I could be wrong, as usual with these mysterious applications, that DAZ doesn't add ERC codes on the fly, unlike Poser (due to a debug message right at the line of the first master parameter coding during the injection). So I'm going to have to make some kind of script, similar to the python job Ken and I did for the older Poser versions, but not only add groups and channels, but now also ERC coding to the V4... O.o ... with DAZ scripting. Now I've seen that DAZ scripting isn't entirely documented, but I hope that was an old post, cuz otherwise ken and I are in trouble... and you. In any case, people, this might take a while... :(

Other option is to still try the ExP System. But there is a bug that doesn't explain itself, and DAZ users will be limited to a new V4.

Thank you for all your tips and comments and help. Keep ya'll posted!


  1. I hope you get there mate! I'm in the process of using the Bits in a way I hope you'll find amusing. In the meantime, DO try to get some sleep from time to time will you? :)

    1. sleep? what, is, sleep? *stares at screen with bloodshot eyes...

  2. The doc set for DazScript is actually in quite good shape. I've been using it pretty extensively for some time now and only rarely run in to inconsistencies between docs and the actual API.

    If you run in to questions it is well worth posting on the Daz forums. Generally speaking you'll get a response from their dev team very quickly. Beyond that I'm very familiar with DazScript and would be happy to offer some guidance or lend a hand. Injecting ERCs via DazScript is very straightforward.

    1. thanks for emailing me! I just sent you one back.

      Just for the record over here, once we have a working version, I'll try to tell people what we did so that more people can learn.


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