Wednesday, 12 October 2016

The Disco Dragon rages on!

As most of you know by now, the Disco Dragon part 2 has been released over at Renderotica for $10! So far, it has gotten some very positive reviews over on Deviant Art and Rotica. Be sure to check it out, its 400 plus pages of Lali fun!

So with the momentum I managed to build up despite the power problems I'm dealing with, I immediately carried on with part 3. The script is entirely fleshed out to the last detail, leaving no room for writer's block during the posing phase. I hope I can get part 3 released by Christmas, but with the power problems I'm not 100% sure if I can. I really want to anyhow! I also want to try get Sen's comic released around the same time, if not then somewhere January or February of 2017.

If sales go well with the DD2 I might finally be able to set up my own website and galleries, so that I can keep all announcements, reviews and pictures in one place, and not be afraid of this immature anti-erotica trend that seems to be taking over the world these days (I'm surprised I can still post here at all). There is also a big chance I might be moving to the UK soon, depending on funding. I can promise you, once I'm there, things will go MUCH faster again.

I may have more time now for Project E too, although I wonder if enough people are still interested. Anyway, once I'm rendering again for the DD and Sen's comic, I'll have time to spare to play with PE again.