Friday, 29 November 2019

Disco Dragon 4: Nearly done!

As the last renders roll in, I am busy compiling and editing the text and post-work. As it looks now, the comic can be ready for proof-reading in a few days! The comic is probably going to be over 800 pages long. A lot happens in it and I needed to do it properly because I won't be doing a large orgy comic like this for a while, especially with a complex story going on, with character arcs getting developed and other things coming full circle. This is the big one!!!

As said many times before, I'm really looking forward to releasing this comic for many reasons. Xtina has been an interesting experiment since I first introduced her back in 2013 (?) and has helped me develop my characters better. Aside from the fact that the constant conflict between Lali and Xtina is a LOT of fun to play with, I've been dying to show Xtina's naughty side which has actually been hiding in plain sight for a while, it just depends on how you look at it. But I'm also looking forward to comics beyond the DD, even if I will probably make comics that directly relate to the Disco Dragon. I've also put MANY things on hold to wrap up this saga, so I cannot wait to resume all those projects again :D

Good times!!

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