Monday, 11 February 2013


As predicted, thunderstorms. It seems like while you guys have snow, we're getting soaked here with torrential rains. Bridges have been washed away!!! I'm fine but when the thunderstorms hit, I have to sit and wait. I mostly catch up on sleep then. Wasn't too bad today though.

Back to work...


  1. This is going to be quite the package, E lad! Based on the promo image alone, I rate it as 99 thumbs up and about a zillion attaboys!

  2. I am ready ..... with a huge shopping bag .... lali is supposed to arrive safely and undamaged from the store on my desktop.
    All Michael's, Joe's and Jack's on the HDD are already preparing for the welcome party.

  3. I'll see your attaboy a and raise you a Visa. Are we there yet?

  4. Waiting impatiently for the release; is it okay to ask how much it will cost?


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