Saturday, 15 November 2014

WTF? - "Shirtgate"

Comet probe scientist embroiled sexism row shirt featuring scantily clad women

You can land your probe on us, Matt Taylor!
PS: thank you for your amazing contribution to science!

Seriously. What the entire fuck is up with some of these guys? Don't they have anything better to moan about? 

While I was working on project E (which is basically an altar of womanhood), I spent the last few days with my jaw on the floor because they just landed a tiny-ass probe on a COMET MILLIONS OF MILES AWAY after 10 years of waiting... but now they're moaning about half-nekkid women on a shirt of a guy that helped put the probe there!!! Seriously? Aaaahhh!!! The stupidity! How is that important? How is that at all insulting? Don't they have eyes? Go to the bookstore, just any bookstore, and open a women's magazine: FULL of half naked women in designer crap!!! Anorexic women even!! And that is ok? That makes women feel welcome?

Granted, it is a butt ugly shirt (lol), and its might not have been the best choice for this occasion, but jeez, who gives a damn what you wear when you have just landed a probe on a rock the size of Madrid 300 MILLION miles away? Did anyone notice the Cannibal Corpse tshirt he was wearing when he got a tattoo of the Rosetta Project? What, is he a cannibal now? Guys, for everything he and his colleagues have done for science, they can wear ANY kind of t-shirt they want!!!  Hell, he deserves to have half naked super sexy women AND men hanging off his arms as he stands there talking about the Rosetta project (and I know a few respectable self-made ladies that would gladly make his day like that). I'd actually happily wear that shirt to a scientific seminar (and I've done scientific seminars thank you very much). Its actually a complement to women, I mean they're gun-toting women, showing off their gorgeous bodies like so many women happily do! How women-empowering can you get? 

Man, what a waste of media. And the poor bastard even apologized for it, in tears, because it was suppose d to be the best day of his life. If there is anyone that needs to apologize it is those idiot moral crusaders that started this all. Seriously, I hope those people shut the fuck up and get a probe landed twice upside their ass, with harpoons! Let the poor dude get on with making this giant leap for mankind that those idiots are unfortunately also a part of. 

And thank you Tim Stanley from the Telegraph for putting things straight!

This one is even better by Milo Yiannopoulos.


  1. His shirt is rad. We just live in a fucked up society full of fucked up PC preachers. As you say, a man who accomplishes such a feat should be allowed to wear whatever damn shirt he wants. Nobody told the so-called feminists that they shouldn't wear shirts with prints of half-naked dudes all over them. Actually they should do it! In here, one of our most famous french comedians used to label the rabid-type feminists "not the true feminists. Those with a mustache". I think what set these biatches off is that the babes on the shirt are beautiful, unlike themselves.
    On the Rosetta topic, I would lie to post a link here, to a viedo that really is a thing of beauty.

    1. that is a very inspiring movie huh? And its justified. Such an amazing feat!

      Its so staggering how small minded people just trip over these trivial details and entirely loose focus on the bigger picture. Its people like that who cause world wars and major conflicts and sadness. I wouldn't be surprised that one day I'll be targeted for being 'sexist', because I make 'porno', whilst I am the biggest worshipper of women in the world, and I respect them loads. They entirely forget that to embrace something as natural and as trivial as our sexuality, and the theater that comes along with it, is to embrace our very nature. Sex is the driving force of evolution and anyone that denies that is an imbecile. Erotica, lust and love is as powerful a feeling as finally landing a probe on a comet. Sure, a scientific breakthrough is wonderful and all, but its futile if at the end of the day you cannot go home to your lover and be your natural self with them.

  2. I made seven great discoveries in life: books, cinema, music, 3d art rendering, learning languages and erotica (porn included as a coarser kind of erotica). No wonder I stand where I am today... I'll never understand those morally castrated people who can't just let go and tolerate whatever fun others have. They do, however, remind me of something quite specifc. The Lord of the Dance. It's a short story in the Hellblazer comics. John Constantine meets a spirit in the street, who looks like a very miserable bloke. They chat over a tea. Turns out the guy was once the Lord of the Dance, the divinity of party, fun, sex and getting boozed up. He explained how once upon a time, when winter was getting harsh, folks would always gather in the tavern, have good laughs, sing, dance, drink and fuck a lot, essentially to remind themselves and the whole creation that they were alive, willing to sail forth, full of energy and joy. Then came the monks with their rules, their punishments, their total lack of a sense of fun. It all ended when they came.
    The Lord of the Dance then explains to Constantine that after all, these lots came to cut short people's fun because they were having fun without the monks having their say about it. Because they didn't feel like they owed them obedience.
    I raise my glass to all those who never lost their sense of fun.
    A toast! to the King of the Dance!

  3. Wish I had read this before posting on your dev page, then editing it all down out of guilt.

    This is a touchy issue, and I don't know where it's headed. I hope this public persecution of sorts becomes a dying fad but I know such might only be wishful thinking.

  4. I didn't know about that...
    I can't make a depiction without a point of humor (whatever the type it is) and without an erotic or off-the-wall allusion: because these are the only things which separate us from animals: humor, sex-for-pleasure and...the consciousness.Well, I said consciousness: not uncompromising moral code, huh ?! Lol
    May I wish to "those idiots" - as you friendly called them-, some Rosette (from Lyon) to bounce at the bottom of their assholes as many times as the probe, drilling them, more and more again...


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