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What is 3DX?
A label used as far back as 2006 to denote Computer Generated 3D-based Erotic Imagery. 3D referring to the 3D nature of the imagery, and X referring to the erotic subject matter. 3DX is available in various formats like comics, picture series, and animations, and obtainable through sites like Renderotica and Affect3D. The products are usually computer-based, and not printed.

What is CGe?
CGe is something I've made up in 2015. It almost means the same as 3DX, except I hope it helps to create a little distance from the label of pornography (or exclusively porno). CGe stands for 'Computer Generated Erotica', and is derived from the more commonly used CGI label, which stands for 'Computer Generated Imagery'. In principle, CGI should refer to any image made with the computer, but its more known in association with 3D based animation movies, like Toy Story and Monsters Inc, and the special effects seen in many Hollywood blockbusters like Independence Day or Battleship. CGe attempts to be similar in quality, but the emphasis is more on the erotic side.

Who is Lali?
Lali is a virtual character and the main star of most of my comics. I designed her back in 2012, she's not a morph package (as well as her girlfriends). She was first based on the 3D figure V4 but now has the proprietary 3D figure Erogirl as her base. She is not available for sale.

What is Black Desk?
Black Desk is the covert department of Fox Intelligence Services, where Lali works.

What is a Lali Lite?
A Lali Lite is a separate series of comics with shorter, and/or light-hearted erotic stories, usually taking place in Lali's university years. The first Lali Lite ended up very long since it was an introductory issue. All Lali Lite ended up even longer because I suck at restraining myself. I might rename the series at some point.

Do you make pornography?
Not entirely. Personally, I don't think I do, but it ultimately depends who you ask. For one person, anything with sex in it is porno, regardless of the context; for the other, a movie or comic that only features sex, and no story, is porno. I agree more with the latter, where there is 95%-100% sex, and 5%-0% story, that's pornography. While I do make very explicit images of the sex scenes, the story preceding and following them are far more elaborate than in regular porno, and next to that I spend a lot of time building up believable characters, even during the sex scenes, something that is also fairly rare in porno. So in short, no, I don't feel like I am making porno, but I make Erotica.

Are you going to make mainstream comics?

Although I will probably always make erotic comics, I do hope to one day also make mainstream ones. The market for them is a lot tighter and they get pirated even more from what I've heard. That won't stop me, however.

Do you do other things besides comics?

I sometimes make content for Poser (and sometimes DS). I've written two novels and now I'm working on a third. I haven't published any of them but I think after releasing these comics, I've gained a little more confidence amd might revise and release them soonish. I also compose and record music, and I do have plans to upload some of it! I have like 6 albums worth of it. Check the Project Evolution Demo video for an example song (called 'Like there's always a party in her head.')


Why should I not pirate your comics?

Because it messes with the interaction. The fun thing about my job is that I get to connect almost directly with my fans. My comic characters come to life because of fan's responses, and also it helps me improve my work when I get feedback. Fans have confessed to me, that when they had pirated a comic of mine that they felt guilty and stopped interacting with me. So, piracy actually creates a rift between artist and fan, not just financially. So not only do I need money to pay for new equipment, I need feedback to help improve the comics I provide.

Also, in a world where everything is becoming free, some people might wonder how I could dare ask money for something as futile as comics. The problem is that I am not a big triple A gaming company that can absorb losses and take risks and then manage intricate micro-transactions. I am just one dude rendering non-stop on 4 PCs, that are getting old. 3DX/CGe comics are a specialist commodity, and yeah they're not cheap. And my comics are not regular porn comics, there's actually a story in them.

But then there's the more common arguments: if you like my shit, then send some cash my way. 'If something isn't worth buying, then its also not worth stealing.' Think about it. I would love to give all my stuff away for free (and I do make a LOT of free stuff), but I do need your help to pay for the same things you also need to pay for, like rent and food. I'm just a human like you with cats and a girlfriend. Bills suck, but like you I cannot avoid them. So pls help me by not pirating my shit :D

It can be argued that piracy is free exposure, but because pirates don't have access to back-end analytics apps they cannot possibly know what the effect is of pirating my comics. Any claims they make cannot really be substantiated, and with regards to piracy, neither can I. Piracy simply becomes an ideal you choose to uphold or not. So, just do old-fashioned business and interact with me as a client, and don't hide from me. I make comics for you.

