Saturday, 16 February 2019

Disco Dragon 3 coming soon

Getting there. Eeesh, again it was hard to pick nice pics for a promo like this because there's just sex and genitals everywhere (I need it to be Deviant Art-safe, naughty promos will come soon), and like said before there's also a surprise cameo by a Renderotica favourite OC. I say its part 3 but I might split it up into part 3 and 4 because I think I might go over 600 pages even! You know how like in the DD2 you have Rox and Lali's little adventure, and the Julie interrupts, and then Rachel interrupts and then Xtina walks in? This is that but tenfold. I'm actually designing software to help me keep track of everyone in possible future comics like this. But like I said before I need to tone it down after this comic so that I can get more comics out this year lol.

I think it will be fine though because the main reason this comic took so long is that I took a massive detour down the Poser figure rabbit hole and it took me a really long time to dig myself out. I'm probably still a little affected by it, but I'm beginning to have those fun sleepless nights of writing down story ideas by torchlight, so things are good.

What I'm also beginning to realize is that being a content vendor I need to grow a thicker skin, but that just doesn't work as a comic artist who has a very personal relationship with his fans. Those two modes of PR just don't mix. So I'm definitely taking a massive step back from content creation. If I do sell content, it will only be small things, not figures.

I will try to extend some (long overdue) support to my TaB and PE customers, but I'm doing my best to hand over those projects to other more reliable people. TaB for DS seems to have several contenders, and there's even a prospect for a geografted TaB now. Names and details will follow as soon as I have something set in stone. I've even been asked if I would mind if someone would convert PE to work in DS. I really don't mind, since all my friends and colleagues use DS anyway.

Saturday, 2 February 2019


A little something for my comic fans (as a distraction from my previous post, which you can ignore if you're a comic fan! No more Poser figure nonsense, just comics <3 ). Check Deviant Art for more!






 And this is a little concept I recently thought up, based on a song by Type O Negative "My Girlfriend's Girlfriend". This will probably become a future comic!

La Femme for Poser... Evolution?

As some of you know, there's a new Poser girl available at Renderosity. In the short time she's been out I've already received a fair number of emails and messages asking what I think of her, if I'm going to make gens for her, what this means for Evolution etc etc. Let me quickly get this off my chest.

Edit: Updated my FAQ

La Femme

So, what do I think of her? Honestly no idea and I'm probably gonna keep it that way. I haven't downloaded her and I am way too busy nursing my comic career back to life to care at the moment. But if you really insist, also then I think I'm not the right person to ask. I will probably be very biased, as I made Evolution for a reason. So am I going to make gens for her? nope (I heard she might already have them btw).


What does this mean for Evolution? Nnnnnnothing. I made Evolution for a myriad of reasons, and one of them is to provide a foundation of a female human Poser figure that looks and bends like the real thing, with the limited resources I have, to the best that I was able to. As far as I am concerned, I succeeded in that. I'm happy with the result, and I've often considered switching to Evolution myself (from my own comic figure). So Evolution still stands.

Edit: obviously plenty of room for improvement, but I'm happy with the foundation.


Unfortunately I can say what I want about how successful I think PE is, that doesn't mean that she's taking over Poserland. This is because of content. If you use dynamic clothes, PE is fine, but traditional conforming clothing is an issue. At the risk of repeating myself, as most of you know, to achieve said bends, I utilized JCMs for that, next to traditional Weight Maps. We have many Poser figures that work with WM only, but their bends are very limited and don't look human when doing rather basic bends (lets not talk about yoga bends). PE can do the full range. 

We don't care for yoga

The common counterargument to such bending abilities is that very few people would need them. Ok, so here's the thing: by that argument, most features in software and software assets can be dropped since the vast majority of the PC using world never uses such features. 3DSMax could be stripped down to a 40Mb application in that way. Hardly anyone uses a piece of software to its fullest. The other more simpler argument is that we're not even talking about yoga poses mostly. Even a simple squat will need JCMs in the calfs and thighs. In other words, its just an excuse, laziness, unwillingness to go the extra mile for what the entire f*%#^g world of CGI is striving for: realism... and it might explain why Poser is not doing too well at the moment. 

Realism, yeaaaa... oh wait.

