Saturday, 6 July 2013

And it's back to comics!!!

Oh my lord what an episode... adventure actually! Lali's Bits really took over my life for almost half a year. Time to move on. Yes I know I promised an update, that's still coming. I've got the materials ready (email me if you want them in advance), I've just discovered some useful Pose plugin for the reset poses you guys have been asking for, but kindof thinking about what else I can add to it without making my life too hard. I actually remapped the pussy prop so I'm trying to figure out how to get that to you without the pirates going ape on it.

Speaking of making my life hard, I just mentioned this 'Project E' below. I think some of you might know what the deal is, but please please please please please hold your horses because this is an insane project, and I have no experienced development team behind me, am all alone in it. Its an interesting learning curve, but a steep one (especially with such great but horrendously convoluted software like zBrush). Please forgive me for being vague, I wanna make sure I have the mental space to develop this bitch properly and in peace. These things do take time to make properly... but I also couldn't keep quiet about it, because half of you would know something was up anyway haha. 

What I will say is that I am excited about it for myself, as it will definitely make my erotic comics a lot easier and realistic to make. It was something I had been thinking of ever since i started preparing Lali's Bits for the shop, and how annoying it is to constantly have to lag behind all the sexless nonsense going on over at DAZ. I don't feel like having to undergo the torture of Lali's Bits every time DAZ makes something without a pussy. Fuck that. So, I'm making something fun for myself :D So if it applies to me, it will probably also apply to you... eventually... O.o (help me god)

Soooo, if all goes well you should see what it is capable of in the NEXT COMIC! whoohoo which I have actually started! You've all seen the room in which it will take place, 
I've started making the dudes: jolly ol' bri'ish chaps I'll have you know! Cor blimey, I'll say those american birds are in for a good ol' shagging, that's right good that is! Tally ho, pip pip bum and bernard's your uncle! let's show those yanks what we're made of! For King, for country!
All the Mericans in the house go: those darned brits with their willies, fuggem, let them chicks show 'em whippersnappers what us Mericans trained them to do!!

can you tell I'm having fun? hahaha


  1. "those darned brits with their willies, fuggem, let them chicks show 'em whippersnappers what us Mericans trained them to do!!" I think I have actually said that in my lifetime. As a Merican that is.

  2. Exciting :D
    I'm looking forward to even more fantastic rants in the near future then! ;)

    1. haha yeah. Those rants will be even worse probably!

  3. Looking good Ero. Love the top image of Lali... Oh so cute and sexy. I don't just want this as my Desktop back ground, I want it tatooed on the inside of my eyelids! Keep 'em coming please. Every time you post a new image it makes my day!

    1. hehe, I think you are going to have such a fun time with the new comic. I don't think you'll have seen Lali any naughtier then!!

  4. Based on the image above I believe you should consider making the hip crease stretch in over the hood so that it all looks more attached.

    But I keep saying I'm looking forward to more adventures with Lali.

  5. yeah that image is actually of the older version. the new one is smoothed out and has mor polys. so you could achieve pretty much anything down there!

    I'm also looking forward, I'm already having fun with the story hehehehe


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