Tuesday, 26 February 2013

DAZ Users... help!

I'm trying to get a DAZ version but I am running into a brick wall.

Making the injection for Poser was mostly tough because Poser doesn't have a good debugging system, so it was a tremendous puzzle, but at least there was always a way forward, even if it cost me my soul. Its was primarily the coding that was a problem, but the morphs always worked consistently.

But now... because DAZ 4.5 doesn't support PMD, I need to convert the PMD to pz2s. So far Ken concerted them in D3D's PMD editor and I converted them in DAZ's ExP utility. Massive fail on both counts, and this is the brick wall I am talking about. Maybe I'm wrong, but when I export the morphs and compare them in Zbrush, they're different. I've deleted the magnets to see if there's interference, nope. If I cannot get the morphs isolated then I cannot get anything done... and I'm not even talking about the coding...

Now there are some options available here:

  1. find software that converts it properly (if at all it is the software's problem, could be that Poser and DAZ re-build the pz2s differently)
  2. or find out if there's a way to read PMD in DAZ. I know there was an option for DAZ 4 but it hasn't been updated for 4.5
  3. Storm the gates at DAZ with signboards and pitchforks and start protesting for: we want Lali's Bits!!
  4. Buy Poser :)
so, any suggestions?

another issue is the ExP utility itself, I tried it and its failing with its own exports. I imported a CR2 from poser (with and without the prop) and selected all the relevant morphs, making sure all the ERC info is selected. It exports well but when I try to initialize my V4, it hangs at abdomen. Because abdomen comes before BODY, and because I can see in the resulting Pz2 that only the abdomen was updated, there's something wrong with the coding of the BODY (that came out of DAZ itself...). Believe me, I checked, and I cannot find anything wrong. Unfortunately it doesn't specify a line number so I can find the issue: like a brace too many, or a symbol that DAZ doesn't like. So, yeah... bricks...


  1. I'm not sure if this will help or you tried this with no joy; it seems some in Daz had exactly that same problem in this thread: Inject PMD from PZ2 [SOLVED]

    From the perspective of a non-coder/builder it seems they may be talking about your Gordian Knot. I could be wrong though...

    1. yeah I saw that link already, didn't work. The morphBinaryFile probably works with a figure but with an injection it didn't show any morphs getting loaded, with and without ERC code.

      I've got a CR2 that works 100% for DAZ but I am not allowed to distribute it. I need to inject it. Plus it sucks for DAZ users because you're limited to a brand new version of V4, and not a version of V4 that you've been working on for years.

      It sucks ass for me because Lali is entirely incompatible with other FBMs because she doesn't have the channels. I'd have to start over. Lali's Bits Python gives you that option! :) For DAZ... eesh, I really wouldn't know...

      You might just be right about that Knot...

  2. Well I wish I could help, but I would not even now where to begin. Had I not invested so much time and money in DAZ then I would convert to Poser. All I can do is to wish you all the best of luck in finding a solution, because if you can port this over to DAZ then there would be a LOT of people that would buy it (inclusing myself offcourse)

    Please do not give up!

    1. Don't worry, it seems that there's also a DAZ version of Ken ;) he said he wants to help me sort it out. I hope he doesn't feint when he sees Lali's Bits in the inside.

  3. Genesis is just so... non-dynamic. Btw, I LOVE the lali system and I've been putting it to good use :)

  4. Unfortunately, I have even less knowledge of this and all I can do is wish you luck. I posted a request for help in the DAZ forums and it got removed because the link I gave was NSFW, even though I made sure to warn people ahead of time. :/ You may or may not get assistance from the DAZ team because they said they are reviewing the request.

    1. I think I've still got a request getting reviewed over at DAZ since two months now... ;)

      thanks for the help man!


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