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I am a CGI* artist that used to live in Malawi and have now moved to the UK. I specialize in Erotic Adventure or Fantasy CGI Comics, ranging from mild to explicit erotica. I did a bunch of other things before I did comics. I am officially a geologist, C# .NET software developer, I record and compose music, I've recently finished writing two books and I did a bunch of wildlife photography and anti-poaching back in 2010-2011. I started making comics beginning of 2012 purely by chance. In the process I developed Lali's Bits for DAZ's Victoria 4 figure in 2013, and recently released a new Poser figure called Project Evolution. Both are for sale at CGbytes/Renderotica. More info can be found in the FAQ. For my comics I developed a separate proprietary figure called the Erogirl.

*Computer Generated Imagery
** 'Project E' is a working title



My comics mainly revolve around a character called Lali, who is based on a real girl I know. Her personality was so much fun, and also incredibly naughty and cheeky, that I needed to capture it in a comic somehow. That is how Lali was born. Aside from that, Lali was also created as a kind of parody of the prevailing super-heroine image, of tight-bodied catwalk vixens that could dual-wield the most powerful handguns as if they were water pistols, and therefore Lali became a short, pudgy little brat with realistic and professional firearms training and skills. Lali has since then featured in several comics, alongside her sister and friends, and also developed quite a reputation online with many free series posted first on Art of Darkness, and then on Deviant Art.


Similar to Lali, Sen is also a character created as a response to another prevailing image of female fantasy characters, namely that of the scantily clad warrior babe. Sen is a more hardcore take of what I would envision a naked female barbarian warrior would look like: crazy, savage, and freaking dangerous. I mean you have to be a little bit crazy to wield a sword in your bare ass, right?

Unfortunately Sen has not yet been featured in a comic yet, but there is one in production at this moment!



So far I have created several comics that are all for sale at Renderotica. My creative output has been a bit slow of late, primarily due to the development of a Poser figure. Thankfully that is now done so I am now on the way to resume comic-production in full force.



I prefer to use the label CGe since I consider my work to have a more nuanced style of erotica than just flat out sex from start to finish. So is CGI Erotica pornography? Maybe, that's up to you to decide. For me, some of it is definitely pornography, like a lot of the works labelled as 3DX, but there's also a lot of 'CGI Erotica' going around with varying degrees of eroticism. Pornography in my opinion is entirely focused on the sex scenes and little to no storyline or character building. There are many artists out there that focus more on the shapes, lighting, composition, or storyline and characters. I try to combine both, sometimes even using the sexy scenes to build a character. Don't get me wrong, I love my daily / weekly dose of mindless porn just as much as the next guy, but if I have to spend 2-3 months working on a comic, I want to show more than just people fucking 200 pages long. Besides, I think for my regular Adventure comics, I might take a small step back from the elaborate erotica scenes and keep them brief, still sexy off course, but rather get on with the story. Lali Lites will be for crazy in-your-face sex.

The comics I make are about a young woman called Lali who has a strong desire to get involved in the black operations of the intelligence bureau she's working for. Along the way she exploits her seductive powers to achieve her goals, from university to the field operations. Aside from the moral objections one might have to such behaviour, Lali is a character on a mission, and the sex is part of who she is.

Styles, genres and trends

I think the CGI Erotica (CGe) and 3DX labels still need more clarification, and perhaps more sub-categories to go with it. There are a few trends dominating the scene now, some good, some shite, some progressive, some minimal, some old-school, some technology-based, some figure-based, some that might as well be religions and have strict codes and rules, others that are a little more relaxed, and yet others that overlap into other media forms. There are some genres that can be spotted, like glamour, adventure, horror, mythical, minimal, fantasy and sci-fi, funk, comedy even...

My style

I tend towards Erotic Adventure / Fantasy / Comedy. Concerning the sex scenes, I admit I am very vanilla, albeit extreme / explicit vanilla. I generally do normal heterosexual stuff, but I also like girl-on-girl stuff. I love experimenting with positions. If you don't know what vanilla means, it basically means old-fashioned normal every-day VAGINAL sex, and not weird stuff like anal, DP, futa, BDSM, torture, humiliation, rape and lord knows what else. There are many other good artists that specialize in that. I'll never say never, but its very unlikely I'll ever do any of it, with perhaps an exception of light BDSM or maaaaaybe anal (like in 'The Route')... but that will be more comedy than anything... 