So in other words, since Poser's main selling point is 3D figures, it would be obvious that they would prioritize the realism of these figures, and support for the technology that makes it work. Now, as far as I can tell, the only thing that in Poser can achieve flesh squishing and modified behaviour of vertices between angle intervals, is JCMs. If they have an alternative rigging system coming in Poser 12, then great, I'll be the first in line, but somehow I don't see that happening yet. So I chose for JCMs, and hoped that SM would be so impressed that they'd stop everything to support this figure.

Nope. Or at least, not yet (PE has been out over a year now). Maybe PE utterly sucks and I'm actually living in an asylum talking to myself, which is very possible, but somehow I doubt that.


Anyway, because of JCMs, its just not easy to rig clothing for her, as many people struggle with transferring the JCMs to their clothing items. Now, there are things that I have planned when I have the time, but I am afraid that they won't really help much unless Poser's vertex data transfer and editing is improved (morphs and weight maps). With Poser morphs (JCMs or not), it is imperative that the vertexes in the clothing follow the very same path as the neighboring vertex in the underlying figure, otherwise you get poke-throughs, especially with JCMs. Now, unless the morph is simple, to imitate these delta paths is impossible to get accurate manually. Poser needs to do it for you, or at least, the most of it. And here is where the problem lies:

Bumps everywhere!

As it stands now (and since 2016), Poser's vertex data transfer system can only successfully transfer the displacement to clothing if the clothing is equal or lower resolution than the host mesh. But when the clothing is higher resolution, spikes and irregularities form. You can test this yourself with Pauline and her Business Camisole that gets shipped with P11. Load the Camisole onto Pauline, dial in the pregnant morph, bend her abdomen, then compare the bending before and after transferring weight maps and morphs from Pauline to the Camisole.

Frills n stuff

Now, the big problem with this is that the large number of clothing items will have things like buttons, hems, frills, belt loops, especially for female fashion. In other words, the vast majority of content for ANY Poser figure will encounter this issue. Now, you can edit the morph to correct it, smoothing etc, but yeah, this brings other issues with it. Ever tried to smooth a button without it disappearing into oblivion? That's one issue, the other is editing morphs when the figure is posed, its pure hell. 

Append, biaatch!

There is such a thing as appended morphs and prepended morphs, and ALL POSER MORPHS only work properly appended. But the problem is that morphs designed to correct bends, are best edited in the angle they're meant to correct, and in Poser, this means you first need to convert it to prepend. And that makes everything even more confusing. And I am not making up excuses not to fix it myself, trust me, PE in itself is one big massive fix. Poser needs these two issues fixed urgently, or even figures like La Femme will simply not succeed either, even if they're more tailored for simple rigging.

Loyal rustbucket

But I do need to confess one thing, and that is that my confidence in Poser has pretty much hit rock bottom, which might also explain why I couldn't care less about La Femme. (edit: Chuck Taylor himself once said in an interview, something like: 'If you see the inside of a sausage factory, you'll never eat sausages anymore'. That's what it feels like for me. I also want to distance myself from this mess because it started to affect my comic work. Its hard to do something fun using a tool that you've grown to hate. I love my comic work too much to let that happen.) I still use Poser though, for now, it does the trick regarding comics. Poser is currently like a good old car that has brought me from A to B for years, and can still do that for now, but I feel a need to get a new car some time soon. I do hope it will be Poser 12, because it will mean less work for me. But I'm not holding out. I am not jealous of the Poser team, it must suck to be them with the shit they've been burdened with... but I hope they work miracles. Let's start by making priorities, eh?

Evolution's future

If you're into dynamic clothing, the Evolution will be a piece of cake for you. Go to the Smith Micro forums and check out the kick-ass renders of many of the artists there.

But if you depend on conforming clothing, a lot still needs to happen. There are some things I will try, but I wanna make comics, and they now take priority, I never wanted to get mixed up in this endless Poser figure drama. I genuinely wanted to help push Poser forward, to a place that actually has meaning in the world of CGI (hint: realism) and not constantly re-inventing the wheel.

