Wednesday, 16 May 2018

The longest Disco in History!

I just wanna quickly say, I'm working on the DD3, hard! And in the process I'm setting up the tools and environment for more comics. I really hope I can gain momentum like I did back in 2012.

With the release of the Disco Dragon 3 I'm going to make my return at Renderotica again, with regular posts. (I've been a bit reluctant to post there, I still owe them a TaB update which got swamped because of PE.) I'll also be gradually posting stuff on Tumblr too, both mainstream and sexy. I'm working on compiling all my free series since Art of Darkness to Deviant Art into a Fapware series, or something like that. 

I promise promise promise promise promise no more side-projects anymore. I'm just not cut out for this vendor thing, I hate it. It feels like being a pilot stuck in the hangar fixing engines for other pilots, while all I wanna do is fly myself!! Making stuff for comics is fun, making stuff for commercial use is torture. Compare it to making an omelette for yourself, or for a restaurant. I still do wanna help, I'll probably make some tutorials and I might set up a Poser DIY line at some point, basically unfinished content for experienced Poser users to tinker with and finish for themselves.

Anyway, onwards!!

Check out my new gals, Lexi and Michelle.

Thursday, 25 January 2018

Project Evolution is out!

Well she's been out for a while now, ahem. Long story.

As you know I've been working on this project for 4 years now, 2 years if you don't include the first iterations of the project. I wanted it to be an Evolution from V4, but that would have been very difficult to pull off without getting into legal drama with DAZ. So finally with the release of P11 and yet another underwhelming Poser figure, I thought it was time to cut the crap and make a brand new figure entirely from scratch. 

That was 2 years ago, lol.

Anyway, I lot has changed since then, I had to scrap a lot of wild ideas and keep it practical, but the basic idea stayed the same: a detailed, anatomically correct (or as good as), 3D female figure that was designed for Poser. The free Demo gives you the opportunity to see the rig from up close in Poser and also gives you an introduction to the figure (available at CGbytes and Renderosity). If you like what you see you can get the Early Edition at CGbytes. The Early Edition is actually a kind of test run for Evolution, and so far it seems that people are happy. So the Official Edition will be done soon and will hopefully be released at both CGbytes and Renderosity simultaneously (not yet confirmed though). Dates pending.

The Official Edition (or Final Edition) is basically the same as the Early Edition, but with a few more details added. Anyone that has bought the Early Edition from CGbytes will get automatically upgraded to the Official one (you don't need to buy it again). 

Lessons learned? If you ever want to make your own figure, allow me to give you some advice: keep your ambitions to a bare minimum, don't share too many of your ideas, don't get too many people involved, and don't mix business with creativity, especially if you're in the process of discovering how to do something. Creative projects like this have their own set of challenges, marketing is a totally different animal. They don't mix! Wait until you've completed the figure before you start making business plans. Because the moment you start telling people what it is that you hope to achieve before your project is complete, some eager folks might start making plans, which is cool, but they end up getting disappointed because everything has changed, and you end up getting blamed. Creativity is not something that follows a set path, especially when using tools that have limitations. You will cut corners and end up making decisions to get things done, and that will change the initial plan of the project. Creativity needs to be free to be done right. Business comes in once you actually have something to sell. Remember that and you will avoid any awkwardness and everyone will be happy.

(addendum: also do your business deals yourself. Don't expect others to do it.)

So, therefore: I am not going to say a thing about a male version. All I will perhaps say is that I need it for my own comics. 

Speaking of which, from now on, it will probably be just comics. I need to recover from all this and get this blog sorted out. I'll be back to normal soon. In the meanwhile, check out my Deviant Art page and Gallery. LOTS of fun stuff!

Saturday, 21 October 2017

Update coming soon

Hey peeps and fans, sorry for not keeping this updated. Everything is kind of on hold until I get PE done. I'm aiming for a xmas release. I'll post a more detailed update a.s.a.p.

In the meanwhile you can find a lot of info, free renders and fun on the following pages:

cheers for now!

