Saturday, 16 February 2013

Important News: for DAZ Users & Poser users

Poser: Multiple Figures Issue (solved)

There's a common problem with Poser that involves multiple figures with morphs that cross-talk, not only with Lali Bits. One customer reported this so far. There is a simple workaround (*confirmed*) If you have this then please read on:

It has to do with the way Poser numbers the figures and the way Lali's Bits are injected into a scene. If you load two or more figures into one scene and inject them each with a morph set in the SAME scene, they'll start cross talking because the injection will not be able to decipher between figure 1, 2 or 3. So don't do that :) 

So if you want to make a scene of an orgy, inject your V4 individually in a new scene, save them straight away, or inject them outside of Poser with the provided python method. Keep it separate, save them separate. Poser is not very intelligent :P

I tested this in Poser Pro 2012 on a W7 machine, saved the scene and loaded again to double confirm.

DAZ Users: up to you...
Update: Ok I did the following. I did the whole python injection process, and saved the V4 as an unbinarized figure in Poser Pro 2012. Then I loaded that same figure into DAZ 4.5 and it seemed to work fine. The JCMs responded fine, the face morphs worked fine, the pussy opened fine. Renderotica confirms this for poser 7, 8 and 9.

So anyway, you can try if you want, or wait until the official verison comes out.. 

I'll keep on checking around and I'll post any news a.s.a.p
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  1. Another way I found is to name the figures, or at least change the names. Having Victoria, Victoria 1, Victoria 2, etc. is bad. I tested with "Girlie" and "Megan" and there was no crosstalk.

    1. Do you know if renaming figures works for all cross talking morph out there?

  2. I love you!!!! I'm going pass on that info right now! thanks!!

    you're getting a bonus for this! Don't know what yet, but I'll think of something! :D


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