Monday, 30 December 2019

Blog clean-up coming soon!

For your information, this blog will be updated thoroughly in the next week or so!

In the meanwhile check out the DD4 Press Conference on Deviant Art.

Saturday, 28 December 2019

Waiting for the Disco Dragon 4 with you!

Check out this beauty. Isn't she gorgeous? 22 year old Scottish perfection. Can you believe I restrained myself for two years from lapping up her delicious nectar in celebration for the release of the final part of the Disco Dragon?

Well, I'm gonna wait a little longer, even if it tortures me to see this piece of malt untouched for a few more days.

So as many of you might have noticed, the Renderotica store has suffered from some unfortunate payment issues. From what I understand it is purely technical, so everyone is safe. However it has resulted in many people not being able to get hold of some of Renderotica's products for the duration of the Christmas holidays (as far as I know), including the new Disco Dragon Part 4. It goes without saying that they are battling tooth and nail to get this sorted out, for it also hurts them bad.

This might sound stupid but, I'm not touching my Single Malt until this is sorted out. Once it is, I will then celebrate together with you!

I will announce here, on Deviant Art and Renderotica when Renderotica is back in action!!

I will say this, even though Renderotica probably cannot do anything about this issue, I really do feel the urge to start selling elsewhere too. It will suck because I've always been loyal to them, but I don't want to experience anything like this ever again.

Tuesday, 24 December 2019

Disco Dragon released!

The Disco Dragon is now available!!!!!!! well sort of, there seems to be a payment issue over at Renderotica. Its not a security issue, just a technical one. They promise to have it dealt with by tomorrow.

- Its 1081 pages long, 1024 without recap and title pages.
- I've set up a Total Disco Dragon Bundle for a $5 discount for Disco Dragon fans, and if all is well, people that have the previous comics should be credited for them and receive the discount too. (let me know if you have trouble)
- Proof-readers, I have emailed you the final version!
- If you get the Total Disco Dragon bundle and you already have the three other episodes, Part 4 will get a $5 discount!

THANK YOU ALL FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND SUPPORT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

This comic is available at Renderotica.

Synopsis: After getting almost everyone involved in a wild orgy to get her nerdy housemate Christina laid, Lali is left with one more chance to succeed. This should work, right? And is Lali also aware of the forces that oppose her? Might there be something else going on?

Friday, 20 December 2019

What to expect after the Disco Dragon 4

As the final renders cook for the Disco Dragon four, with the comic pages all set and ready to go, my mind is already thinking ahead. I can feel the weight of my ambitious madness from 2014 lift and I look forward to a gentler future with (hopefully) more manageable projects and a more frequent output. I was WAY too ambitious back in Malawi, thinking I could take on the Poser world with my own figure and then also making a full-length cinematic CGI comic with over 15 people fucking in an intricate orgy... well I did both, and I'm happy I did, but man I need to chill now.

I am going to take it really fucking easy from now on and just do fun little projects.

But first I'm going on a little holiday, a week or so... just NO computers! I'll probably go with the girlfriend to some remote cottage and sleep for days behind a roaring fire. I'm going to open a bottle of Single Malt Whisky from 1997 that I've been saving for this moment, maybe relax into a book or something, or just vegetate behind the TV.

I'm going to try and promote my comics properly from now on. I've never been entirely confident enough to expand my horizons, especially with so much unfinished business, but now that the DD is complete, I feel i can sell something solid. I also want to see if I can pimp some of my old comics somehow. I've learned a lot in the last five years and my older comics are beginning to look a little amateurish. I still have all the scene files, maybe a re-render? Not sure though, I'd rather make new comics.

Speaking of which, I'll start working on Sen's first comic (finally!) while also compiling all my free stuff into downloadable comics. At the same time I'll start making short little snip offs from the DD series, as well as the free online series. these comics will all have more one-on-one or one-on-several action scenes, and not a complex tapestry of human sex like the DD4! Orgies are fucking hard to coordinate, especially if you want it to happen organically.

I will make a behind the scenes PDF or webpage about the DD, sharing with you some of the tricks I implemented when making this comic. And along those lines I might start some tutorials about CGI in general.

