Monday, 25 January 2016

Mad start to a new year!

Well, I've had an exciting start to the new year... I think...

So merely a week ago I was preparing to announce the indefinite postponement of PE because I ran into yet another brick wall when it came to Poser... or two or three. I'll spare you the details. Basically one of them was some typical computer calculation issue, and the other is that Poser's rigging system is too old-fashioned and they need to improve that a.s.a.p...

Luckily I've managed to find some workarounds in the meanwhile, some folks that are very willing to help, so I don't have to slit my wrists yet! Poser is definitely also listening in on what I'm doing, they are very supportive despite their own problems, so that can only be a good thing. 

Don't give up on Poser just yet!

Despite these bugs I have improved the bending of the knees slightly. The picture above is from yesterday but that one's even outdated. She's now also got 'sitting handles' that simulate the compression of the glutes and the thighs when sitting on a chair. Her buttocks have their own handles, as well as her belly, etc. 

I started off with her having a waist and an abdomen but today I reverted back to just an abdomen just for the sake of easy transfer of my V4 content. To be honest she bends even better now for some reason haha.  This might change in future, in fact I want to see if I can keep her one abdomen bodypart, but fool Poser into accepting two more spine bones like ghost bones (without associating them with a polygroup). We'll see if that is possible. I know ghost bones are easy, but not when they're in between two actual bodyparts (*update: it seems possible. Now I hope it can also be transferred).

But there's still much to do, and I also have the Disco Dragon to finish. I have to say this month was slow because of some personal issues. My girlfriend is leaving for good back to the UK this Thursday and that's taking up a bit of my time. After that I can blast away at 3D again. If all is well I might also move to the UK and get my own flat there. The country I'm currently living in is slowly going down the toilet, and the estate I'm living in is constantly getting harassed by infrastructural, familial and criminal activities... long story! All in all its hampering my work with comics. So this year will most likely be the year I'm actually going to be moving. Canada is still a very real possibility too.

Enough chit chat. Here are more images of Project E.mesh5. The girl in the images should be made available too, once PE comes out.