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Wednesday, 31 December 2014

Pock Series Links

Hey Guys, 

The Pock series over at Art of Darkness is almost over, and then its 2015 which will hopefully be a year of many Lali comics! For those that are looking for the series (which is entirely free I might add) go to Art of Darkness either directly to the start of the series, the start of the entire thread (its fun!), or through their Main Gallery so that you can also see the works of the other artists over there (also highly recommended). Mind you, be warned, Art of Darkness does contain some very VERY explicit adult stuff, so make sure yer kids are either at grandma's or locked up in their rooms when you visit the site.

For those of you that don't know, Pock Suppet is the 'mascot' Sock Puppet of Art of Darkness and incidentally the most well-behaved member of Art of Darkness, often attempting to purify and cleanse AoD and its members of the depraved art that we post there. It titillates and/or confuses the hell out of the poor guy. Pock started travelling around the world, probably on a soul-searching mission to deal with the things he's had to endure on Art of Darkness. He came from America, went past europe and is now kidnapped in Africa by the falafelists. Lali is currently busy rescuing him, but it will be a challenge, because the falafelists have converted him!

In the series you'll meet a few new characters like Chief of Police Castor Banga, Lali's supplier of weapons and equipment Ishmail Hassan, off course her uncle Errol Jamises (get it? ;) ) that you've seen before in the comic 'Impulse', salesman and Right hand man of the Emir Iqbal Bin Aziz, who will appear in Lali's future comics a few times, and a few other characters that you won't forget easily haha!

Friday, 12 December 2014

Poser Update, fresh ladies, videos, and my mojo!

Hey peeps! 

First off, before I forget, the Lali's Bits update for POSER is out, or rather it has been out for weeks but I've been all over the place lately I forgot to announce it! Lol, there was a time that I would press F5 the whole day checking on my products but now I spend more time trying to F5 my brain! So anyway, go to Renderotica with an ordernumber of date or email or some piece of data that proves you bought the thing and download the update!

By the way, the product update is the file called LalisBitsBonus-V4WMPoser2014only.zip, on Renderotica. Its not a separate version, its mostly just options for your Lali's Bits copy.

The update mainly has options. I re-mapped the vagina prop and provided new textures and materials for it (better than the original set). For those of you that don't know what mapping is, its like when you unwrap a present, you can see what part of the wrapper covered what surface. The original 'wrapper' was a little lousy and not covering the mesh details properly. The new 'wrapper' does that much better. And the new materials can only be used with the newly 'wrapped' prop. (Just a little basic Poser lesson: textures is not the same as materials. Textures are jpegs [or any image format], and materials possess information about how the texture must behave when light hits it.)

There's also a 'transfer figure' that allows you to transfer V4's original joint zones around the hips and thighs to your V4WM so that Lali's Bits works normally. This is not for novice users though! Read the manual carefully before fucking with this.

There are more little things, like a transparency map for V4's torso to show a hole in the body mesh down where the prop intersects the body, so that the vagina is indeed a vagina. There is a new Lali Bits injection with some small improvements like the jaw opening with the mouth opening, and other small things.

Update for DS? I'll have to email Poison about it. It would take a lot more effort for Poison to figure that one out because I have no idea how WM or Triax or fuck knows what works in DS.


Migrating to PE

Anyway, for the rest, I've been converting all my girls to PE gradually, converting their textures manually. Its a slow process, but a fruitful one. Her morphs are getting refined by the day, and I'm very pleased with the results that are coming out. Making Project E was a very good thing...

... but it also ate up a lot more time than I expected, and it nearly drove me into a burn-out, considering everything that I had to deal with to make her work. I am not impressed with the software. I am in fact looking for other software now; not definite, just curious. I do love the software I'm using now, but eesh, sometimes I just wanna set my PC on fire or something. Something more stable, more reliable would be nice... and no not DS lol! Motionbuilder or perhaps even Maya? I just wish, I fucking wish that Pixar would release their software 'Marionette'. I would buy the entire fuck out of it!


Got my mojo workin'

Anyway, its not the end of the world. I've finally got my mojo back and I'm making funny series again over at Art of Darkness and posting loads of Project E tryouts on Deviant Art (btw what's up with their new logo!?). The 'Pock rescue' series is about Art of Darkness' Mascot called Pock Suppet travelling around the world (in an actual envelope!) and he's now here in Africa. But he got kidnapped by Falafelists!! Lali is on the rescue! But like with so many series before it, its great fun, and great practice. 