So anyway, without promising anything, I will update the mannequins as soon as the Disco Dragon 3 is out (they're actually already done, they just need testing). The original beta mannequins are botched and needed fixing. I might also make a script available to help prepare PE for editing the JCMs in the right order. This might make things easier. But things will get much better the moment SM fixes those two issues I mentioned previously.... much much better, and then I might get a little more enthusiastic about Poser again (because my comic figures will also profit from this).

In Conclusion

So, in short, if La Femme brings the Poser community back together, then fantastic. If it brings us back to the good old days of V4 and everyone sinking their teeth into a figure, then brilliant. If it makes SM put its full weight behind a figure, and finally start tailoring the app towards better more advanced rigging that looks like human flesh, then awesome. I was hoping that would be PE, but it doesn't look like that happened (yet). If they managed to get La Femme to do what PE can do, then my hat is off to them... 

Guys, the whole reason I made PE is to help you with your art and your comics. If La Femme can do that for you, then I have no issue there. But my vision still stands, and that is a realistically moving Poser figure. Evolution is my result.

But in the meanwhile, I'm making comics!

Saturday, 26 January 2019

Still alive and kicking.

Happy new year BTW!! (if its not too late lol)

Hey peeps, sorry for not keeping this blog updated. I have plans to move away from this blog as soon as possible to either my own website, or a place that is safe from this ludicrously immature internet-wide crackdown on erotica (how many porn bans do we need to remind ourselves that it never works?). Google and blogger will be next, mark my words.

< 'Female-Presenting Nipples'

BUT that's not the reason I haven't been posting. I just didn't want to bother you with promises promises etc, with having nothing to show for. Well now I have something to show, sort of! :D

As most of you know, since the release of PE I've been restructuring myself back towards my CGI roots, namely comics. This took a lot longer than expected, especially since I am basically running my own figure system now (Erogirl Figure, partly based on PE), independent of V4 or anything DAZ, and therefore I need to rig (and sometimes model) all my own content. I don't mind it but it did mean I needed to spend a LONG time setting up my library properly. 

Another important part of this process is me taking control of the Poser situation. Since 2011 I've grown a lot, CGI technically, but Poser just hasn't as much as they could have (and by the way, that's also why I'm not doing anything on PE at the moment. I first want to see some serious ass-kicking over at Smith Micro before I waste any more time on Poser content - more info here). Regarding development and innovation, Poser hasn't taken any significant strides in a long time, with most features either not directly benefiting me as an animating figure artist, or quite simply not working as advertised. I've been close to Poser for years now, and the missed opportunities are painful to witness. They could have kicked DAZ's ass several times over, if they only had the imagination. So I delved into Poser Python and pretty much solve all my problems myself. I made an almost Steampunk looking interface for myself with handy tools that I think any animation software should have, and life is MUCH better. Trust me, this tool is freaking amazing. From the most rudimentary operations Poser should have, to pretty wild features such as animating sex scenes automatically, to storyboarding inside of Poser, to loading poses instantly, to fixing IK issues, to isolating figures in a busy scene, to snapping them to locations etc etc etc... Make it available? lol, debugging this thing for commercial use will take me months. So, nope! If Snarly/Color Curvature/Semidieu/Netherworks want to do it, they can have it.

Although I've been tempted to switch to other software for years now, Poser still does the job for now, and it would be utterly stupid for me to switch considering the level of expertise I've gained in Poser and the crazy things I am able to do with it, despite its problems. So I want to squeeze every last drop out of her and make at least four or five comics with what I have, before I make any switch. 

This new foundation is starting to bear fruits as just before xmas I cranked out a small but fun comic in the space of three days, from start to finish. Its called: "The Shagging Before Christmas" and its available at Renderotica. It was a little triumph for me, proving to myself that I can still do it! It is almost a parallel to my first comic 'Weaponshandling' that I made to test everything before getting to work on bigger comics.

Now there's just one more hurdle and that is the third installment of the Disco Dragon, which has become a bit of a Frankenstein project, almost. The whole series of the Disco Dragon fell right smack in the middle of my crazy stint with making a CGI-worthy Poser figure, which had its advantages and disadvantages. The advantages were that I learned a hell of a lot and could apply it immediately in my comic work, the disadvantage is that the scenes became messy and cluttered with hundreds of different versions of the erogirl and loads of continuity errors. So I've basically been re-rendering EVERYTHING from scratch since last year November. I'm glad to say that the end is in sight and we can finally enjoy a conclusion to this comic series.