There's also the argument that people are scared of getting shafted, buying comics that end up disappointing, and that people wanna try-before-you buy. THAT I understand. There is a lot of crap out there. However, does this really end up in people actually buying stuff they like? Again, its one of those vague things that cannot really be substantiated with solid analytics. So, rather than pirating them, what about reviewing them? Tell people in all honesty what you think about it, and warn people about crap ones, and promote the good ones. That way you're saving people's cash too.

The there's the Robin Hoods, that want to provide to the people that cannot afford my comics. While that is kinda noble, I already try compensate for this by giving away a lot of shit for free, making my comics as cheap as possible (and I'm going to do a price restructure soon anyway, making them even cheaper, because trust me, I really want people to read them). Providing for the poor is cool and stuff, and I should know because I've lived all my life in a VERY poor country, unfortunately prolonged charity also creates a dependency and less incentive to get up and do something. Read the book 'Dead Aid', and you'll see what I mean. You need to create incentive to want to work at some point if you want to successfully defeat poverty. Incentive like making comics... ;) 

But at the end of the say, while pirates are busy providing my comics to people that cannot afford them, the more successful they are, the more I won't be able to afford making comics for them to steal. 

Just don't pirate my stuff. Cool? Thanks :)



What is Project Evolution (PE, Project E)?

A 3D Poser figure. Moderate resolution, slightly more than V4. New topology, new mesh. Weight Mapped. Loads of JCMs, unique UV maps, integrated gens.

Is PE compatible with V4 content?

Nope. Although it was the plan that it would be, everyone warned me of possible legal issues with DAZ, so I decided against it.

What is PE for?

She was intended to be a replacement for V4 in my comics. She then evolved into a figure that could also work for the Poser community. For you she could be a figure that can be used for more demanding 3D renders that desire detail and realism, mostly in her bending, ease of use, and anatomical detail.

Why was she called Project E first?

Because I wasn't sure if I were to succeed, and I didn't know how long I would take, so I didn't want people to get bored of the name while they waited.

Is Project Evolution a porno figure?

Project Evolution is like a real woman. She has what all women have: curves, breasts, folds, legs, bulges, and yes, genitals. If you want her to be a porno figure, yes, she can be that. But there's more to a woman that just a vagina. Just because she has gens, doesn't mean they need penetrating, right? Don't be scared of her vagina, and don't judge her for having one.

I also consider it an ode to women. All my girls in all my comics have a vagina, even if you don't see it rendered under their clothes, just like all real women in real life. But you won't always see them having sex with it, just like real women in real life. If you don't want to use her genitals, then leave them alone. I just thought it would be fair towards women to finally also provide a 3D female figure with detailed gens like all the male 3D figures seem to enjoy out of the box. Ultimately its up to you, the artist, whether you want to make use of her genitals. I have provided a genital-less version if the gens make you feel uncomfortable. This one is available at Renderosity, as Renderosity does not permit pornographic content.

Why would I want Project Evolution?

Because she bends like a real girl, and all her body morphs are compatible with her bends. She was designed for bending, dancing, yoga, sexy poses. She also has facial handles that actually work in a logical way (and don't totally screw her face up). She comes with many starter characters, and an absolute crapload of morphs to make your own custom characters. The morphs support various ethnicities too, so its not just your standard white girl. She has detailed female genitalia.

Evolution's bending and expressions are directly inspired from working in the field with her sister figure, the Erogirl. I am an erotica artist, which means things get very detailed and fleshy very quick. So trust me, this girl is pretty realistic for a Poser figure.

Supporting content for is primarily focused on dynamic clothing since development of conforming clothing is still a bit of an issue. I am working on that though. For now, you can keep track of content for her here.

Are you going to make content for Evolution?

I was hoping other people would do that, but making content for PE is a bit difficult. This is primarily because of the JCMs. JCMs are morphs that improve the shape of her bends where Weight Maps are unable to. What I will probably still do is make a tool that will help prepare the figure for editing these JCMs, I might release a version with better JCM names (without affecting the compatibility), and the mannequins will be improved. In the end the real work will have to come from Smith Micro, and Poser's Vertrex Data Transfer system is seriously lacking with regards to transferring morphs to highly detailed clothing items.

Have you given up on Project Evolution?