Improv-rendering is the funnest thing I can recommend anyone to do. Also, the series goes parallel with me setting up scenes, props, characters, making textures, refining Project E, making clothes (and burqas) for future comics. Most of the content of 'the Route', 'the Gentlemen's Club' and 'Impulse' was created in response to some render-battle on Art of Darkness, for example. It's lots of fun and productive at the same time. I've been planning to put all my free series together in a PDF for people to download, I just need to sit down and do it one day!!!



My plans are now to make a bunch of comics. First is definitely Disco Dragon, something I had hoped to have done by now. Then I'll be doing Lali's new Black Desk comic, which will be more of a traditional comic than a 3DX comic, still erotica off course. 

Then I wanna do Sen's first Adventure called 'Initiation'. I'll probably do that in the cinematic style I did Impulse with. That will be a very exciting thing to try out since it will have a way more serious feel to it than the more adventure-comedy style of Lali's stories up until now.

After that I've got a few Lali Lites planned: the Secrets of Professor Brown; one about Mad Lali (the girl with the golden pussy) and xTina meeting Frankencock (a character thought up my my main man and bro Apocalypse, who has already made a few series about Franky on Art of Darkness)...

Then a Pool Party with Hannah the new girl (probably also the other new girls too); the Farmgirls Rachel and xTina visiting their old farmhouse; Laila's laboratory adventures. I am really, REALLY, looking forward to releasing a new comic!



I also recently tried my hand at animating. Aaaaaand what does EROgenesis animate? GUNS off course!! :D What? Animating sex? pff, boooring! Lol no I might start trying erotica out next year if time and processing power allows, also depending on the software and my mocap abilities. We'll see.

Ok that's it for now. Cheers!

PS: I'm currently setting up a page on this blog to link you to all of my free stuff, like free series on Art of Darkness, Deviant Art and Renderotica. I'll also try provide some freebies like simple props etc. I just need to sort out the hosting.

Sunday, 16 November 2014

Project E... and now what?

For your information, all my girls are from now on 'Project E', not V4. I promise I will hold a ceremony for V4 once the time is right.

Project E?

'Project E' (PE) is an entirely new 'Poser Figure', with a new mesh, that can handle V4 content. Poser is software owned and sold by 'Smith Micro'. V4 is 'Victoria 4', a figure developed many years ago by DAZ and has been the flagship of the 3DX scene for almost a decade. Read here wat 3DX is all about. What 'E' stands for will be revealed at a later date (and its not 'erogenesis'). I developed PE this year (2014) for my comics. You will see a lot of 'Lali' associated with PE in renders, but Lali's character (and the other characters) has nothing to do with PE except that I use her to develop the figure's general morphs, her Joint Controlled Morphs (JCMs) and her Weight Mapping (WM). PE is a base figure; Lali and her friends are characters

Here is more info on PE.

Why Project E?

We have a load of figures to choose from these days, but none of them appeal to me. For my comics I need anatomically correct ladies, and not just in the genital department. I'm talking typical woman, fat rolls, folds, subcutaneous fat, dangling stuff, shearing flesh etc etc... None of the existing figures can deliver that without some kind of addon, plugin, injection or adjustment that doesn't even guarantee anything. Besides, they usually don't even have the polycount for it, or the commercial freedom to extend their talents to the software I use. Project E fills all those gaps... well for me at least :D

Now what?

Patience! Making a 3D figure for yourself is fun, but for the market it is a totally different ballgame! Right now she has V4's joint centers and you-know-who will have a lot of fun suing my ass back to the Triassic period if I just release her like that. So for her to have any kind of value for you, we'll need to think of some serious tricks, and I'll need to get some big fish on board (which might actually be feasible!). Besides that, there is a LOT that still needs to happen before I can release her. Currently she's not fit for the market (trust me!). The software I'm using needs a serious update before I can make JCMs that are market-worthy. I can hack it, but customer service will be red-hot like she is now.


Suffer! Like I did making the damn wench! Hihi :D Look, I'll try get it all arranged, but you won't believe what goes into making a figure like this. Ugh. We need to wait until shit gets sorted out on the development side (and I've been hearing very encouraging things from that side!). But the wait is certainly worth it. Even with the version I have now, things are fucking awesome!

That's it for now guys!