There are many MANY more things I really want to do but lets just start with this. Also, I do still have plans for TaB and Project Evolution, but 1) I'm keeping them secret because I need to finish those things in relative peace (and maintain the freedom of cancelling them if they don't work without feeling guilty) and 2) I'm really done with the whole Poser circus. The only reason I still bother with Poser is because it's currently still doing its job, and switching to any other software would be suicide for me. I might become a little more enthusiastic if Bondware release a new version, but I'm kinda done stressing over software. I'm only on this earth for a finite amount of time, and I'd rather spend it on something fun that I have actual control over. That said, I still help the odd friend that still uses Poser, so anything I do for Poser would be in the same spirit.

Sunday, 15 December 2019

Disco Dragon 4 - 99% done

Long story, but pushing to release within the next ten days! I really need to tone shit down after this one, almost 1000 pages!!!

Friday, 29 November 2019

Disco Dragon 4: Nearly done!

As the last renders roll in, I am busy compiling and editing the text and post-work. As it looks now, the comic can be ready for proof-reading in a few days! The comic is probably going to be over 800 pages long. A lot happens in it and I needed to do it properly because I won't be doing a large orgy comic like this for a while, especially with a complex story going on, with character arcs getting developed and other things coming full circle. This is the big one!!!

As said many times before, I'm really looking forward to releasing this comic for many reasons. Xtina has been an interesting experiment since I first introduced her back in 2013 (?) and has helped me develop my characters better. Aside from the fact that the constant conflict between Lali and Xtina is a LOT of fun to play with, I've been dying to show Xtina's naughty side which has actually been hiding in plain sight for a while, it just depends on how you look at it. But I'm also looking forward to comics beyond the DD, even if I will probably make comics that directly relate to the Disco Dragon. I've also put MANY things on hold to wrap up this saga, so I cannot wait to resume all those projects again :D

Good times!!

Saturday, 16 November 2019

Disco Dragon ffffffour... ugh! (700+ pages?)

If you've ever gone hiking over a plateau or mountain towards a wood cabin, you might know that feeling of climbing over a hill thinking its the last one, but then there's another hill... that's what its like making this comic!! lol.

I made the mistake of comparing the production to that of 'The Shagging Before Xmas' which I made in 5 days, the only difference is that the Disco Dragon 4 is the equivalent of 70 times that little comic! If not, more. the number of character interactions, both sexual and verbal, increases exponentially per character involved, and there are 15 characters, sometimes grouping in 4s or even 5s. There is so MUCH going on!

In any case I've made some cuts to the original plan, which is not a loss because its mostly ideas I can use in other comics. All the essential ideas for the DD are still in here and there is a SHITLOAD of fun to be had. I will be pricing this comic a little higher but loyal DD customers will get a permanent discount offer (I will test it first with people) so that you get the same price as the other comics. This is to assure that people either buy the other episodes, or if they only want this one, that I can still get a little return for the amount of time I threw into this project! I still recommend that you get the other episodes because otherwise you won't understand this one.

Anyway I am closer to the end than before but I'm simply scared to promise any release date now. All I will say is I want to get this done asap because I need to move on to the next phase of comic making, a phase I've been planning for years!!! None-the-less, I am very proud of this comic thus far and cannot wait to release it!!

Here are some promos!!!

Friday, 27 September 2019

Disco Dragon 4: okay okay, October then

Although I'm going at top speed with this comic, rendering with all my machines 24/7, a September release might be cutting it real tight! It will most likely be early October. In any case I wanna release it asap because I wanna start on a xmas comic a.s.a.p.

In the meanwhile, I've been putting together a nice DD4  Youtube playlist of tracks that you could expect to be playing over the speakers at the Disco Dragon.

Tuesday, 13 August 2019

DD4 in progress, possible new frontiers ahead.

The Disco Dragon part 4 is coming along nicely, and I'm very proud of how its turning out. I cannot show anything yet... in fact I'm not even sure what to show because its all going to be spoilers!!

But for real guys, I just skimmed through parts 1 2 and 3, and eesh, the Disco Dragon is almost a record accounting all the developments I've gone through in Poserland, and with the DD4 I can now see that things have finally settled down for me, but I'm not quite sure in what way yet, and this could lead to bigger things. 

I started the Disco Dragon in 2015 right when I stupidly chose to take the Poser bull by the horns and make my own figures. The DD1 still showcased my highly modified V4 rig and it wasn't until the DD2 that my hybrid Project E rig started to see some action. My main girl base, the Erogirl, first started to make her debut towards the end of the DD2 and the beginning of DD3. And now, thankfully, its all Erogirl and everything is a breeze now. The only thing holding me back is the CRAZY NUMBER OF GIRLS in one scene...