Nope. For the simple reason that I am still making comics using the Erogirl, and I am still improving the Erogirl on a weekly basis. But I will admit I am a little burnt-out with regards to Poser and Poser figures, as I see no end in sight to the endless drama of the Poser figure and a complete lack of unification behind at least one figure, even from SM. I most definitely aimed way too high with PE. SM are not ready for it, or quite simply don't seem to understand what's going on. A serious artist needs to be able to sink their teeth into at least one platform, and this includes figures. Ignoring DAZ's corporate shenanigans, this is what DAZ is getting right, everyone there is squarely behind Genesis. Right now Poser's figure selection is so diluted, and what is worse is that SM seems to not care about any of them in particular. My work would be impossible if I would switch to another figure every year. I think DAZ has figured that one out by now, as their figure iterations are becoming more gradual. I have given up on trying to convince people that WM-only Poser figures are definitely not the future of Poser. So long as Poser rigging does not support flesh compression, we will have to make due with morphs that do that job for us. This has somehow not set in with the Poser elite, as I don't see them standing with torches and pitchforks in front of SM's offices.

So, I am currently focusing more on the entire reason I made Evolution in the first place: comics and storytelling. That might inspire me, remind me, why I started all this in the first place. The foundation has at least been set.

Has Evolution failed?

Its too early to say. Things could change. She is called Evolution after all. If my goal was to make a dent in DAZ's Genesis sales, then yes PE has failed. But that was not my goal. PE had many goals:

  • Prove that Poser can have realistically bending figures - Succeeded.
  • Become the new standard Poser figure - looks like that failed, could still change
  • Inspire Smith Micro to turn up the professional dial - pending...
  • Inspire Poser users, give them hope - partially succeeded
  • Be used in Poser productions - partially succeeded

Would you mind if other people took her over?

I would love it if other people took her and made their own version. That was also one of my goals, to provide a figure that could last, enjoy variants. Same topo. I am sick to death of people constantly re-inventing the wheel, and another Poser figure, and another Poser figure... next year it will be Senorita 1.0, the year after it will be Habibi 1.0... pfff. Guys, if you think you can do better with PE, please go for it. She's yours as long as you cut me in fairly. I have often thought of just making a WM version, and although I am almost principally against the idea, if others think it can work, then go for it. Of course it would be cool if I got a bit of cash for it, but I am not stingy. If you do a tonne of work on it, then gimme a small cut and I am happy.

Evolution in DAZ Studio?

Its a possibility. As of February 2019, I am entertaining the idea more. DS is more of an environment she could flourish in. But I'm not going to make it a priority.

What is the Erogirl? Will you sell her?

The Erogirl is my private comic character I use in my comics. She is a variant of Project Evolution (mesh 4.5) that started development around the time I ran into problems with PE's development in 2016. Since one of the biggest reasons why I started Evolution was because I needed a figure for my comics, I decided to temporarily use an older hybrid mesh (mesh 4)  and hoist it in Evolution's rig (mesh 5) so that I had a comic figure to work with for now. This became the Erogirl (mesh 4.5). 

The idea was that they could swap out clothing at least. The older mesh was very high resolution (110K) and had V4's head welded onto it. However, since this figure was for myself, I had no commercial or legal requirements to contend with and her development went super-fast. Within a week I had a solid base and I could immediately make comics with her. Since then she's taken on a life of her own, gone through almost 150 versions, several new body handles and controls, and is now a super complex Poser figure that hosts well over 40 unique characters (many of which have not been show before). It would not be possible to sell her since she still has bits of V4's geometry in her, mainly in the head. Also, the figure would not be considered suitable for the 3D figure content market, as they require perfectly symmetrical, WM-only, low-resolution dollies for their art. Erogirl is not symmetrical, is chock full of JCMs (like way more than PE), and is a whopping 110K :D

Why do you still use Poser?

I ask myself the same question every month, and there are still many reasons: 1. because it still does the job I need it to do 2. I am very behind with comics, I cannot afford to experiment with a new platform now. After I've produced a satisfying number of comics, I might look further. 3. I know it very very well, built a crazy amount of assets for it, scripts, figures, tools... so I hope I will never have to switch. It would suck. But I might have to.

Would you ever switch to DS?

I don't know for sure. There's always that possibility, but somehow I doubt it. I always keep an eye on DS and its developments, any normal frustrated Poser user would, but coming from a 3dsmax background, I've never liked the design of the application. Also, I don't feel that DS currently offers me any real value over Poser, as I pretty much have my own 'Genesis system'. It would feel like switching to a pimped up version of Poser, but then with some corporate dick up my ass. I don't trust DAZ the company at all. I don't like being forced into things. It is more likely that I would switch to Blender. If I'm switching, I might as well do it properly.

Why did you make gens V4 but not for Genesis?