Why? Dunno, just doesn't interest me. But I suppose you could say that I feel that fantasies rooted in relatable everyday life are more immersive, believable, and therefore more erotic.

Now, there might be some that would wonder what the point is of being called 'erogenesis' if I don't explore all avenues of erotica? Believe it or not I do get those questions, as if erotica is a formula, a set of rules dictated by the god of sex. Well, no! I don't consider all those weird things avenues of erotica; they're more like optional side-streets for when the main route is not enough. For me eroticism is the intensity of the anticipation of sex, where the interaction between two or more characters, or basically the flirting, generates desire, lust and opportunities for a sexual encounter. During the sexual encounter there are also many forces at play between men and women, like maybe the man being a symbol of power and strength and the woman a symbol of seduction and beauty, for example. IMHO, that is rarely explored properly in 3DX. Eroticism for me is not the tools and the method, like BDSM or anal; that's for when sex is already happening. And its not so strange; many erotica / porno movies and stories keep it natural. 

Peril / Adventure

'Peril' is something I'll probably do a fair bit of, because it would not make sense that Lali would work for an intelligence agency without ever getting into 'a spot of trouble'. But it won't be for the sake of catering for peril fetishes, but rather for the sake of the story. So basically you could expect an erotic Tintin, an erotic adventure with some thrilling moments...

And along those lines I came up with a term called 'pre-con' as opposed to 'non-con'. I won't go into too much detail about that, but it basically means that the main character knows beforehand about possible trouble along the way, and proceeds anyway.


Monster sex seems to be mainstream nowadays in 3DX and I admit I am fascinated by the genre. It still needs to grow on me and I need to figure out a way to do it so that I'm comfortable with it. With 'monsters' you could think of trolls, goblins, dragons, zombies, werewolves or vampires... or whatever has an acceptable size schlong... ahem...


My Name

The name EROGENESIS was made up around November 2010, when I just began taking Poser art seriously. Back then I knew next to nothing about DAZ or their Genesis figure (did it even exist back then?) so the name Erogenesis has nothing to do with the DAZ figure called Genesis. Concerning the Genesis figure, I haven't worked with Genesis yet, and not even sure if I ever will. I'm quite happy with V4 and what I can get her to do. I do have plans regarding the shortcomings of V4, in the form of Project E. I think its better to take the natural evolution of biological species as an example and evolve a certain figure rather than constantly making new figures that hardly differ. I haven't heard about the Homo Sapiens v2.0, have you?

About the technology:

What is 3DX / CGI Erotica?

3DX, CGI Erotica, or any type of CGI -based art, is relatively new. I think it is still trying to figure out what it is, currently. Hollywood uses it a lot in its movies, and Pixar has perfected the use of CGI for entire feature-length movies. For artists that cannot afford entire teams of modelers, render farms and mega-software packages, there are cheaper alternatives such as Poser and DAZ Studio that were designed to manipulate pre-existing 3D content in a studio-type environment. Poser, more specifically, revolves around computer-based figures that move and morph like real people do, and this all happens in a virtual 3D stage inside of Poser. There are other software packages that get used, like DAZ Studio and Cinema4D and Vue, but Poser and DAZ Studio are more specialized for this type of art. 

You can see Poser as a movie set, with actors, props, lighting and the cameras to make pictures of them, or film them. The 'making picture' part is called rendering, where the software calculates how the light falls and reflects on the surfaces in the scene, with respect to the camera, essentially simulating real photography.

The label 3DX has been around for a while, but the label 'CGI Erotica' or CGe was made up by me. 

The 'Poser Artist'

Artists that use Poser are often called 'Poser Artists', and it often has a negative association with it. This is because CGI and 3D art has its roots in a generation of artists that made entire scenes from scratch, whereas Poser Artists have the luxury of using pre-manufactured scenes and scene elements and can skip all the rigging and texturing and modeling phases and get directly to the fun part. Thus it was seen as 'cheating' if you just used prefabricated elements in your pictures.

But rather than torturing myself with some desire for prestige in making everything from scratch, which I was initially guilty of, I decided to take the middle route: I treat Poser Art like photography. When we make photos of people or object, did we paint the person from scratch? Did we reconstruct the landscape tree-by-tree? No, we observe, see an opportunity, point and click... and therein lies the revelation that Poser Art can be considered an art by itself. 