Saturday, 15 November 2014

WTF? - "Shirtgate"

Comet probe scientist embroiled sexism row shirt featuring scantily clad women

You can land your probe on us, Matt Taylor!
PS: thank you for your amazing contribution to science!

Seriously. What the entire fuck is up with some of these guys? Don't they have anything better to moan about? 

While I was working on project E (which is basically an altar of womanhood), I spent the last few days with my jaw on the floor because they just landed a tiny-ass probe on a COMET MILLIONS OF MILES AWAY after 10 years of waiting... but now they're moaning about half-nekkid women on a shirt of a guy that helped put the probe there!!! Seriously? Aaaahhh!!! The stupidity! How is that important? How is that at all insulting? Don't they have eyes? Go to the bookstore, just any bookstore, and open a women's magazine: FULL of half naked women in designer crap!!! Anorexic women even!! And that is ok? That makes women feel welcome?

Granted, it is a butt ugly shirt (lol), and its might not have been the best choice for this occasion, but jeez, who gives a damn what you wear when you have just landed a probe on a rock the size of Madrid 300 MILLION miles away? Did anyone notice the Cannibal Corpse tshirt he was wearing when he got a tattoo of the Rosetta Project? What, is he a cannibal now? Guys, for everything he and his colleagues have done for science, they can wear ANY kind of t-shirt they want!!!  Hell, he deserves to have half naked super sexy women AND men hanging off his arms as he stands there talking about the Rosetta project (and I know a few respectable self-made ladies that would gladly make his day like that). I'd actually happily wear that shirt to a scientific seminar (and I've done scientific seminars thank you very much). Its actually a complement to women, I mean they're gun-toting women, showing off their gorgeous bodies like so many women happily do! How women-empowering can you get? 

Man, what a waste of media. And the poor bastard even apologized for it, in tears, because it was suppose d to be the best day of his life. If there is anyone that needs to apologize it is those idiot moral crusaders that started this all. Seriously, I hope those people shut the fuck up and get a probe landed twice upside their ass, with harpoons! Let the poor dude get on with making this giant leap for mankind that those idiots are unfortunately also a part of. 

And thank you Tim Stanley from the Telegraph for putting things straight!

This one is even better by Milo Yiannopoulos.

Tuesday, 4 November 2014

Project E prototype - and I have my life back!

Pff, after weeks and weeks of struggling with Project E I finally managed to find a workaround to my problems. It was my old method I used with Lali's Bits and even though it takes longer, it works wonders. The software update wasn't what I hoped for so I had two choices: stop and wait until the software gets sorted out, or find a workaround and carry on. I almost gave up but I chose to barge on with my old methods because I NEED PROJECT E!!!! So from now on, Lali will be PE! She did show up in renders every now and then as a different character, but her JCMs were all fucked up. Now, its been sorted and we're in business!!!! Still much refining to be done, but at least the foundations have been set. I can make comics again!

Below you can see the girl in action! 

PS: the bits WM update was delayed because of this. Getting on that now! Sorry

Sunday, 26 October 2014

Black Desk, Sen, and helping out a brother

Hey guys! Sorry for being quiet. But quiet means a good thing because that means I am busy, which I am. Since I got hold of my new rigs I've re-designed my workflow a bit and I'm doing a whole bunch of things at the same time. Its fun work but over here its the height of the hot season and I'm sweating like a horse! Heat slows me down!


On the side of comics I have designed and setup several locations for future comics, in particular the 3rd Lali Lite: Disco Dragon, the next 'Black Desk' comic and the first 'Adventures of Sen'. I have a lot to think about, namely in what format I wanna carry on. As some of you will remember my recent comic Lali Lite 2: Impulse had a rather unique format and it got a lot of positive feedback, however, I still feel very warmly for the old-fashioned comic book style. I might do comic book for the 'Black Desk' series and Cinematic for the Lites and Adventures of Sen. The reason for that is that I've had a few people suggest that I actually start printing comics, so it might be worth thinking ahead. And since the Lites are more for 3DX (which is a highly specialized type of entertainment), I think the cinematic approach is better because I doubt that will ever get printed out. I still need to think about it though.

Speaking of 'Black Desk' comics, I've decided to step up the pace. Its been almost 2 years since the last 'Black Desk' story and a lot of people are very curious now! So I'm gonna stoop Lali into action a.s.a.p and the Disco Dragon will be the last Lite for some time... although I'm kindof hoping that my new rigs will speed things up a bit, and maybe allow me to make more comics than I usually make per year. 