From there on the gloves should be off. I had started on Sen's first comic but that, like with the DD needs a little revisiting, although its not half as bad as the DD was. 

I will however say that I'm going to downsize my comic stories a little, as in make comics with less than FIFTEEN girls and a whole bunch of dudes, but more one-on-one stuff, or trios or something. Mass orgies are fun but its a logistical nightmare!!! Especially if you want it to be realistic with a story and with individual characters to do their individual things. That said I do still want to complete the combined free online series of the "New Year's Boat Trip" and the "Ero goes to the UK" series, but I think I'll try keep things as minimal as possible without sacrificing too much on the fun. The stories have pretty much been planned out, I just need to make them happen, and I'll make them available in PDF format. BTW there's a little webcam series you might have missed here. You can see Xtina's tits! :D

PE: There might be two things I'll try to quickly do for PE after the release of the Disco Dragon. I have updated the mannequins and I might quickly polish off the Futagirls. I admit I totally dropped the ball on those, I needed to prioritize and couldn't afford to gamble with any more Poser charity.

So, I hope this news pleases my comic fans!!! I'm getting there. I'm really sorry it took so long!

Thursday, 12 July 2018

Project Evolution! Wrapping up and moving on!

Hey peeps,

Yep, it should be no secret now that Project Evolution was a pretty heavy project to push through, starting from wanting to make a V4 hybrid in 2013, to rebuilding and re-rigging the figure from scratch several times, and I came close to stopping as many times. With the last-minute release of the Early Edition in January 2018 things came to a high in many ways, but also very deep lows. Lots of great compliments, lots of eagerness, lots of hope and optimism, but also lots of aggravation and confusion that came from the most unexpected places. And I was as sick as a dog.

I won't lie, it all hit me pretty hard and I resorted to get back into comic-making to remind me of the whole reason why I got back into this business in the first place. I really didn't care anymore. 

But, I have to say, with all the persisting optimism about Project Evolution, I decided it was a good idea to just make one more asserted push and get this thing completed the way it was intended. I owe it to all those people that bought the Early Edition.

Let's get official

However, I needed to do some changing. With all the shifting perceptions of erotica around the world, as well as protecting our young ones, it felt wrong for me to only deliver a figure that was actually meant to feature in pornographic material. This was something I had on my mind for a while but never got round to doing before January 2017. So now I've decided to go along with the format that everyone is used to, making a "family-friendly" base, and then a dedicated addon to turn her back into the naughty girl she was originally designed to be. This had the added bonus of partly shifting market attention back to my home store (CGbytes and Renderotica) the way its always been with V4 and Genesis.

Now don't worry, compatibility won't be an issue. I designed the base to be fully compatible with the Early Edition, and all Early Edition material will work on the new version and vice versa. 

There is one important improvement that will need to be dealt with, and this has nothing to do with the versions and addons. More on that later.

New Format

So here is the breakdown of the new Project Evolution:

Project Evolution ONE (base):
  • Project Evolution ONE puts a (family-friendly) figure called ONE to your runtime.
  • If you have Early Edition, she won't get touched.
  • All new characters work with Early Edition too, upon loading a character you get a menu asking you to choose between ONE or Early Edition*.
Project Evolution ONE X:
  • Project Evolution ONE X Addon adds another figure called ONE X to your runtime.
  • ONE X is basically the same as Early Edition, except now it has lots of Erotica morphs. You might as well stop using Early Edition.**
Project Evolution Futagirl:
  • Same as above... but this is a 'special' figure! Total dick... girl!

Early Edition was, and still is an Early Edition, like a pilot project. We're moving on to the official format now. Expect a bit of confusion, but its for the better. Early Editioners will get special treatment, obviously. I'm working on getting you a discount for ONE X.
And promised, no more weird updates from hereon out. Just addons and freebies. We have arrived.
I hope this helps.
There are other options for if you installed Naughty & Nice, or if you like this menu I've included ONE X in the script. ONE X does overwrite this menu, but you can re-instate this.
** don't delete Early Edition from your runtime though, if you want your old scenes to work.



