Friday, 8 March 2013

Lali Bits and V4WM?

read the comment below for a working solution

Ok boys and girls, lets try this V4WM thing.

I don't have it yet (and I don't DARE install it cuz I'm afraid it will fuck with everything). But correct me if I am wrong. V4WM is just a V4 with all her bending corrected with weight maps, right?

If that is so, and you prefer V4WM over the LS Bending, then you'll probably need to go to 'Master Controls' > Remove Whole System = 1. But you'd want the pussy back, right?

Read carefully: To the right of the dial 'Remove Whole System' is a little circle-type icon. Click on that. A window will pop up with a list. Look for Body::Remove LS Vagina. Select that. Click in the button below 'Remove Selected'. If all is well, the vagina should pop back now.

Ok so that procedure knocks out all Lali Bits JCMs, but keep the vagina in place. I'm not to sure how the opening will go though.


If you want to keep just Lali Bits ass JCMs but the rest WM... oooh, that will be a LOT of work (or maybe not), but not impossible. Basically you load up a normal V4 next to your V4WM. Delete all the WM info in the V4WM's legs. Then (only in Pro 2012 I think) keep the V4WM selected and go to Figures > Copy Joint Zones From... and select the original V4. Does that work?

If not, hehe, make a big pot of coffee because you'll be busy for a while. You'll have to replicate all the info for the thighs in your V4WM in your Joint Editor (Ctrl+Shift+J), such as center, x, y, z rotations, add zones, and match the falloff zones, such that it matches the original V4. Its doable... 

So... post below what your ideas and findings are. Any more questions?


  1. Clever dude Jonathan Mott just sent me this:

    so what I did was:

    -Load a clean V4
    -In the Setup Room delete everything above the hip (click the triangle, hit "Delete" key)
    -Back to Pose room
    -Load V4WM
    -Copy joints from V4 to V4WM
    -Inject Lali system (I imagine this can be done at any time along the way, it shouldn't affect anything)

    This procedure seems to work perfectly so far. With no joints zones above the hip to copy from V4, the weight mapping there stays intact. Everything below gets copied from V4, so Lali works. I am happy with this, because I was never fond of the WM legs but find the upper body stuff essential, plus now I can use shoes again.

  2. Could you post an illustrated tutorial on doing so? Somehow I keep screwing it up.

    1. I'll try. We first need to sort out the P7 issue. Keep an eye on the blog! cheers!

    2. Jet, I've made up something to make the bits usable for V4WM. Wanna test it for me?

  3. When you say delete everything above the hip, is this the hip included as well?

    1. no not the hip.

      PS: we're carrying on with the experiments. so stay tuned for any more updates on the matter

    2. I've made up something to make the bits usable for V4WM. Wanna test it for me?

  4. So your more recent post about this works better than Jonathan Mott's method?

    1. kindof yes. I include the joint center correction. The results are slightly better, but there's just something odd about them. The thighs appear flatter than with the original. I suspect that the V4WM might have messed with the deformers and that Lali's Bits still kindof works with deformers. Yes, I confess, there are still some parts of this whole system that even I don't know about :O haha. Gotta love V4 coding... not...

  5. Interested in this as well. I just tried on my own, prior to reading this and got an error installing Lalibits to the WMV4 saying something about lgroin missing. To my understanding he did fool around with the bones a little. As it stands, and this speaks to the quality of your product, if I have to choose between Lalibits and Weight mapped V4, I'm staying with Lalibits.

    1. Hey Jaci, I've made up something to make the bits usable for V4WM. Wanna test it for me?


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