Thursday, 9 July 2020

Millerstreet Photoshoot Uncensored Bits

Here are two of the uncensored picas from The Millerstreet Photoshoot over at Deviant Art (DA doesn't allow genital contact and sex). I am currently still waiting for access to my new hosting space before I can start setting up my new website.

The WIX website is cool, it's a fairly good service, but WIX has way too many issues for me to use it seriously (one of them being that it forces you to download webp images instead of JPEGs). I will be writing my own website and code as soon as I have access.

I will be updating this post with more as time goes by.

Friday, 12 June 2020

Images of Sen's kit in development

As I mentioned before, in the background I have been modeling some more detailed gear for Sen. Previously I was using some recycled V4 models, kit-bashed and chopped up to suit my needs. But now it's a lot more detailed, a little more primitive and more accurate to her environment. I'm mostly talking about her bracers and shin guards. I did make a nice cloak for her to wear at night and she rolls it up in a bundle on her back, alongside her bow and arrows and her sword. I also made a portable phallus (or as we call it: dildo). This dildo does have a certain role to play in her world aside from just self-pleasuring. Let's just say, they need to keep themselves 'trained'.... just in case.

If you're here from my WIX website (which I'll be ditching in the near future because of severe limitations) Xtina pic is in an older post!

Monday, 8 June 2020

Fun reviews over at Affect3D!!!

Check this out:

Disco Dragon Reviews Part 3 and 4 @ Affect3D

or more specifically:

Disco Dragon 3 review
Disco Dragon 4 review

edit: there's more!!

A bit of a spoiler warning though! I will admit, it's so much fun for me to see people so enthused by those comics!! 

Thanks everyone! <3

edit: a massive shout out to the reviewer Franaus who took the time to put this all together! Also definitely go check out the other titles.

Friday, 5 June 2020

What's ero up to in 2020

Well now. Ehm...

Ok first, I found out that fair number of people actually DO keep track of this blog lol! Total surprise to me. Also, I've been visiting a lot of pirate sites, and man I get a lot of glowing compliments there. Ehm, I miss out on all that, please let me know what you think here or at Deviant Art. I know my shit gets pirated to no end, and I'd rather you buy it obviously cuz I could use the cash, but I'm just happy people like it. Let me know what you think of my shit!

Anywhoo, about websites and Deviant Art, so since the lockdowns started, I've been posting a pic-a-day about a photoshoot to promote the Disco Dragon 4 to keep ya'll asses entertained... but that has now escalated into an almost 100 picture series with pretty high res pin-ups of all the girls... and I've decided just to go straight into sex comics. I think I might be able to squeeze 3 mini comics out of it.

In the meanwhile I've been busy with Sen's comic as well as Lali Sutra. But they're going slow due to the photoshoot. Go check it out, it's a lot of fun!

Pic over here is me testing out some 'smart materials' on Sen where I can fade in dirt and sweat as the comic progresses.

Pic below of Lali and Xtina are the first renders from Lali Sutra.

About Deviant Art... things have changed there and it's giving me the chills. DA never made a big deal about the site design and let the art stand central. Now the site has turned into a rather confusing flat-design web-designer's wet-dream project with all the gadgets and bells and whistles and it's become a little impractical almost. The new design 'Eclipse' is not terrible but such a drastic and unnecessary departure from Deviant Art's original feel, and I'm a little worried that they're now focusing trying to become an Art Station and maybe wanting to shed off their amateurish, fetishist, porny, my little pony fanart reputation... which IMO was what made them actually cool and fun and... dare I say it... deviant? I have the feeling they're going down the corporate Tumblr route. So yeah I'm feeling the pressure to make sure I have a back-up site...

So as some of you might know, I've been working on my new website but I made a stupid decision using WIX (Who btw also owns Dviant Art now...). WIX is pretty decent but there are a lot of limitations. So I've started to re-develop the site on a more independent platform and hopefully this time with a gallery where you can comment and shit. I'll let you know here once that is done.

In the meanwhile, good to know you're actually keeping track of me here!

PS: I am Dutch ;) born and raised in Malawi, studied in South Africa and now live in the UK. And I can speak Kombuis Dutch too yes. You can also buy the Disco Dragons at Gumroad or Affect3D ;D

Sunday, 26 January 2020

New website, and comics @ gumroad!

Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, esteemed pervs and fellow naughty people, the Disco Dragon series is now available at Gumroad! All prices are in British pounds, but I think Americans can pay for it too. Everything should be working! I will keep a close eye on things in the next week. Contact me any time you want! You can visit my shop here:

Erogenesis @ gumroad!

I've also set up a basic website using Wix. There are still a few things I need to set up over there, and next month, if all goes well, I'll go premium with them, which means no more ads, linking to my domain, etc. So far everything is going ok. Wix are ok with hosting adult content, but not selling it. So I needed to go through gumroad to do that.

Click here to check my new website!

I am currently also talking with Affect3D about selling the Disco Dragon over there.

Sorry that this all took so long but it was NOT easy finding a place to sell. As most of you know by now, Renderotica's payment system for mostly comics has been borked since Xmas 2019. They've assured me that they cannot do much about it but they're on it daily. I do believe them, but in the meanwhile I need to get my comics out to people. I'll still continue looking for other places to sell, like Dark Horse or Dynamite Entertainment. I will also carry on looking into making a store of my own. I'm just waiting for to reply to me.

Stay tuned for more updates soon! Contact me through here in the comments, or on my new website, or through my email if you have any questions, or if you're having issues over at Gumroad.

Also, I've renamed the Lali Lite series to 'Erogirls' as the 'Lite' aspect has become meaningless now (the DD4 is 1000+ pages ahem!).

And thank you for your patience!

Thursday, 16 January 2020

Renderotica Payment Issue Update

As most of you know, since Xmas 2019, Renderotica's comic store (Renderotique) had been experiencing payment issues, stopping many people from buying my latest comic The Disco Dragon 4. It is still possible to purchase the comic through a manual payment after contacting the Store Manager of Renderotica. 

The issue has not yet been resolved, but I wish to draw your attention to this official post made by the Renderotica Team where they clearly explain what the problem is, and what to expect for the future. They expect the issue to be resolved this week.

I would like to commend them on their transparency and clarity, although it would have been better to have posted this a little sooner, but still, I'm very happy with their tone here.

I will also notify you a.s.a.p when the issue has been resolved!