Below are pictures of these products, and the base (Project Evolution ONE) will be available at CGbytes, Content Paradise, and hopefully also Renderosity. The naughty addons (ONE X and Futagirl) will as usual be available at Renderotica.

The base is currently in testing.

Eye UV map

So like mentioned above, there is one important change to the mesh UV that was unavoidable. It was recently discovered that the UV mapping of the eyelids was too narrow and resulted in rather crappy stretching and just generally low-resolution textures there. I was hesitant to touch it since PE was now live, but this is something that really needs to be fixed. 

So, if you are a texturer, and you've made something for PE, PLEASE email me a.s.a.p and I'll send you the latest mesh with the new UVs. I will hold off the release until I feel everyone has had the chance to fix their textures.


ONE X (addon)

ONE X is an addon that will add a version of PE, much like the Early Edition, but then with a boatload of genital/erotica morphs. Some of those morphs are designed to keep straight while the thighs rotate. It also comes with a bunch of erotica poses I dug up from my own collection.

Some people might be confused why they're not getting this version if they already have one with all the detail between her legs. Well the ONE X also comes with a lot of complex morphs, like Lali's Bits, as well as a bunch of poses (as well as improved weight mapping around the genital handles). Its an actual addon. Just to show you that its quite a big deal, here's a list of all the morphs (not including the oral sex dials in the head, and extra hand morph options).


Vagina Shape Presets

collapsed 1
parmNode Basic Preset
parmNode Cute Preset
parmNode Fleshy Preset
parmNode Jangly Preset
parmNode Ham Sandwich

Genital Shaping

Crotch Shapes

collapsed 1
parmNode GENS - Pubis Mons 1
parmNode GENS - Crotch Narrow
parmNode GENS - Crotch Up
parmNode GENS - Crotch Fw
parmNode GENS - Crotch Scale
parmNode GENS - Crotch Angle

Vulva Morphs

collapsed 1
parmNode GENS - Vulva Fw-Back
parmNode GENS - Vulva Scale
parmNode GENS - Vulva Depth
parmNode GENS - Thick Vulva

Labia Majora Morphs

collapsed 1
parmNode GENS - Labia Majora Closed
parmNode GENS - Labia Maj Thick

Labia Minora Morphs

collapsed 1
parmNode GENS - Inner Labia Fat
parmNode GENS - Inner Labia Fan Out
parmNode GENS - Inner Labia Long
parmNode GENS - Inner Labia Fan Wide
parmNode GENS - Inner Labia Fan Top
parmNode GENS - Inner Labia Closed
parmNode GENS - Inner Labia Random 1
parmNode GENS - Inner Labia Random 2
parmNode GENS - Inner Labia Random 3
parmNode GENS - Labia Min Thick
parmNode GENS - Inner Labia Front Longer

Clitoris and Hood morphs

collapsed 1
parmNode GENS - Expose Clit
parmNode GENS - Connect Clit-Labia
parmNode GENS - Clitoris
parmNode GENS - Clitoris Large
parmNode GENS - Clit Hood Thick
parmNode GENS - Clitoris Size
parmNode GENS - Clit Cover Back
parmNode GENS - Clit Cover Up
parmNode GENS - Clit Cover Wide
parmNode GENS - Clit Fw-Back
parmNode GENS - Clit Cover Size
parmNode GENS - Hood Hidden
parmNode GENS - Hood Rotate
parmNode GENS - Hood Up-Down
parmNode GENS - Hood Fw-Back
parmNode GENS - Hood Thick
parmNode GENS - Hood Retract
parmNode GENS - Hood Define
parmNode GENS - Inner Vulva Wrinkly

Genital Interaction


collapsed 1
parmNode SEX - Vagina Open
parmNode SEX - Vaginal Thrusting
parmNode SEX - Anus Open
parmNode SEX - Anal Thrusting
parmNode SEX - Double Penetration
parmNode SEX - DP Thrusting

Flesh Play

collapsed 1
parmNode GENS - Inner Labia Side-Side
parmNode GENS - Inner Labia Twist
parmNode GENS - Inner Vulva Ridge
parmNode GENS - Umbrella Flaps
parmNode GENS - Inner Labia fly out R
parmNode GENS - Inner Labia fly out L
parmNode GENS - Spread Front Center
parmNode GENS - Clit Side-Side
parmNode GENS - Clit Side-Side whole

