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Sunday, 16 November 2014

Project E... and now what?

For your information, all my girls are from now on 'Project E', not V4. I promise I will hold a ceremony for V4 once the time is right.

Project E?

'Project E' (PE) is an entirely new 'Poser Figure', with a new mesh, that can handle V4 content. Poser is software owned and sold by 'Smith Micro'. V4 is 'Victoria 4', a figure developed many years ago by DAZ and has been the flagship of the 3DX scene for almost a decade. Read here wat 3DX is all about. What 'E' stands for will be revealed at a later date (and its not 'erogenesis'). I developed PE this year (2014) for my comics. You will see a lot of 'Lali' associated with PE in renders, but Lali's character (and the other characters) has nothing to do with PE except that I use her to develop the figure's general morphs, her Joint Controlled Morphs (JCMs) and her Weight Mapping (WM). PE is a base figure; Lali and her friends are characters

Here is more info on PE.

Why Project E?

We have a load of figures to choose from these days, but none of them appeal to me. For my comics I need anatomically correct ladies, and not just in the genital department. I'm talking typical woman, fat rolls, folds, subcutaneous fat, dangling stuff, shearing flesh etc etc... None of the existing figures can deliver that without some kind of addon, plugin, injection or adjustment that doesn't even guarantee anything. Besides, they usually don't even have the polycount for it, or the commercial freedom to extend their talents to the software I use. Project E fills all those gaps... well for me at least :D

Now what?

Patience! Making a 3D figure for yourself is fun, but for the market it is a totally different ballgame! Right now she has V4's joint centers and you-know-who will have a lot of fun suing my ass back to the Triassic period if I just release her like that. So for her to have any kind of value for you, we'll need to think of some serious tricks, and I'll need to get some big fish on board (which might actually be feasible!). Besides that, there is a LOT that still needs to happen before I can release her. Currently she's not fit for the market (trust me!). The software I'm using needs a serious update before I can make JCMs that are market-worthy. I can hack it, but customer service will be red-hot like she is now.


Suffer! Like I did making the damn wench! Hihi :D Look, I'll try get it all arranged, but you won't believe what goes into making a figure like this. Ugh. We need to wait until shit gets sorted out on the development side (and I've been hearing very encouraging things from that side!). But the wait is certainly worth it. Even with the version I have now, things are fucking awesome!

That's it for now guys!



  1. I am... speechless. And as you know, that doesn't happen often!

    1. hehehe thanks dude! I hope you've been well!

  2. Again, she looks awesome.
    Will PE work with NBM (Natural Breast Movement)?
    Or will she have these movements on her own?
    This would be a major point on my side for animations.

    1. yo knight. Sorry for the late reply! She'll have her own breast movements but the idea should be that you can transfer V4 morphs to her.... I hope. I can do it at least.

  3. Damn I love that beach image of Lali with the frizzy hair. The smoothness of her muscle/fat tone is absolutely increadible. She really looks more natural than ever.

    The "E" means something other than Ero? Interesting. You marketing whiz, you. Trying to dance around name stealing, I get it, I think. A name's a name, no different to me.
    Since I'm in need of new hardware, I'm in no rush, and after the anxiety levels I provoked, and endured waiting for Lali's Bits I'm in no rush to do that again. I say take your time, do what you've gotta do.

    Now as I see the body image, with no head this has me wondering how you used V4 heads on that? I know Project E will be totally new, but is there a way you could offer the same to users of V4? A way to use old V4 heads on just PE's body? Like an additional package?

    1. yep, E means something else. Its a good one. You'll see :)

      I could try to make a program that copies the V4 data of the head from the original V4 OBJ file (as to avoid DAZ suing my ass), but I'm not sure how eager I would be to sit and program that. We'll see!

  4. The characters look great, and I hope that we all get to add PE to our runtimes soon. But I can hardly wait for the next Lali photoset/story. Has it been since August? Seems like forever! So, I hope we'll be seeing our favorite gun-nut nympho (and her friends) again soon!

    1. hehehe fuck man, me too!!! I an dying to get on with comics. this PE thing is a necessary thing though, and I hope that putting her in the store won't take up too much time. People will need to be petient. I doubt that Utah will produce anything like PE in the near future though... and even if they would, I'd be relieved because its a load off my hands!

  5. Dude... you are a gentleman and a scholar.

  6. Is it my imagination or does Lali bear a strinking resemblance to American actress Christina Ricci?

    1. lol you're the first to compare her to Christina Ricci, but I'd sooner say Laila looks more like Christina Ricci, not? Lali's been compared to that chick from NCIS a lot... Cote de Pablo?


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