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Thursday, 27 February 2014

Lali Lite... due next week!

Unless I get Ebola or something. 

Guys, this comic is fucking nuts! (so am I), but I'm through the thick of it. Editing, post-working and re-rendering some of the final images now and Monday-Tuesday. Gonna take the weekend off because my arm is fucked!

If I haven't replied to your email, or wondering why I'm so quiet, I locked myself up and I've post-worked 170 images in the last week (just the orgy), and re-rendered about 20 images. I now feel quite confident that this crazy comic will be done by next week.

PS: below are some funny doodles I made for AoD recently.

Pic below: 
Lali: meeehhh, this horse is broken... he doesn't wanna go!
Julie (off-screen): rock with your hips in the saddle!
Lali: I've been doing that the whole time...

Friday, 14 February 2014

Monday, 10 February 2014

Update 10 Feb

Comic is now 96 pages 109 pages (2/3rds of the way through) and counting. Below is was proof. Definitely going to be WAY more than 120 pages... yeah don't ask...

edit (25 Feb): 134 Pages!

Anyway, in other news, I've been doodling around again on Art of Darkness in the 'Clothed and Sexy' thread, a thread that will not die. Its been going for over a year now (73 pages!!). Also check it out for works by other artists in that thread, its quite epic. Here are some of my recent entries:

Sunday, 2 February 2014

Update comic and all that jazz

Hey guys, fellas, babes, boys n girls, so after that stunt at the lake I came back and carried on rendering. But feeling kind of defeated by the elements (curse you god of thunder) I began to dwindle off and found myself in a creative lull. I was on the last renders of the comic, and I just needed that creative edge to make it really fun... but it wasn't coming! 

Sooo what does erogenesis do to get himself out of it? renders the most RANDOM shit! Trust me, it helps! I went mad on Art of Darkness with some thread that TexBoy started, by calling out Lali. It turned out into a super-fun and completely insane thread with a whole bunch of contributing artists, namely: (in order of appearance) TexBoy1231, Shorterbus, LM Ant, Madbob, Freddy11, Apocalypse, Rstimpy, KristinF. I obviously went completely over the top, especially to keep Lali out of a Harem (something I wanna reserve for a later stage) despite some brave and original attempts made by Shorterbus. Damn I even pulled out the imperial fleet for that! What does that say??

These improvised render fits on Art of Darkness are good for a number of reasons: first I get the practice, and lots of experience. Second I sometimes get forced to make stuff I can use at a later stage. For ecample for that thread I made a small apartment, edited some freebee helicopter and AC-130 meshes, made a pilot suit, prepared some of Stonemason's incredible props for scenes, save some useful poses I made, made some materials and made some satellite image-based terrain I could use for future comics. I also rigged some less useful props but still fun, for example the over the top 3 tonne Battle-ready Mini Cooper (see above!) based on some vendor's model, and a 20km long Executor-Class Star Destroyer. I was close to rigging some Darth Vader mesh for M4...

Moreover, they help me get back in the game. It is a thrill to be able to concoct something in Poser and make people 11,000km away laugh their asses off. Very fun and inspiring.

Also, I went ahead and prepared more stuff for future comics, like Lali's house in Sierra Leone, some other locations in Africa, experimenting with props, and her super-duper mega big and powerful 80psi supersoaker. 

So anyway, comic. Well all the rendering is done, but I do have to repeat a few renders, and sometime I add a few if I feel something is missing. I compiled the first 50 pages and sent it off to some of my closest friends and fellow artists. So far, good reviews!! I'll let them do the talking :) I'm now at 69 pages (compilation!!). I expect it will be well over 110 pages long. Lite? yeah I know, but see it as an introduction to the lite concept. Its a step away from the more serious 'Adventures of Lali' where people get killed or kicked the shit out of. Lites will be about Lali's university years, dreams and anything else fun.

Edit Feb 7: 88 pages now. Rendered extra frames of conversation and the sex scene to make the flow more consistent. Busy with post-working and compiling the orgy scene now.

But now speaking of the other comic series, and this whole idea of getting Lali to a Harem, you might have noticed me saying that Lali will eventually get into trouble etc etc, right? Now, recently a fellow artist brought to my attention that there's actually such a thing as a 'Damsel in Distress' (D.I.D) genre in literature, or theme rather (never knew about that!), and that it actually has a big fan base behind it that are quite specific in what they regard as proper D.I.D. In other words, I have to be careful what I promise because the D.I.D crowd will otherwise be disappointed. So before that happens, let me quickly say this:

My statements about Lali getting into trouble in future comics are more warnings to the feint-hearted fans than promises to a certain crowd. 

What does that mean? In the story, Lali chose to work for an organisation that has its hazards, and that can result in 'distress', whatever that may be. Jim, the manager of Black Desk, profusely warned her about it in the comic 'CODE 10'. When it comes to this, I am not going to follow a specific formula and nor will I place any more emphasis on the distress than necessary. Its something personal that I cannot change. Any depiction I will make regarding a distressing situation, IF that happens, will be for the sake of the story, for character building, and not for the thrill of seeing the character in distress. It could be worse than you expect, it could be less. I have no idea. But Lali is generally speaking a happy girl, and her stories should remain a least a little bit fun.

Anyway, below are some of my renders from that AoD thread. Enjoy!!!