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Friday, 20 January 2017

TaB, doubleTaB and more sex scenes!

So! Now for some fun news!

I TOTALLY forgot to announce the release of TaB here and on my blog (doh) I was just too busy and caught up in things. Everything with me goes slow, even my announcements! The Poser version has been for sale over at Renderotica already for a few weeks. The DAZ version is getting rounded off and has already undergone testing. Shouldn't be too long now.

Project E

As promised I have resumed development on project E, albeit I am still balancing it out with comics and other small projects. As you will have noticed I made a nice simple base texture for a character called Lucinda (the redhead) but in doing so I discovered some small issues in the UV map that needed fixing. They made the texture warp unnaturally so I spent some time straightening that out. I just cleaned up the new rig so I think I'm about ready to start making morphs... gulp...

Seeing Double??

But speaking of other small projects, after reading a WHOLE bunch of suggestions in the forums for TaB, someone mentioned the possibility of having a double willy, and immediately I thought: "Hm, I can do that." And within a day I more or less had put DoubleTaB together!

Model on right is a photoshopped concept image.

So its basically two TaBs joined together at the hip, with a special new hip mesh, but for the rest everything works the same as the original TaB, each with their own movement controls, morphs, and also the possibility to combine the erotextures with the two willies. It only supports the Ero UV format, but if it really does well, and if enough people ask for it, I'll consider doing different UV versions... but the UV map is VERY complicated to do, so... ya...

Now I have NO IDEA if this would interest anyone, so I'm going to pitch it in the forums of Rotica and see what people will say. Maybe it might be too ridiculous lol. Anyway, DoubleTaB is almost complete, and as usual the initial version will be Poser only. The DS version will probably follow soon after.

Other projects

I also have other things that might be hitting the store soon, in collaboration with some other CG artists and vendors, for example an archery set and also some nice shoes. Besides that I'll probably release some nice stuff to go along with Sen's first comic. More on this later!

More SEX!!!

Now for some fun comic news. Regarding the Disco Dragon 3 and Sen's comics, nothing new there. They're still rendering bit-by-bit. But I've decided to start doing something fun with some of the free series I've been posting over at Art of Darkness and Deviant Art. I've already started collecting all of the threads and all the comments that helped the series grow, and what I want to do is compile them into a comic format, and then add some additional sexy scenes and sell them as mini comics on Renderotica. 

So for example I'm going to finish the Arcas Afterparty series with Clips and Lali going at it upstairs, expand a little more on the Pock Rescue series sex scene between von Graff and Lali, and maybe also some additional naughty scenes with clips and Julie in the pool during the pool party. So basically they'll all still be available to see for free on DA and AoD, but the additional naughty scenes would need to be purchased. I won't ask for much, just a little compensation for the effort of putting it together, for example.

Oh and btw! HAPPY NEW YEAR!!!! lol

Thursday, 19 January 2017

Don't blame porno!!!! James Hetfield STFU!

Just when I was trying to figure out how many porno bans need to fail to make people realize that it really doesn't get us anywhere, my all-time hero starts doing some really stupid shit.

Can people please stop being so fucking immature? What is this world coming to when your old time hero starts bashing porno? James Fucking Hetfield I am talking about! Yes the "open-legs-for-a-different-view" Hetfield! 

Apparently James Hetfield had a porn addiction and is now going around the world saying that porn is the cause of that. What the entire fuck man? Hetfield, bro, even I had a porn addiction, but I had the common sense not to blame porn for that! Weren't you the one that wrote the song "The God that failed"? Remember that that was about? Yeah, horrible subject, but can you not tie two and two together? Hashtag oppression? 

Its not about men or women; its about sex, you idiot! My father was a product of the oppressive 50s, he has a sex addiction, and his mind is fucking warped in that regard. I have NO problem babbling about this online. Thankfully all that crap went past me in my upbringing, we all thought he was some whacked out hippie naturist. Even when I stumbled on his porn stash I shrugged and can barely remember the pictures. 

Oh I'm a porn artist am I? No, I am an erotica artist, which is very different (much to the dismay to some of my fans :D ). I drew my own porn when I was 14, lost my virginity when I was 14, bought my first mags when I was 15 (I think)... since then I didn't give a particular fuck about porn really...

... until I hit university. I had a girlfriend, porn flooded in by floppy disk (that soon turned hard), CD and then DVD, and all through the internet, I had sex coming from everywhere. But really? 'Porn addiction'? Bro my whole class suffered from it. We ALL DOWNLOADED IT! I know girls that downloaded it even. It was the norm. Dude really?

So anyway, I cured myself from my "porn addiction" by writing a C# application that automatically downloaded GIGABYTES of jpegs per second. The first debug test resulted in a library of millions of pictures that I still haven't seen all to this day... mainly because I got bored of it, and I realized it was all about the taboo, the naughtiness, the challenge even. (wasn't porno once considered some form of political rebellion?)

Since then I sometimes have a peek at porn, the most I download is gifs with repeating motions of which I sometimes long for with my girlfriend over in the UK. But dude, brother Hetfield, porn is a man's thing. We're visual animals. We need to see the thing happening. Girls love the feeling, but we need to see it going in, and out, and in. Next time you fuck a girl, watch how she has her eye's closed and you're looking at your junk entering her. How is that a problem?

Man man man. I think I like Donald Trump, just being the asshole he is. Why? because all of this political correctness is really making me sick. Especially since it seems to have no basis in reality. This is not some sexist retort. For the love of Christ I have more female friends that male, I am the TRUE ladies man, because I actually fucking respect them. I love women to pieces. I love talking to them, I love fucking them. But what few stupid people seem to know is that women are also sexual beings like men are. WOMEN LOVE SEX TOO!!!!!!

There is a dynamic between men and women that porno might obscure a bit, but you have to have grown up under a fucking rock to think that porno is the guidebook to this interaction!!!!! You're not suffering from a porn addiction, you're suffering from bad education! All you need to do is listen to a woman about her ideas about sex and you're ok! Oh wait, you've been taught to ignore women? Women are second-rate citizens? Oh is that a Porno problem? No. fuck you, its probably a religious problem! ISIS strikes again! Blame your local parish, blame your school, blame your parents. But leave porno out of it! 

Grow up man! Respect for women is in your head, not your dick.

The best porno movie I've watched was a flick between two well-known porno actors that were clearly fucking for joy. That was more spiritually satisfying to watch than all the religious scriptures combined over the last millennia. 

In other words, to blame your addiction on porn is like blaming your hunger on food. Just because you were starving at one point doesn't make it ok to blame your local supermarket for your suffering.

Hetfield, get a grip dude. Poke a drumstick up Lars if you're so frustrated. But please, chill out man. Metal up YOUR ass!

EDIT: I watched the "cardboard butterfly" thing, and I agree that education is imperative... but it needs to involve TRUTH! Who we are as a species, what we seek, what we desire, and yes, that is youth. Sorry it just is. Its nature, its evolution. The good news is that you're not the only one suffering from it. We all suffer from being human. Men and women alike. Youth is a curse that that we will all suffer from in time... (my art just postpones it in the safe confines of fantasy)