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Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Poison almost ready to be administered

Poison sent me a working injection and needs testing, but had an internet blackout so there's a slight delay. Going to this stupid meeting now and hope to be back a.s.a.p and then I'll get to testing it... and then hopefully sending the bitch off to Rotica!

thanks everyone for the great comments, I'm happy everyone's still with me!

PS: if you sent me an email with a question or a problem and I haven't answered, please re-send it and keep on bugging me until I answer! My inbox is a bit of a mess sometimes.


  1. Ah, shit happens. :)
    Do you think it will be released this week?

    1. I hope so. The stuff he sent works gloriously in DS4.5. We're just fiddling with some minor scripting errors should be ready by the end of the day.

      Once we send it off to Rotica its going to go through Q&A and god knows what shizzle they'll find. Knowing DAZ and their DS version differences, I wouldn't be surprised if it won't work for DS3. But since DS4.5 is free, you can save it to a format that DS3 understands.

  2. Yay! Glad to hear it's finally going well with DS thanks to Poison! Sucks about the net being down tho. If that happens to me, after an hour or so I head down to the kitchen, grab the melon baller and start looking for people who need their brains removed... it's not pretty. Hehehe


    1. The net is not the only thing that goes down here... power grid sometimes just dies, that's why I have 4 truck batteries and an inverter humming away behind me. This is Africa :)

      Before I had that unit, I was also close to ventilating random stranger's frontal lobes with some high caliber fully-automatic light machine gun... luckily I had ARMA2 to sort me out :)

  3. hello this version will it be also for DAZ Carrara?

    1. no idea! I'll have to ask Poison

  4. A lot of us have trouble with Lali Poser system, i think you must consider do build a forum where we have to post our trouble to find help from you and from other user.
    You can't be back to everybody..

    From Italy

    1. yeah that might be a good idea. I was meaning to make a separate blog for it. Is there something like blogger out there, but then for forums?

  5. hi friends

    I'm looking for others who write from Italy

    So we can help ourselves without the problem of language

    Mail me to: tmax_500@hotmail.com


  6. Ohh I am so happy I just pooped myself. $20 at the reeady

  7. Really can't wait for this. bought poser lail bits but couldn't use them because i use daz studio. going to be dope when i get it


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