I am a comic artist first of all, not a content artist. Lali's Bits were made purely out of necessity, not as a store item. Since I was using V4 at the time, she's the one that got the bits. Why not Genesis? Because I don't use her. Why? Aside from some improved bending, she's no real improvement over V4, same old DAZ maps, very low-res, not designed for Poser, and not designed for erotica...

Why make your own figure?

I need a system that works within the workspace I am used to: Poser. Now I use my figures to the absolute max, and then some. I tweak and adjust my figures on a daily basis, constantly improving them in bits and pieces. First it was V4, now it is Erogirl. I need full access to my figures to gain the most from their potential. This is how Lali's Bits were made, constant refining. I could have adopted Genesis, or Antonia or Dawn, but they all had something wrong with them. So I figured, I have the skills, why waste time unfucking other people's figures and just make my own? I have all the power, and I don't have to wait for some addon or change my whole wardrobe because some company feels the urge to make some more money.


(last updated May 2015)

What are Lali's Bits?
Lali's Bits (LSB) is an advancement in the battle for realistic leg bending, and sexual options, for DAZ's sexually shy Victoria 4 figure. Basically, its a system that will make your V4 look very awesome when she has sex, or just spreads her legs. But I repeat, it is an advancement, not a 'make art' button. Although  it will just look fucking awesome 95% of the time, you might come across some issues that need a bit of adjustment here and there. Luckily, Erogenesis is such a cool motherfucker that he provided every fucking option in Lali's Bits to overcome most, if not all of these issues :)

Fine, but what exactly is it?
Lali's Bits (LSB) is a selection of parts from the original Lali System (LS). Currently it is an embedded vagina prop (LSV - Lali System Vagina) and a whole bunch of automatic pre-programmed morphs and parameters (LSP - Lali System Pussy). It does two major things: 1. makes V4's leg bending look more realistic, and 2. makes vaginal (and anal) action look more realistic. With all the morphs available, you can make your own pussy (and if you know a little about master parameters, you can record them). There are some additional morphs, like 15+ boob morphs, plus movements, and a couple of face morphs.

What is the Lali System?
That would basically be Lali's V4 figure, all her body morphs, boob movement morphs, vaginal action, hair, props, etc... (Lali is no longer V4 however, she's Project E)

Why did you make the Lali System?
To minimize time spent on fidgeting with morphs during posing and eliminate post work. So far I'd say that I've succeeded 95%.

For which figure is it?
DAZ's V4, V4.2

Is it a conforming prop?
No. There is only one prop to speak of, and that is the vagina, The Lali System Vagina (LSV) (in anatomical terms: the vulva). It sits out of range of any of V4's rig zones so doesn't need to conform. The mesh alterations regarding the crotch also control the location of the vagina prop. There has been some speak of making it a conforming prop, but its working fine the way it is... so...

How about some anal fun?
The anal morphs provided should be ok (about 10 of them), but since I am not very into anal I don't know if it is up to standard. You can stick a massive cucumber in Lali's ass now, so I presume that's a good start... right?

It is compatible with other fixes?
You can try, but most probably not. In any case, without sounding too arrogant, other fixes would be redundant once you have Lali's Bits. If you still want to use other fixes, the LSB can be dialled in and out. Note that once the LSB is dialled in, all deformers around the legs will be set to zero.

How did you make it?
With magic!

Will there be any textures supplied?
Only for the vagina. There have been requests for hip textures but due to copyright restrictions the best I can do is supply you with a transparent PNG for now, so that people can Photoshop it on top of their own V4 texture. I can provide a service later on to fix your textures if you want.

Will it work on V4 FBM figures, like Aiko?
It has been tested on the regular V4 FBMs and it seems to work ok. The original Lali herself is an FBM and you can see it works fine. For Aiko you do need to make a simple vertical adjustment, it will be explained in detail how to do that. As long as the FBM doesn't mess too much with the hip area, it should be fine. However the skinnier the girl, the wider the bent thigh grooves might become. To solve this one can make a copy of the FBM in question with the morph brush, and manually 'restore' the area around the hips until you feel the bits work better.

What about other figures like V5,M4...?
Nope. Due to the complexity of the bits, and the differing technology used by Genesis, and the fact that Erogenesis uses Poser, and made his own figure called Project E, making the bits for Genesis is just crazy impossible. 

How much does it cost?

Where can I get it?
In the store at Renderotica

When will you release Lali?
Never! She's a comic character, not a morph set.

Will any other Lali items be released?
Project Evolution.

Got any more questions, please post below, through my email (see contact), or contact me through Renderotica.


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