Off course this doesn't mean that we must just render every single angle of some downloadable model of the Mona Lisa and get away with calling it art. I make rules for myself: things like clothing I'm ok with leaving as it is, since real people also buy their clothes from the same store and don't make them from scratch. But unique things like buildings or the actual shape of someone's body, face or smile, or their expressions or body language, that I will do myself entirely. 

So the basic rules for art still applies. Make an effort, express, be unique, reach out, captivate... and trust me, replicated DAZ catalog art generally doesn't captivate! 

So, for some people 'Poser Art' sounds simple... but like I hinted above, there's much more to it than just pulling around limbs and dials and adding props and environments and then pressing render. You have the almost limitless world of CGI at your fingertips and you can re-create just about anything... and you actually have to know a thing or two about photography and posing humans if you want to be good.

If you are a beginner, you can buy scene content from places like DAZ, Renderotica, Renderosity or Content Paradise and load them into software like Poser or DAZ Studio, apply a pre-defined pose (or if you feel adventurous, move around a limb or two), and then pressing render. Its a way to do it but you're very limited as to what you can show, and it will get boring. Like I said: DAZ catalogs generally don't captivate! Nothing sucks more than seeing a product appear in the store, and consequently seeing it re-appear unedited, exactly like on the product packaging, everywhere in the galleries. That's like suddenly painting all blue paintings because the paint factory just discovered how to make blue paint... 

True CGI, with the inclusion of software like Poser, DAZ Studio or Motionbuilder, is like combining photography with painting: you can create your scenes from scratch, if you want, but you can explore them with the spectating freedom of photography. 

Hobby or work?

If you really want to make believable stuff, make exactly what comes up in your head, then you'll be doing all your poses manually, tweaking everything in the scene that nobody recognizes it, you'll make your own body shapes and discard standard morphs, or you'll probably end up making your own clothes and skins, material effects, props, scenes, lighting effects, camera settings, morphs, shapes, corrections, and do all your poses manually. And if you're really crazy, like me, you'll even end up making your own 3D figure. It all depends how accurately you want to approach that image in your head. By all means, reuse stuff, there's no point in re-inventing the wheel every time, but don't get obviously repetitive. 


There are many great artists out there that you can learn from, some of which have their banners hanging over here on the side of my blog. We all have our expertise, styles, preferences and specialties. I often hear that my specialty is expressions of my characters. In any case, the world of CGI erotic art is a very fun and interesting one. Some people call it 3DX, the 'X' referring to the erotic side of it. The label 3DX has been used since 2006 for CGI-based PC games and bears close resemblance to the XXX3D label seen all around porno sites. IMO the label '3DX' is a little vague. First of all, while the rendered scene is 3D, the final render is not truly 3D anymore. Its a flat 2D image. I think the label will cause confusion with the rising popularity of 3D viewing technology (you know, with 3D glasses), and we all know that you can now see 3D porno with 3D glasses. Secondly, the 'X' part of the label has its roots in pornography, which might not always be applicable, which is where CGI Erotica comes in...


Commissions / requests

Let me get straight to the point, I don't do commissions: I am either too busy, or I just feel awkward making someone pay for their fantasies, or some of the fantasies are too weird for me.

However, I don't mind requests or suggestions for future comics, or one off renders, or a small series of renders, as long as they are fun, and not too crazy or too weird... and if I have time. In between comics I often engage in fun render challenges or render responses over on Art of Darkness. That's a lot of fun.

I use Poser Pro 2014, 3D Studio Max, Photoshop and zBrush. I render most of my images in Poser Pro (Firefly).

This Blog 
On this blog you can keep yourself informed on Lali's Bits, or comics or anything else I'll be doing. This is also the place where you can place comments or suggestions or just compliment the shit out of me :) I have no problem with the latter. 

You can find all my comics and bits for sale over on Renderotica. PayPal is possible, just email Rotica or me.

Above you'll see various pages in the menu bar:

UPDATES - is where the shit goes down. If I have anything new or stupid to announce relating to my work (or other stuff), I'll post it there.

THE GIRLS - info about all my ladies!

LALI - is where you can read up on my main character Lali, gloat at her, jizz over your screen (at your own risk). 

COMICS - is where you'll get info and links on the currently available comics and any future plans concerning comics. 

GALLERIES - my miserable attempt as setting up some galleries for you to check out. Most of my stuff can be found on dA and Renderotica though.

LALI's BITS - is where you'll get info on... well... Lali's Bits, available @ renderotica, you know, Lali's genitals, her ass, penetration abilities etc + troubleshooting

LALI's BITS DS - stuff about the DAZ version of Lali's Bits + troubleshooting

Project E - a page with info about my own 3D figure project.