Vaginal Intercourse

collapsed 1
parmNode GENS - Vaginal Distension X
parmNode GENS - Vaginal Distension
parmNode GENS - Vulva Push
parmNode GENS - Vaginal Push
parmNode GENS - Vaginal Pull
parmNode GENS - Open Genital S
parmNode GENS - Open Genital SB
parmNode GENS - Open Genital Fold in
parmNode GENS - Open Gens Size
parmNode GENS - Open Gens Large

Vagina XYZ (Play and Adjustment)

collapsed 1
parmNode GENS - Clitoris Push Side-Side
parmNode GENS - Vagina Open Adjust Back
parmNode GENS - Vagina Open Adjust L
parmNode GENS - Vagina Open Adjust R
parmNode GENS - Lab Maj L Side
parmNode GENS - Lab Maj R Side
parmNode GENS - Vagina PushPull
parmNode GENS - Vagina Side-Side
parmNode GENS - Vagina Swing

Anal Intercourse

collapsed 1
parmNode GENS - Anal Opening
parmNode GENS - Anal Opening Size
parmNode GENS - Anal Opening DP
parmNode GENS - Double Penetration
parmNode GENS - Anal Depth
parmNode GENS - Anus Back
parmNode GENS - Anal Pucker
parmNode GENS - Anal Push

Anal XYZ

collapsed 1
parmNode GENS - Anus Back-Fw
parmNode GENS - Anus Twist
parmNode GENS - Anus Side-Side
parmNode GENS - Anus Scale
parmNode GENS - Anus Pull-Push
parmNode GENS - Anus Stretch
parmNode GENS - Anus Wide

ORAL SEX (use dials in head)

collapsed 1
parmNode ORAL - Suck Pucker
parmNode ORAL - Suck Pucker L
parmNode ORAL - Suck Pucker XL
parmNode ORAL - Lips Pull
parmNode ORAL - Suck Pucker XXL
parmNode ORAL - Take Deep
parmNode ORAL - Mouth Stretch
parmNode ORAL - Mouth Wide
parmNode ORAL - Mouth Side-Side
parmNode ORAL - Mouth Fw-Back
parmNode ORAL - Mouth Up-Down
parmNode ORAL - Cheek Poke R
parmNode ORAL - Cheek Poke L

Sex JCMs (Dont poke around here plz)

collapsed 1
parmNode GENS - Open Gen Fold in 135R
parmNode GENS - Open Gen Fold in 135L
parmNode GENS - Vag OpenSize 135R_pml
parmNode GENS - Vag OpenSize 135L_pml
parmNode GENS - Anal Opening 135R
parmNode GENS - Anal Opening 135L
parmNode GENS - Anal Opening DP 135R
parmNode GENS - Anal Opening DP 135L
parmNode GENS - Anal OpenSize DP 135R
parmNode GENS - Anal OpenSize DP 135L
Open Gens JCMs

collapsed 1
parmNode GENS - Open Genital SBR
parmNode GENS - Open Genital SBL

Gens Rig Controls

parmNode GENS RIG - Spread Handles

And here's a contact sheet of all the poses:

And all of this is available in Futagirl too. Speaking of which:


So now Futagirl. 'Futa' is short for 'Futanari' (sp?) and I think its a Japanese word for a girl with a willy, or something like that. Trust me I just offended half of Japan + a thousand erotica artists with that previous sentence. Its basically a science in itself. Futanari, or 'dickgirls' as it is more commonly referred to, is SUPER POPULAR in 3D CG Erotica (CGe, 3DX). 

Well now there will be one for Project Evolution lol. Not entirely my thing, but hey, I'm happy to provide. I will probably make two versions available. One with cohones, and one without. She will have everything ONE X has, plus a few specialist dials like folding the willy away for dynamic clothing options etc. There might also be an option to make a dude morph from her... I mean, might as well, right? The plumbing is already there...

