Monday, 8 July 2013

All Stars and Lecture rooms!

Another few days ahead and I've made a whole set of Converse All Stars for the ladies (those laces were a bitch to make!). Here you can see Laila sporting her punk type Ollies. Lali has her own flowery ones. While we're on the subject, here you can see Laila's gothic /alternative look, and right now she's got a Sex-Pistols type top on, but I was wondering, would I get into trouble with the band if I make her wear a 'Megadeth' or 'Cradle of Filth' top? hehe that would be awesome! (remnants of my Metal past!! \m/ ). And by the way, that new morphing tool in Poser is DA BOMB!!! very handy! Now all they need to do is get the drape function involved in this tool, and PER frame a new memorized drape.

Oh man, I can tell you I am having a lot of fun with this storyline. It is a simple one, but there's a whole lot of fun and humor involved. 

Today I made a whole bunch of props including the entire first scene building, lecture room, the seats, plus hallways, of Lali's university days as an exchange student in Cambridge. I've just started rigging the textures. Tomorrow I'm gonna have fun making eggs and bacon models... haha. You'll see. 

I also have to revisit the scene I made a while back, I need to do something about the buildings at the back. Right now they're very flat.

Project E will be continued once I have all the scenes setup and ready to animate.  


  1. This is all exciting stuff, E! But, like I said elsewhere, don't bust a gut over it....have another glass of red and enjoy the journey!

  2. Don't know much about Laili, but I like her. The All Stars, very nice. I bet she was the brat to Lali. They probably fought a lot, pulled each other's hair a lot fighting over hairspray.


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