Monday, 7 August 2017

Project E 2017 - and other Poser figures

Since I'm in the UK things have changed and I now need to stop beating around the bush and get things done. I want to get on with comics but first I need to gt something important out of the way. Poser, and the Poserverse is in need of a realistic figure to reflect / represent all that is awesome about Poser, and give Poser artists a nice figure to work with in their art. I've been working on Project E for a few years now and now its time to complete that. Its been a difficult task, lots of lessons learned, lots of compromises to be made in this ever-changing field of CGI. Some companies seek to ruthlessly control the sector (they can go fuck themselves), others are a bit helpless (they need to drink more coffee). In the meanwhile artists in the middle are suffering because of this stupid corporate battle, including me, and I hope PE can make an end to this. This is about art, and commerce can go take a number. We will decide what's happening, if you wanna make cash of us, fine, but do it in your own fucking time.

I'm not the only one making Poser figures. A dude that I know by the name of Ali is making Bella, no idea how far he is, but she looks pretty decent. Then there is Mr. Sir. Prof. Ambientshade who is working on a male and a female character for Poser, called Orion and Venus (cool names btw). I also want to help them out because its also in my best interest. If PE isn't successful, then I could make morphs for those figures too. We need to move on, as professional artists, and not just doodle around with crappy half-baked figures.

So one thing is for certain, the Poserverse is not one to curl up and die. Sure its great when a superpower takes the reigns and makes everything easier for you, decides what you render with, what you buy, what uberfigure you use, and submit yourself to exclusive security from the one DAZzling empire of 3D... but humans generally don't do well under one Furore do they? Na, we're free spirits, we're artists, since the renaissance, we scribbled our debauchery on pieces of parchment if we had to, or etched it into stone or firewood. Art has no limits, no allegiance. We'll decide what to render, and with what, thank you.

So, I've gotten over myself and accepted that Poser has its issues, and despite them its still pretty superior to even some high-end apps. The only thing that is not superior is its figures, they look like cartoony dolls, and while there's a time and a place for cartoony dolls, come on guys, let's not kid ourselves... we want REALISM! Duh. Project E will hopefully help out there. I just cleaned up the base rig and she's ready for all the fun stuff... once the vendors have seen her. Vendors are your ticket to a clothed figure, textures, extra hair, so be kind to them and offer them baskets of fruit, wash their feet, and sacrifice a goat every full moon to them. They will make things happen for you.

Here are some pictures of Project E (mesh5) as she is now. 

Thursday, 3 August 2017

He finally did it!!

Yes yes, I've been talking about it for well over a year, ever since the power problems began in the country I was living in, that I would move to either Canada or the UK. Well I'm now in the UK! Some folks didn't believe I would really do it, not even my own family! So yeah, I get that a lot. I always take my time. I'd rather get things right, and perfect, than wrong and sloppy. Same as my comics and my 3D projects, I take my time and get it right, but I always complete it! I am a stubborn man :D

Oh btw the country I was living in? Malawi.
BUT even though I always take my time, I hope things will change now and I can finally start producing on a more regular basis. I had to wave my home in Africa goodbye because it was becoming impossible to develop myself there. Firstly there were some big problems with my family estate. Its a long and boring story. They say family always come first... there is a limit to that rule. There were other issues too, but yeah, boring personal stuff. But then there's also the country.

Since I returned there in 2010, the country has steadily been going downhill, mostly due to mismanagement, bad governance, apathy and rampant corruption. They were warned years in advance that they would be confronted with power and water problems because of the combined effects of population growth and climate change. But they did bugger-all, nothing, nada. Instead all the money went into Universities (that nobody will use), expensive football stadiums, and an expensive inland port that is now crumbing unused for the last six years because of really bad planning and management. All purely done to get re-elected. Its a sad affair, especially for the local population... whom I began to find rather apathetic at a certain point. When a government blatantly steals from you, and does nothing to stop it, wouldn't you get a huge mob together and storm their palaces with torches and pitchforks? Not here. They just re-elected the same party.

Can I blame them? fuck no of course not. These guys are as poor as shit. Man they are broke. They have nothing, but you won't immediately see that. They live in extreme poverty and misery, and still they're happy. The justaposition has formed me, and you could probably see it in my work too. I've buried so many of them and their family and friends in he time I lived here because of malaria, AIDS and fucking Cholera, that it might explain my lack of manners, disregard for etiquette, and sense of urgency and impatience towards bad management and people that hinder the fun time of others. Life is short, have fun, be stupid, be silly... be outrageous.

