Wednesday, 10 July 2013

Jeans, pockets and a little of Project E

- So master Erogenesis, a fine morning to you sir. What did you do last night?
- Why kind sir, a good morning to you too. Me? Well, I made a pair of jeans.
- Oh, fancy that. So what's so special about your jeans?

So, yeah I made me some jeans. Its got pockets, front and back, they can open and close, and they have inner lining too!! I still have to make some FBMs to deal with certain movements. Also needs a little extra texture work. Above and below you can also see Lali's All-Stars that I made yesterday. Man I should go into the fashion industry!

I've also made a few tshirt designs for the girls, so that they can be trendy students! You'll see some of them tomorrow. Off course I mustn't show too much, it has to be a surprise for the comic hehe.

In the meanwhile I did a tiny bit of work on Project E today, some elbow work. Below you can see some more concepts about the whole idea of this project.

I am getting a little worried that people are expecting me to compete with other similar projects, but that's not really my intention. My intention was to just let people know that there's hope, hahaha! But I wouldn't be surprised if it will end up being competition for others. In any case, I just wanna try make something very flexible, integrated, sexy, maybe with options to change bodyshape into V4, V5 or V6, instead of having to fit the clothes to her. It all depends what works and what is feasible. 

Just so you know, Dawn can kiss my ass. Don't get me wrong, Dawn looks brilliant, they did a very good job on her... but its the same old thing!! I don't get why people would make such an effort to make such a nice 3D lady, after V4, V5, V6... and not give the bitch a pussy? I mean, how long have we been buying, investing, spending cash on these figures and scavenging around for all kinds of genital props, leaving it up to people like me to fidget some prefab cunt into her mesh... and how many are we? We are definitely a big client base, you'd think they'd listen to our demands... and still they make a sexless doll? It makes no sense to me. 


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  2. Yes, I saw the Dawn and thought the same. Saw her round bending elbows, and Victoria 3-ish body wondering what the incentive is supposed to be.

    The stuff you're doing should become standard, not going backwards.*smh*

    Anyways, nice shoes, and jeans. Project E doesn't seem to have the glorious lusciousness of Lali, but it has great potential.

  3. As far as I am concerned, so far, my "lalified" V4 *IS* my standard.
    I have no doubts that your work becomes a base to go with for a lot
    of people, Ero. I can see many Poser xxx works online which, without
    a doubt, are sporting the Lali Bits system these days. The concrete
    is settling in the foundations of that tower, mate :p

  4. I'm with you on Dawn. More of the same. But then, even if she *did* have a full set of genitals, would I buy her? I doubt it considering all of the various figures over the years that came with pussies have been an overall disappointment to me. Dena, Natalia, Miki, I had them all. Without fail I always went back to Victoria with a genital morph/prop. Now with Lali's bits, I can't see myself using any other figure anytime soon.


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