But I won't lie, while I like complex story lines, I'm afraid that the Disco Dragon was borne from times when I could afford to be crazy ambitious, with having loads of characters with their own story track while posed in all kinds of complex sex positions. With Poser pretty much dead in the water, Poser content is just not selling well enough for me to sustain any kind of ambitious projects. 

So when the DD4 will come out, I will be focusing more on manageable storylines with more-one-on-one or at most two or three-on-one action. The set pieces will probably still be very elaborate, that's not that hard to manage. I will however market the fuck out of the Disco Dragon Series once its complete. I've been looking forward to that for years. I really want lots of people to read this comic.

For the future, the comics I have in mind, as you all know by now (at risk of sounding like a broken record), are Sen's first comic, Lali Sutra, a black desk comic, and probably Professor Brown. Stories like Siren 7 might have to wait a little bit. I have some simple comic ideas of Laila, Rox and some dude getting it on, and a story about Lali through the eyes of an outsider that falls in love with her. 

Beyond that as some of you might know, I have free series going on over at Deviant Art. They've become quite elaborate with almost a thousand renders by now. For a long time now I've been planning on compiling some of them into proper comics. The plan now is to use them as setups for side-comics or spin-offs that are more like my official sex comics, with larger renders and detailed sex scenes. These series are very elaborate, but much more manageable in scope, size and story than the DD.


Yes I do post a lot of stuff mostly over at Deviant Art, but that will change too. With the release of the DD4 I will feel as if I can breathe again, now that I will have something recent to show for. I'll probably resume posting at Rotica, VoD and a few other places. i might even finally get a patreon going. Deviant Art is fantastic as its got such a wide and varies community of good artists, and I wanna avoid getting stuck over at erotica-only sites. Modern society is still so immature about sex (#tumblrocalypse) that 'normal' people still see sex sites as seedy by default, and this mentality does actually invite extreme seediness to those sites as a result... seediness that even I don't like. Sex is kind of an important mechanic to our survival as a species in this harsh universe, and like food & cuisine gets unnecessarily celebrated, so can sex... yet sex is seen as some kind of big moral problem. Its dumb and immature. I don't want to marginalize myself because of this immature mentality. Erotic art is just a genre of art, no matter what childish moralistic bullshit one believes in.

In other news, as some of you might also remember, for a long time I've been looking outside of Poser for a better and more stimulating software environment. I've obviously long considered DAZ Studio, but DS is just a different version of Poser to be honest, and there are many things about DS's design I really don't like (like the stupid shader system). So not really a great leap forward imo. I've checked out C4D and although the software is pretty cool, great UI, the pricetag is pretty stupid and the community did not make me feel very welcome. I'm still thriving off my old 3dsmax license but that's also getting old now, and max is not exactly designed for animating sexy women. Plus the pricetags for both Maya and Max are insane, and the subscriptions are very claustrophobic. 

Now there is Blender. I've had blender in my sights for well over a decade now, in fact I remember seeing one of the first iterations of blender back in 2000, and it looked like alien technology. I remember me standing around a PC back then with a few other guys, and we were all trying to figure out what the fuck was going on. Since then I have seen blender improved a fair bit, but it wasn't until the Blender 2.8 beta hit the internet that I started to get very excited. 2.8 is out now and its official. The UI makes fucking sense now and everything works as smooth as butter. I've already imported Lali and downloaded a few plugins to help with the shape keys. I've also imported a few scenes and I will be honest, this might be it. The blender community is very open and chilled, there's actually a fair bit of blender porn out there, and it feels like I've found a new toy.

However I cannot afford to mess around too much yet, I still wanna complete some comics before I make that jump. I also wanna see what Renderosity has in store for Poser, but I fear it might already be too late for me. I wanna make comics and fun stories, I'm bored of software determining for me what I can and cannot do. I wanna go back to the days where I just had a pen and paper, and just wrote stories, and not worry about the type of pencil or paper I need to use. Blender just might let me do that again.

Tuesday, 9 April 2019

Disco Dragon 3 released!

Yes ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls, fellow artists and esteemed pervs! It is with great pleasure that I present to you The Disco Dragon part 3, as it is now available in the Renderotica store!!! The time for feeling sorry for myself is finally over lol! 