TIPS & TUTS - new page for me and you to share tips on using Poser (and perhaps DS). Still new.

FAQ - for all of your questions related to Erogenesis' products. If your question is not there, feel free to post it on the FAQ page or contact me through Renderotica.

@ - here you can contact me

Below are a whole whack of banners that you can choose from if you want to help out and link to my page! Thanks in advance!


  1. Looks good, bud! Glad to see you and Lali getting more exposure....

  2. Hello Ero,

    Not sure if you'd know who I am, but I just wanted to touch base with you here on your personal blog and say that I have always been impressed with your work. Your work has helped greatly to push 3D Erotica to new areas and sets the bar for high quality work instead of the old "point, click, render" posts of years ago.

    Although I no longer own Renderotica, I ask that you please continue to push the limits and raise the bar for those within the Community and share your gifts and knowledge with the rest of us!


    Jack D. Kammerer Jr.

    1. thanks so much for your cool response (and off course others here like Tex, Abyss and Kristin)!

      I do what I can and I am very thrilled and humbled to see that I inspire people with the things I do. Needless to say there are a great many artists out there that inspire me in return, and I hope it stays that way! Raising the bar for each other should only be a fun thing to do!

      cheers and thank you very much for stopping by!!!

  3. Yes, I would agree with what JDK says. You are a generous guy with your knowledge! xx

  4. I have just discovered your art. And by art I mean also the awesome knowledge you have developed in terms of morphology (within Poser's world). The simple fact that you share this is a present, thank you so much.

    Besides this, I've hated all the Genesis (v1 & v2) history: good ideas wrongly implemented... the DAZ way :-(
    And when quite a few people started to speak of a new era (ahem...) great hopes until someone decided "no genitals"... well it sounded familiar... :-(

    So that when I read that you're sharing the same feelings about all this: I was happy to say the least.
    Now, I've just bought Lila's bits that will perfectly enhance my Vic4 characters, as they have the necessary perfect morphs to bend correctly (at least better than the original).

    Once again: thank you so much.

    1. Hey Y-Phil, thanks so much for stopping by with some very flattering comments!! And you are most welcome. I hope I can come with better stuff in future!

      Yeah the sexless figures is starting to get a bit old-fashioned. Time for some people to come to terms with 'basic human nature', not so?

  5. Having now read Code 10, The Gentlemen's Club , and Impulse I do prefer the latter format as it fits a widescreen format without having to scroll down to follow the page. I don't how difficult it would be adapt say The Gentlemen's club that to me would lend itself to a widescreen treatment with perhaps added images. Perhaps a job for the future you can advertise as "reimagined"

    Also the detail included is fantastic that I find in the Disco Dragon scenes at the disco, I was studying the background scenes in case something was going on there with the other partygoers that I was missing. It is artwork that has to be revisited again and again.

    1. That's weird I thought I had replied to this! Sorry!

      Thanks for getting the other comics too! :) Yes I do agree that the new format just works way better, and I can also stick it into an old comic format should I ever want to print it.

      I have been playing around with the idea of re-mastering the old comics, perhaps even re-rendering them, but I'd first want to finish up a good batch of comics this year and next year before I think of doing that.

      Hehe yes I designed it so that you need to re-read it a few times before you can find all the little details too :D thanks so much for letting me know that you're enjoying it. Comments like this make it all the more fun! cheers!

  6. Suggestions for future storylines:
    As you have created so many girl characters I have ideas as to adventures they could undertake.

    One could have a sugar daddy expecting something for his money with his friends maybe?.

    A couple of the girls could go to Prague and take part in one of the famous parties, a chance to render condoms on the waiters, and include multi goings on in the background.

    Another one or two could be coerced into film and stage shows. maybe taken by white slavers to Africa and subjected who knows what and be rescued by Lali in her secret agent guise.

    I have avoided all monsters, except the human kind, and scifi. although you could possibly do time travel to meet Caligula or the Marqis de Sade. Rose from the future could do this. she could come back to 2015 and meet you,

    you did request suggestions so I hope you do not mind?

    best regards

    1. Nice :D you have touched upon quite a few concepts I've already been playing with, the sugar daddy thing, and film, and Time-Travel, except not with a machine in the classical sense. I won't give away too much, but yeah, some of these girls will get involved with Lali's Black Desk adventures. Cheers man :)


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