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Hey guys, this page will direct you to all the free stuff I have available around the net. Trust me, there is a SHITLOAD!! read on:

I have loads and loads and loads of free pictures and entire series, just about everything I make is free except for most of my comics and Lali's Bits. There's a chance that Project E will also be for free, like Genesis and Dawn. 

I like free stuff, and I love giving shit away (which might be the reason why I'm not stinking rich lol). I swear, if I didn't have to pay for food and electricity, I'd give my comics away for free too. I really do like sharing, erotica is fun, and Lali's world is for everyone to enjoy... but alas this dream does need financing.

But besides this just being fun, it does also support me. If you think I'm worth the effort and attention, feel free to like me, like on DAZ3D or Deviant Art. Its also useful if you wanna see what my style is and if you wanna check the quality of my work before investing in my comics. Remember, in this relatively new medium of CGe (or just Poser Art) a lot of us CGe Artists are on a steep learning curve and you'll see our work improves over time. Therefore our older stuff might look a bit simpler, rougher.

Free comics!!!



For free pictures (and a few videos) you can go to several sites:

  • My Picasa Galleries
  • Deviant Art (LOADS of stuff - requires registration, or date of birth for mature content) But also a good way to support me with favorites, comments and if you want, also recommending them to groups or Daily Deviations.
  • Renderotica (some hardcore xxx - requires registration)(free comic coming soon) (warning, some very explicit stuff by other artists there!)
  • Art of Darkness (some hardcore xxx - requires registration) (warning, some very explicit stuff by other artists there!)

Particular series on Renderotica:

For entire series of renders, you can go to Art of Darkness, particularly (from old to new):


Fun collaborations on Art of Darkness:

There are plenty of other websites that have ripped and reposted my free stuff (mostly without my permission, naturally) but even though I don't really mind that, I still highly recommend to avoid them, for security reasons mostly, but some of them might be edited, shrunk. So yeah just follow these links. Trust me, everything I've ever posted for free is to be found through these links! Also, you get to experience more of the interactive world that is Lali's. 

This year I hope to set up my own website with some actual 3d Freebies for your runtime. 


  1. Love your work, looking forward to the final stages of the new project. I'm a DAZ user, mostly, so I'm looking forward to the new model and all her new and interesting built-in goodies.

    Well done.

  2. Back in November you posted some images of a modifed - and greatly improved - version of Pauline and said that you might be releasing it as a freebie. Has that happened anywhere? I haven't seen it. Heck, I would be willing to pay for a good modification to Pauline. Several artists (Tempesta3d and Brahann) are starting to make some decent characters for Pauline, but she still needs a lot of help, especially in the morphs area. Of course what we are all waiting for is Project E/Lucy, but until she comes out, it would be nice to have a better version of Pauline to experiment with.

    Greg ("gwp" on renderosity's site mail)
    P.S. I also love your work and have purchased everything you have offered, but my preference is for doing my own images rather than reading comics, even great ones like yours.

  3. Nice website guy! I found it by researching porn STL's. Do you have 3D files?


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