Lali finally continues her quest to get her nerdy housemate, Christina, laid. How far does she get, who will she involve, and how far will she go to complete her mission?? In any case, be prepared to see lots of naked girls, silly banter, pussies, willies, giggling, naughtiness, antics, using my latest versions of my girls and their delicious assets.

If you liked it, be sure to drop a rating on the product page at Renderotica! Feel free to leave a review here or on my Deviant Art Page. I really hope you enjoy it. I'm back in action, and I hope I can follow up soon with part 4!!!

For your information, in the near-ish future I will be re-structuring my comic, especially their names. Since I started off completely inexperienced and with a plan that kept changing as I grew, many of my comic titles don't make much sense, like 'Lali Lite' being actually larger than Lali's Black Desk comics, and Lali's Black Desk comics need their own grouped main title: "Black Desk Series". I will also create some new bundles relevant to these series. Once DD4 comes out I will provide the whole Disco Dragon Series as a bundle and I will make sure that all previous purchasers of the DD2 and 3 will get the DD4 at the same discount as the people getting the future bundle. I will first test the messaging system before doing this though.

After the DD4 I will go straight into Sen's first comic, which, like with the DD3 and 4, I've been DYING to finish. I'm not sure how long Sen's comic will take but I hope to be able to also do one other comic by December this year, but we'll see!

But for now, Disco Dragon 3 ladies and gentlemen!!!

Tuesday, 2 April 2019

Disco Dragon 3 done (weekend release?)

Update: Submitted last night (April 5). Waiting for release! Whoo!

Hey peeps! Not sure how many people still read this blog, but I hope I can revamp the interest with the release of part 3 of the Disco Dragon series this weekend (perhaps?). In any case I really need to finally set up my own website with a nice dedicated gallery and stuff.

So kept to my original plans for FOUR PARTS of the Disco Dragon as you can see in the schematic released with part 1 (below). The reason for all the changes in plans from just part 3 to back to part 3 and 4 is because of me being stupid and desperate during the development of PE. I wanted to wrap up the DD asap but it would have messed up the story. So when I was busy with the DD3 I was reminded of the reason why I had planned a part 4. In fact, part 2 was supposed to contain much of part 3 but because I was so busy with other things, the DD2 became more of a regular porn comic than anything else. The DD3 also has copious amounts of naughty, but it also has way more story than part 2.

As I might have alluded to before, the Disco Dragon is my first attempt at a classic 3 act story structure but then with erotica/porno elements. I might have overestimated my abilities to also include an orgy involving something like 15 people so that didn't help! lol. None-the-less, I'm happy with my progress despite the fact that it took me 2 years to get here. What actually took 2 years was me committing myself to this comic (due to other activities), but the actual comic took a collective three months. 

Regarding the making and release of Part 4, what I can say is that I have learned my lesson in that I have learned to ignore the temptations of this massive world of CGI, especially those with no future. Making comics is not the most lucrative business, but it is the most fun, persistent and emotionally rewarding business. Before I committed myself to the Disco Dragon 3 (and the Shagging before Xmas) I also cleared the table and geared my work environment for comic production from simple stuff like a massive table to plan stories out with, to buying Scrivener to organize ideas with, to python scripts that solve all my issues with Poser. But I think at the end of the day, I will have to prove this to you by just cranking on with the DD4 and showing you I am back in business!!

I have yet to send off the DD3 to my proofreaders but hopefully they can be fast enough for me to crank this out this Friday or Saturday (April 5 or 6, 2019)! I will keep you posted here, on Renderotica and on Deviant Art.

I will spend more time promoting both the DD3 and DD4 once part 4 comes out, because then I can sell it as a completed product!! If I do sell it as a bundle, I will most likely sort DD2 and 3 customers out with a discount that gives the same benefit as the bundle!

Wednesday, 27 February 2019

Disco Dragon 4 very likely

Production of the Disco Dragon 3 is coming along nicely (ignore 2016-2018), but its going so well that the projection is over 600 pages!! So I think I'll need to split it up. Don't worry, I won't make you wait for part 4. I will wait until both parts are done, and then release them a week apart or something. I'll make sure that the pricing is fair.

(edit: the initial plan was actually to have four parts, but because of the massive delay I didn't want to keep you waiting any longer than needed. But since the production flows over directly into the intended part 4, I might as well keep it that way. It won't be long now!!)