So as you can imagine it wasn't a very inspiring environment for me to work in. And then of course the results of this apathy and corruption: no power, sometimes for weeks during the day. I must have spent well over $5,000 on petrol for the generator last year and even more on batteries. Sometimes there wasn't even water. People were walking kilometers with buckets on their heads fetching from cholera-infested puddles because the local water kiosks were dry. We even saved up water in our bathtubs to share with the local village. Luckily the rains came early in 2016, but that brings a whole different problem: lightning. Badly maintained Transformers and electricity poles getting hit = no power for days because the one truck they can afford to send out has to fix twenty-seven poles by itself... while the managers drive around in the latest BMW. Its such a shame because it is really the most beautiful country in Africa.  

So yeah, I was a porn artist in Malawi. Although Porno and Erotica is illegal there, I could probably have lived there without much of a problem because they're hardly capable of dealing with their own corruption (nor interested), let alone one dude making naughty pictures over the internet. But yeah, it would just need one guy with some problem to spill the beans on me and suddenly I will be an overnight sensation because I'm a white guy making porn in Africa. Headline fucking news, yunno? So I wasn't going to risk being made a sensation of either.

So, bye bye Africa. 

Hello UK!! I traveled with 50Kgs of Computers, my cat, 20Kgs of harddrives as hand-luggage (shh), and underwear. I left all my clothes behind with unaccompanied and had to buy new clothes once I got to the UK haha. Many of my friends were all worried that they would confiscate my hard drives at customs but I wasn't worried at all because I've packed many times heavier in the past with my hand-luggage. I even traveled right after the London Bombings in 2005 with 30Kgs of hand luggage haha! also hard drives and laptops! Once in 2002 with cymbals and a jackson guitar. Piece of cake. 
So yeah also my cat. Man those fucking animals need their body weight in paperwork to get shipped to the UK its incredible, and I had to start months in advance too!!! So much paperwork its crazy. Compared to me with just one flash of my passport and boom I'm in. Never mind Brexit. So yeah my cat obviously hated the journey. I did stop over in another country in Africa and I was called over the intercom to come remove him from his cage so they could scan the box. I asked them if they were mental. But yeah it needed to be done. So I removed him from his cage in the middle of the cargo area with like 30 dudes standing there watching me clutching onto my cat (who by the way was very happy to see me). But anyway, he arrived safely and thanks to all the preparations he didn't have to go into quarantine! I could take him straight away. My girlfriend awaited me, we hired a car and drove to Manchester. A week later and my cat is totally happy, it did take him a few days to come out of hiding though!

So now...

Well now I've been here for a few months and although things are going very well, man it taking me some time to set up again. Things are different here and all the crap from Malawi is catching up to me. I made some bad decisions back there and now I'm paying for it. TaB in DS was one of them. Man I spent well over two months trying to fix shit with TaB DS. Guys I don't use DS. I respect it, its great, but I don't use it. I have no authority there and the last damn thing I should do is release products for DS. Iray does things differently and transmapped conformed items have no place in the world of DAZ, that's clear. None-the-less TaB for DS didn't do too badly, many folks still seemed to figure out ways to put it to good use. But one thing is for sure, it wasn't designed for the prefab art market. TaB is an option, an addon, an erotica artist's plaything, was and always will be. And I need to stay well the fuck out of that world and not touch DAZ Studio anymore with a ten foot pole, I spent more time fixing shit with TaB for DAZ studio than making TaB for DAZ Studio. So no more of that shit. I'm just going to raise expectations and disappoint people... well some then. I will provide 'options' for my DS friends ;) more on that later...

I have been desperate to get back into comics but the only way I can guarantee that is by finally completing Project E (also most definitely for financial reasons). But I confess I am VERY reluctant. This content war thing is getting ridiculous. Stupid in fact. Poser's market share on the content side of things is at an all down low, but Poser itself is thankfully still going for it regardless. I kind of hope that Project E will kill off the whole content dependency thing, because I am beginning to develop a hate for the word 'content'. Its almost a currency, or some commodity on the Stock Exchange that has no artistic value whatsoever. In fact I've been making my own content again since I came to the UK. 

