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YAAAY 3 years of Lali!

A year ago I also celebrated her birthday with some history about her.

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"She's the only girl I know whose had all of her "assets" moved around and then to a whole new mesh and still have her rosy cheeked smile and a snarky come backs." - Gishzida (DA)

Lali (Lah-Lee) is a virtual CG* character that first appeared in May 2012 in a comic called 'Weapons handling for Fantasy Artists' sold on Renderotica. She is known for her realistic expressions, her cheeky character and believable interaction with her fans and viewers, both in comics and on various websites and forums. Her character has persisted through several changes in her 3D base figure, even an entirely new one, with hardly anyone noticing. She has a loyal following of fans and artists, some of which were directly inspired by her antics, and some who start to miss her when she has not shown herself in public for a while. Lali has appeared in several spontaneous, improvised and interactive web series on Art of Darkness, Deviant Art, and Renderotica, often drawing out and involving CG characters by other artists. Lali has a small army of girls to accompany her in her adventures, some of which also possess a similar measure of believability.

*CG = Computer Generated


"Lali is a real unique, vivid character. An icon like ... let's say Druuna by Serperi.(... allmost thinking: much better than Druuna though ;-) ) I really like Lali's perky style. [...] She is so fun to watch." Masterstroke from Renderotica

"Lali is fun!" Mantikor from Renderotica

"Lali is the cat's pyjamas." texboy1231 from Renderotica

Lali, whose surname remains classified by order of Fox Intelligence Services (FIS), is the main character of Erogenesis' three comics. Lali was born in Senegal 1 May, 1987. Her father served in the French Foreign Legion. Her Italian mother passed away when she was five. She has a sister, Laila, born two years after her. 

She has an extremely strong desire to get involved in military-like operations and her former boss Morgan Fox (head of FIS) says that it is because she wants to be like her daddy.

Although Lali is not your average 3Dx character, she is probably your average real girl. She is 163 cm (5 ft 4) tall and has a gentle female curves with cup DD breasts. Despite her small frame she is quite a tough little chick.

Her body is able to bend, fold and morph quite naturally thanks to the "Lali System" built by erogenesis in 2012. Parts of the "Lali System" will be released in the Renderotica store, hopefully January 2013. It will be called "Lali's Bits". As of October 2014, she received a new base mesh called Project E, and now bends even more realistically!

Besides her realistic body, Lali also possesses another rare thing: personality! In her stories you'll find that Lali always tries to find a way to make a game out of everything, manipulates others, tempts fate, which results in funny and unexpected scenes. She has a very limited sense of fear and the question is raised by several other characters in the story whether or not she has any clue what she's doing, or if she's just mad?
Along those same lines Lali is known to be one of the most expressive characters in the world of CG Erotica, making her more of a believable character.... so believable in fact, this virtual lady gets actual love letters, no kidding, and gets people restless if she hasn't made a public appearance in a while.

In her dreams, Lali often appears as the impassable "Girl with the Golden Pussy" and therein she usually speaks in riddles, quotes or poetry. During the course of the story you might find that her dreams gradually begin to reveal more and more secrets about what is going on with her.

Since she was born and raised in Africa, she inadvertently inherited certain attributes pertaining to the character of that continent. She also know a thing or two about "the African way". Her adventures will take her back to her home land and confront her with her memories of her time there.

Lali's daddy used to serve in the French Foreign Legion until her mother passed away in1994. None-the-less he successfully managed to bring up two gorgeous daughters by himself, or so he'd like to think. Since 1994, he got involved in private security in various West-African countries and since 2007 he manages security for various mining concessions around the world, as well as consultancy work in the Philippines and Indonesia.

Lali has a smokin' hot sister, called Laila. Their mother had a thing for water lilies, and thus called her two gorgeous daughters similarly. You'll see that Laila is somewhat more reserved than Lali, but don't be fooled, she's not the shy gothic chick you might think she is.

She works for the Berliner Polizei as a assistant field investigator, and you'll soon get to see how perilous the Berlin underground can get...

All in all, in the time you'll get to spend with Lali, you should be prepared to get fooled on several occasions. She is fun, naughty as hell, but very very cunning and off in her own world.

And she is not entirely fiction...

I sometimes get emailed probably 3 times a week with requests to release Lali, and I feel more and more guilty to have to say no. Imagine making your dream girl, someone who's delicate personality you have perfected over the months, a character born from your hands that gets actual love letters from fans (no joke) and then you see her strapped onto some inhumane milking device and some horrendous DAZ expression of abstract horror... no, Lali will probably never hit the stores :) sorry... but I hope to make a short PDF soon about how to make something like her.

Some more about Lali:

Occasionally you'll see Lali appear on forums out there, responding to comments and certain funny mascots, like this little fella from Art of Darkness:

Playing with Suck Poppet, the Sock Puppet, when suddenly a clown enters with a daisy popping out of his willy... Lali has no time for clowns.

Or then she'll go on a date with TexBoy, our loyal man over at Rotica and Art of Darkness... here are some images of that series. Here's the whole series. And here's the series in context, including comments.

Other images of Lali:

All in all, Lali's my baby!


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