'The Adventures of Sen' series, which have yet to be kicked off, will be quite a big experiment. For now you guys have known me to be more of comedy-adventure but this will probably get quite rough, and a little less comedy. Exactly how rough it will get depends on how well I can deal with having it on my conscious haha. I've learned a LOT about erotica these last few years and I cannot say I am entirely comfortable with some of the things I've come across, but at the same time I slowly familiarizing myself with its meaning, and how to play around with it. I just hope I can get away with it. The same actually applies to Lali's more serious adventures. We'll see, we'll see...

Project E

The other thing I'm doing is off course Project E. Since the blessed update of the software I have a green light to carry on developing. I'm very excited because PE will now be fucking awesome! But to do that I really need to get into the mind-set of coding, morphs, programming, and thinking 5 years into the future and 10 steps ahead of what I want and what other people want. Quite daunting to say the least. This week I should get started again!

Then there's our man Metatechnocrat, fellow digital artist and big fan of 3DX, who is in trouble and needs our help. Meta unfortunately narrowly escaped death in 2012, he's now stuck in a wheelchair and basically to make a long story short, he is doomed to get shipped off to a nursing home in a month's time. That would mean the end of his digital arts career. I post this on my blog because the man is so strongly positive, full of energy, smart and deserves a chance... and he reminds me of me. I had cancer when I was a baby (I've only told a few people this), and I know that if people hadn't done what they did to make me survive, there would be no Lali today! So if you have a few bucks to spare, or if you know someone that can help, or even a facebook page where you can spread some news, please do! You can find him here:


his work you can find here

cheers peeps!

Thursday, 9 October 2014

Light at the end of a tunnel!

Whoohoo. Project E might be back on track sooner that I expected! Remember those 'software bugs' I've been mentioning earlier? well they seem to be solved, and fucking quick too!! I'm just waiting on the finals on them and then I can see where I can go from there. I'm well excited!!

So just a quick future projection on Project E:

  1. Mesh - done
  2. Rig - done
  3. UV mapping - done
  4. JCMs - can now be done properly
  5. texturing
  6. making essential morphs
  7. trying out in comic
  8. placing PE original head
  9. texture conversion software*
  10. preparing for the store*
Those last two items are vital for the development of PE. Without an ability to convert your V4 textures, PE will be left stranded like most other figures. Preparing for the store is also a BIG fucking hurdle because I wanna make sure I don't piss off any legal entities, I don't wanna mention any names like DAZ for example... lol.

So now about this texture converter. I have experience in C#, and I've got a schematic for setting up the geometry calculations. I can set up a class schema. But I'd rather do something else than program and debug it. Are there any clever buggers out there that wanna make some cash? Full experience with C# preferred, good knowledge of UV mapping and OBJ files essential. If you're into python, that's fine, but you need to be flipping brilliant at it. Email me.

Timeline? ETA? fuck no. These things take time friends, a full figure is no joke. I've never done something like this before, and remembering Lali's Bits, there's always something unforseen to delay the development. So, like I always say, and I maintain: my first priority is comics, but obviously I'll need PE for there comics, just as much as, or perhaps even more than you. So that should guarantee some sense of urgency on my behalf hehe... I'm on your side bothers and sisters!!! :D but be patient! 

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Heat, dust, beer and new machines

After coming back from the mega-dusty festival I ended up with some stupid fucking flu type coughing disease job thing... no not Ebola. Besides the usual 4-day hangovers, all my friends ended up with some stomach bug and my GF got malaria. Typical harvest for a festival in Africa lol. We're all getting better gradually.

So anyway, back in Eroland, loads to do. I need to get that WM update for the bits out. Its been tested and it works. Still need to wrap it up and send it off to Rotica. But I've managed to import and setup my new machines. Man they're a game-changer! Now with all the new RAM and the graphics cards I need to redo my render settings and see what I can squeeze out of them. Its not necessarily that my renders will improve, but hopefully I can work faster now.

BTW have I ever shown you my wall of scribbles? Check the wall on the left in this picture. That's where everything happens. That couch is where I sit and chill and design shit (and where my GF plays her XBox). Then it goes on the wall, and then I work it out on those 500 screens there (which have been reduced to three thanks to the KVM switch!). 

 Anyway, back to work (and replying to my inbox)!!!Oh and btw Lali's getting new hair, not different, but better than her current Kuzaburo adaptation.