Guys this is art, its about fascination, story-telling, inspiration, motivation, amusement, entertainment. Poser started the whole content war, but DAZ perverted it. They have taken all the fun out of it for me. Now its like some urgent fucking duty for me to make shit for this market. Guys, pick up a paint brush, a camera, a crayon, a fucking piece of charcoal if you have to, ok? and remind yourself that this is about captivating the people that look at your shit, either by humor, or awe, or fascination... or just stupid happy fun. Make your tool your own, and don't let DAZ decide how YOUR art looks like! Project E, when she comes out, will be your tool. Don't let her determine your art, let her help you with it.

Here's the deal

So, down to brass tacks. Comics are going, but slowly. Project E is taking priority, mostly so I can get that bitch out of the way. Poser needs it, I need it, and ya'lls asses need it. No idea if it will be any good but fuck it, we'll see. I've redone a load of her since I came to the UK: her hands, arms, back, face, vagina even. She's down to ONE abdomen (like V4) purely to get her to scale properly (don't worry the girl can bend VERY well). Rigging is redone, UV maps have been perfected, and I'm about to start with the morphs. Guys I want her out the door a.s.a.p. I wanna get on with my life, but I see the need for a proper figure in Poserland, and fast. So I'm prepared to keep at it. Please be patient. 

My DS friends. Listen, like I said above, I don't use DS and I need to stay well the fuck away from it when it comes to official products for the thing. But I know there's a few of you out there that want PE happening in DS. Well, I have a plan for you, but please remember, its a Poser product first. If you're cool with that, then we can play.

So yeah that's basically it, oh and please check out my Deviant Art page which gets updated frequently with silly fun renders for ya'lls amusement! 

Hugs n kisses!

Friday, 20 January 2017

TaB, doubleTaB and more sex scenes!

So! Now for some fun news!

I TOTALLY forgot to announce the release of TaB here and on my blog (doh) I was just too busy and caught up in things. Everything with me goes slow, even my announcements! The Poser version has been for sale over at Renderotica already for a few weeks. The DAZ version is getting rounded off and has already undergone testing. Shouldn't be too long now.

Project E

As promised I have resumed development on project E, albeit I am still balancing it out with comics and other small projects. As you will have noticed I made a nice simple base texture for a character called Lucinda (the redhead) but in doing so I discovered some small issues in the UV map that needed fixing. They made the texture warp unnaturally so I spent some time straightening that out. I just cleaned up the new rig so I think I'm about ready to start making morphs... gulp...

Seeing Double??

But speaking of other small projects, after reading a WHOLE bunch of suggestions in the forums for TaB, someone mentioned the possibility of having a double willy, and immediately I thought: "Hm, I can do that." And within a day I more or less had put DoubleTaB together!

Model on right is a photoshopped concept image.

So its basically two TaBs joined together at the hip, with a special new hip mesh, but for the rest everything works the same as the original TaB, each with their own movement controls, morphs, and also the possibility to combine the erotextures with the two willies. It only supports the Ero UV format, but if it really does well, and if enough people ask for it, I'll consider doing different UV versions... but the UV map is VERY complicated to do, so... ya...

Now I have NO IDEA if this would interest anyone, so I'm going to pitch it in the forums of Rotica and see what people will say. Maybe it might be too ridiculous lol. Anyway, DoubleTaB is almost complete, and as usual the initial version will be Poser only. The DS version will probably follow soon after.

Other projects

I also have other things that might be hitting the store soon, in collaboration with some other CG artists and vendors, for example an archery set and also some nice shoes. Besides that I'll probably release some nice stuff to go along with Sen's first comic. More on this later!

More SEX!!!

Now for some fun comic news. Regarding the Disco Dragon 3 and Sen's comics, nothing new there. They're still rendering bit-by-bit. But I've decided to start doing something fun with some of the free series I've been posting over at Art of Darkness and Deviant Art. I've already started collecting all of the threads and all the comments that helped the series grow, and what I want to do is compile them into a comic format, and then add some additional sexy scenes and sell them as mini comics on Renderotica. 

So for example I'm going to finish the Arcas Afterparty series with Clips and Lali going at it upstairs, expand a little more on the Pock Rescue series sex scene between von Graff and Lali, and maybe also some additional naughty scenes with clips and Julie in the pool during the pool party. So basically they'll all still be available to see for free on DA and AoD, but the additional naughty scenes would need to be purchased. I won't ask for much, just a little compensation for the effort of putting it together, for example.

Oh and btw! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! lol

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Don't blame porno!!!! James Hetfield STFU!