All kidding aside, it will be a specialist figure. Do not expect a great amount of dedicated support for this figure's genital area. Although I do expect most PE content to work for her, I do recommend a fairly decent level of experience in Poser to operate this baby's hip region if you also want to slap clothes on her, or have specific textures happening there. So if you're new to Poser/CGI, be prepared for some home-schooling.

Anyway, that's it for now. Please remember, this is a huge experiment. Even though SM operate on a different plane of reality these days, Poser still kicks ass in the large world that is CGI. It is my hope that we bring them back to reality with figures like this.

And while you're here, please also take a look at Ali's Bella over here at

Many thanks to Chimera for helping me. Contacting you soon with the first test copy, still making the manual lol

Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The longest Disco in History!

I just wanna quickly say, I'm working on the DD3, hard! And in the process I'm setting up the tools and environment for more comics. I really hope I can gain momentum like I did back in 2012.

With the release of the Disco Dragon 3 I'm going to make my return at Renderotica again, with regular posts. (I've been a bit reluctant to post there, I still owe them a TaB update which got swamped because of PE.) I'll also be gradually posting stuff on Tumblr too, both mainstream and sexy. I'm working on compiling all my free series since Art of Darkness to Deviant Art into a Fapware series, or something like that. 

I promise promise promise promise promise no more side-projects anymore. I'm just not cut out for this vendor thing, I hate it. It feels like being a pilot stuck in the hangar fixing engines for other pilots, while all I wanna do is fly myself!! Making stuff for comics is fun, making stuff for commercial use is torture. Compare it to making an omelette for yourself, or for a restaurant. I still do wanna help, I'll probably make some tutorials and I might set up a Poser DIY line at some point, basically unfinished content for experienced Poser users to tinker with and finish for themselves.

Anyway, onwards!!

Check out my new gals, Lexi and Michelle.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Project Evolution is out!

Well she's been out for a while now, ahem. Long story.

As you know I've been working on this project for 4 years now, 2 years if you don't include the first iterations of the project. I wanted it to be an Evolution from V4, but that would have been very difficult to pull off without getting into legal drama with DAZ. So finally with the release of P11 and yet another underwhelming Poser figure, I thought it was time to cut the crap and make a brand new figure entirely from scratch. 

That was 2 years ago, lol.

Anyway, I lot has changed since then, I had to scrap a lot of wild ideas and keep it practical, but the basic idea stayed the same: a detailed, anatomically correct (or as good as), 3D female figure that was designed for Poser. The free Demo gives you the opportunity to see the rig from up close in Poser and also gives you an introduction to the figure (available at CGbytes and Renderosity). If you like what you see you can get the Early Edition at CGbytes. The Early Edition is actually a kind of test run for Evolution, and so far it seems that people are happy. So the Official Edition will be done soon and will hopefully be released at both CGbytes and Renderosity simultaneously (not yet confirmed though). Dates pending.

The Official Edition (or Final Edition) is basically the same as the Early Edition, but with a few more details added. Anyone that has bought the Early Edition from CGbytes will get automatically upgraded to the Official one (you don't need to buy it again). 

Lessons learned? If you ever want to make your own figure, allow me to give you some advice: keep your ambitions to a bare minimum, don't share too many of your ideas, don't get too many people involved, and don't mix business with creativity, especially if you're in the process of discovering how to do something. Creative projects like this have their own set of challenges, marketing is a totally different animal. They don't mix! Wait until you've completed the figure before you start making business plans. Because the moment you start telling people what it is that you hope to achieve before your project is complete, some eager folks might start making plans, which is cool, but they end up getting disappointed because everything has changed, and you end up getting blamed. Creativity is not something that follows a set path, especially when using tools that have limitations. You will cut corners and end up making decisions to get things done, and that will change the initial plan of the project. Creativity needs to be free to be done right. Business comes in once you actually have something to sell. Remember that and you will avoid any awkwardness and everyone will be happy.

(addendum: also do your business deals yourself. Don't expect others to do it.)

So, therefore: I am not going to say a thing about a male version. All I will perhaps say is that I need it for my own comics. 

Speaking of which, from now on, it will probably be just comics. I need to recover from all this and get this blog sorted out. I'll be back to normal soon. In the meanwhile, check out my Deviant Art page and Gallery. LOTS of fun stuff!