Just when I was trying to figure out how many porno bans need to fail to make people realize that it really doesn't get us anywhere, my all-time hero starts doing some really stupid shit.

Can people please stop being so fucking immature? What is this world coming to when your old time hero starts bashing porno? James Fucking Hetfield I am talking about! Yes the "open-legs-for-a-different-view" Hetfield! 

Apparently James Hetfield had a porn addiction and is now going around the world saying that porn is the cause of that. What the entire fuck man? Hetfield, bro, even I had a porn addiction, but I had the common sense not to blame porn for that! Weren't you the one that wrote the song "The God that failed"? Remember that that was about? Yeah, horrible subject, but can you not tie two and two together? Hashtag oppression? 

Its not about men or women; its about sex, you idiot! My father was a product of the oppressive 50s, he has a sex addiction, and his mind is fucking warped in that regard. I have NO problem babbling about this online. Thankfully all that crap went past me in my upbringing, we all thought he was some whacked out hippie naturist. Even when I stumbled on his porn stash I shrugged and can barely remember the pictures. 

Oh I'm a porn artist am I? No, I am an erotica artist, which is very different (much to the dismay to some of my fans :D ). I drew my own porn when I was 14, lost my virginity when I was 14, bought my first mags when I was 15 (I think)... since then I didn't give a particular fuck about porn really...

... until I hit university. I had a girlfriend, porn flooded in by floppy disk (that soon turned hard), CD and then DVD, and all through the internet, I had sex coming from everywhere. But really? 'Porn addiction'? Bro my whole class suffered from it. We ALL DOWNLOADED IT! I know girls that downloaded it even. It was the norm. Dude really?

So anyway, I cured myself from my "porn addiction" by writing a C# application that automatically downloaded GIGABYTES of jpegs per second. The first debug test resulted in a library of millions of pictures that I still haven't seen all to this day... mainly because I got bored of it, and I realized it was all about the taboo, the naughtiness, the challenge even. (wasn't porno once considered some form of political rebellion?)

Since then I sometimes have a peek at porn, the most I download is gifs with repeating motions of which I sometimes long for with my girlfriend over in the UK. But dude, brother Hetfield, porn is a man's thing. We're visual animals. We need to see the thing happening. Girls love the feeling, but we need to see it going in, and out, and in. Next time you fuck a girl, watch how she has her eye's closed and you're looking at your junk entering her. How is that a problem?

Man man man. I think I like Donald Trump, just being the asshole he is. Why? because all of this political correctness is really making me sick. Especially since it seems to have no basis in reality. This is not some sexist retort. For the love of Christ I have more female friends that male, I am the TRUE ladies man, because I actually fucking respect them. I love women to pieces. I love talking to them, I love fucking them. But what few stupid people seem to know is that women are also sexual beings like men are. WOMEN LOVE SEX TOO!!!!!!

There is a dynamic between men and women that porno might obscure a bit, but you have to have grown up under a fucking rock to think that porno is the guidebook to this interaction!!!!! You're not suffering from a porn addiction, you're suffering from bad education! All you need to do is listen to a woman about her ideas about sex and you're ok! Oh wait, you've been taught to ignore women? Women are second-rate citizens? Oh is that a Porno problem? No. fuck you, its probably a religious problem! ISIS strikes again! Blame your local parish, blame your school, blame your parents. But leave porno out of it! 

Grow up man! Respect for women is in your head, not your dick.

The best porno movie I've watched was a flick between two well-known porno actors that were clearly fucking for joy. That was more spiritually satisfying to watch than all the religious scriptures combined over the last millennia. 

In other words, to blame your addiction on porn is like blaming your hunger on food. Just because you were starving at one point doesn't make it ok to blame your local supermarket for your suffering.

Hetfield, get a grip dude. Poke a drumstick up Lars if you're so frustrated. But please, chill out man. Metal up YOUR ass!

EDIT: I watched the "cardboard butterfly" thing, and I agree that education is imperative... but it needs to involve TRUTH! Who we are as a species, what we seek, what we desire, and yes, that is youth. Sorry it just is. Its nature, its evolution. The good news is that you're not the only one suffering from it. We all suffer from being human. Men and women alike. Youth is a curse that that we will all suffer from in time... (my art just postpones it in the safe confines of fantasy)